DOJ Releases 500 Pages of Memos From Mueller Probe

The Department of Justice Saturday released 500 pages of summaries of FBI interviews with witnesses related to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, BuzzFeed News reported.

The release of the so-called “302 reports” came in response to five separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits it filed to gain access to primary source documents Mueller’s investigators used, the news outlet reported.

It follows federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton’s kibosh of the DOJ’s argument that what was requested could amount to some 18 billion pages and would take years to produce.

“It shouldn’t fall on the backs of the citizens to wait years to find out what the government is up to,” Walton decided, BuzzFeed News reported. “If the Justice Department couldn’t handle the request in a more timely fashion, he added, it should ask Congress for money to hire more help.”

The documents released Saturday were the first installment; a new batch will be released every month for the next eight years, BuzzFeed reported.

The summaries include significant information regarding Mueller’s investigation and who his unit interviewed over the course of the investigation.

The DOJ in April released a redacted version of Mueller’s 448-page report on Russian interference and possible obstruction of justice. Mueller didn’t establish that there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Moscow, and was unable to “conclusively determine” if there was obstruction of justice.

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