Gabbard, ‘I’m Running To Undo Hillary Clinton’s Failed Legacy’

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is continuing her attacks on former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in response to Clinton’s attacks on her.

“I’m running for president to undo Mrs. Clinton’s failed legacy,” she said in an op ed for The Wall Street Journal.

“From Iraq to Libya to Syria, her record is replete with foreign-policy catastrophes. It’s a primary reason why I resigned as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 to endorse Bernie Sanders.

“Mrs. Clinton and the powerful media and political network she built up over decades have never forgiven this slight. The smears have been nonstop ever since,” she said.

Gabbard and the former Secretary of State have been fighting since Clinton insinuated that Gabbard was a Russian asset.

“This isn’t a petty ‘spat’ between Mrs. Clinton and me. It’s a serious contrast in views about the choice voters face as they decide which Democratic candidate is best equipped to defeat President Trump.

“Mrs. Clinton already lost to Mr. Trump once. Why would Democrats think a Hillary 2.0 candidate would result in anything different?

“Whether Mrs. Clinton’s name is on the ballot or not, her foreign policy will be, as many of the Democratic candidates adhere to her doctrine of acting as the world’s police, using the tools of war to overthrow governments we don’t like, wasting taxpayer dollars, costing American lives, causing suffering and destruction abroad, and undermining America’s security,” she said.

It is not the first time Rep. Gabbard struck back against Clinton, but she is dedicated to her mission and has decided to focus on it and not campaign for reelection in Hawaii.

Gabbard Won’t Seek Reelection, Focused On Stopping ‘Warmonger’ Hillary Clinton.

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has been excoriated by the establishment of the Democrat Party, will not seek reelection in her state.

The longshot presidential candidate, who has become a darling for many conservatives, said she is all in on the unlikely chance she gets the Democrat nomination.

“Washington, our country, and the world is in dire need of aloha,” the 38-year-old representative said in a statement.

“’Only aloha has the power to heal the divisive wounds in our nation,” she said in the statement of her intentions.

“As President, I will lead with aloha — putting people ahead of profits, putting people ahead of politics, putting the well being of our people and our planet above all else,” she said.

“Our country is so divided, and we live in an increasingly dangerous world. We are ever closer to being sucked into another even more disastrous war in the Middle East (Iran),” Gabbard said.

“Tensions are increasing with other nuclear-armed countries like Russia and China, leading us to a new Cold War and nuclear arms race, pushing us closer to the threat of nuclear annihilation.

“As such, I will not be seeking re-election to Congress in 2020, and humbly ask you for your support for my candidacy for President of the United States,” she said.

Gabbard then appeared on the Fox News show “Hannity” and told host Sean Hannity that she is concerned about the Democrat’s handling of the impeachment inquiry.

“I have long expressed my concern about going through impeachment proceedings in a partisan way because it was only further tear apart an already very divided country,” she said.

“There were areas of concern raised around conversations that happened between Trump and the Ukrainian president, which is why I supported the inquiry.

“I think that inquiry needs to be done in a very narrowly focused way and it must be done transparently,” she said.

“[But] I don’t know what’s going on behind closed. We as members of Congress don’t have access to the information that’s being shared, and I think the American people deserve to know what the facts are and what the evidence is that’s being presented as this inquiry goes on,” she said.

And then she gave her attention to her ongoing feud with the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“You and I disagree on a lot of things, but you and I agree on one very important point and that is that the American people have had enough of Hillary Clinton and her warmongering policies,” she said.

“I want to send a message straight to your viewers – join me, support me, vote for me, contribute to my campaign to finally bring about an end to Hillary Clinton’s warmongering foreign policy and the influence that she’s had for so long on the Democratic Party and the Democratic candidates running for president,” she said.

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  1. At least you can look at her without wanting to puke or anticipating her head exploding. I wonder if this woman is a drunk bitch as well as the Benghazi traitor? I bet she still believes in butchering babies? You just cant get that out of them Jezebel savages, they want Baal to be impressed with there work for him so they secure their position in hell. After reading about this woman i don’t understand why she’s in the trash party, she acts like she has a brain and an ounce of morality.

  2. She needs to be a dem, so she could possibly run against President Trump… to me she sounds like she might really be a Republican!!!! Sounds like she actually has common sense and is able to use her mind instead of being one of the many sheople following the bully dems…..

  3. If I was a Democrat I would vote for her!
    She is the only one with common sense.But too young to be president.
    Do not understand why she is in that party either.

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