Trump May Read Ukraine Transcript on Live ‘Fireside Chat’

President Donald Trump suggested on Friday that he may read the transcript of his phone call with Ukraine’s president that’s at the heart of the House impeachment proceedings.

“This is over a phone call that is a good call,” Trump said of the inquiry in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “At some point, I’m going to sit down, perhaps as a fireside chat on live television, and I will read the transcript of the call, because people have to hear it. When you read it, it’s a straight call.”

Trump then signaled that he has no intention of cooperating with the impeachment proceedings despite the recent House vote that outlined the rules of the process, saying, “you are setting a terrible precedent for other presidents.”

He added later that the charges against him are nothing when compared to what other presidents have been charged with.

“Everybody knows I did nothing wrong,” Trump said. “Bill Clinton did things wrong; Richard Nixon did things wrong. I won’t go back to [Andrew] Johnson because that was a little before my time. But they did things wrong. I did nothing wrong.”

“I got stenographers and all these other people on the line,” he said. “I am going to make a statement that is illegal or bad? Who would do a thing like that?”

Trump later insisted that he withheld aid to Ukraine out of concern for corruption in the country, not to pressure them to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We are giving them money, we are giving them weapons,” he said. “We have an obligation to look at corruption.”

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  1. If by POTUS reading the phone call is the only way he can clear himself. He should do it. Democrats will not let him defend himself at their secret, impeachment proceedings, or let Republican make their judgement about POTUS, democrats should not stop him.

  2. Yep, he should READ the transcript to the public or PLAY the recording…..and then play Biden’s interview when he said he threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars in foreign aid money to the UKRAINE if they did not STOP the investigation of the company his son sat on the board of…..We have biden on tape. Video tape. If trump asked the ukraine to investigate the bidens, it seems to me he did the right thing…biden is corrupt and was running for president. If Trump did not call attention to bidens corruption and blackmail, that would be wrong.

  3. I believe that Trump should read the message on TV. Hear what we are not being told. NANCY PELOSI SON IS ALSO INVOLVED. He is HUNTER BIDEN PARTNER! So I will bet she in some way is part of the cover-up for Joe Biden! Due to fact her own SON is involved with Joe Biden son! They are list as business partner!

  4. WHAT A GREAT IDEA !! there are those WHO have little or no IDEA about what was actually said …
    L E T, this happen SSOOO ALL can see, and heat …….. A N D let the PINOCCHIO NOSES ……. STEW, WHERE THEY MAY !

  5. After he reads the Transcript to the American People he should then NOT COOPERATE with these Corrupt Democrats because that will be Proof to Everyone that there was NO CRIME!! And he should shut OFF their pay for not doing a Dam thing for the American People!! for 3 YEARS!!! The Democrats have done Nothing but Bully and Harass This President only because they lost the 2016 Election and they are still sore LOSERS!!! Who is in Charge Here!?!? Not Adam Schitt OR Pigloser!!! There is NO CRIME!! I mean did they even Question the Vice President Joe Biden about getting a Judge Fired and threatening to withhold their Federal AID??? In front of Cameras BRAGGING about this Crime!!! NO! So What is The Big Deal!? It is Part of the Presidents responsibility to Make Sure there is No Corruption going in these Foreign Countries, unlike what Biden did! and that was Very Much a Quid pro Quo!!!

  6. I want to hear a recording of the call. The last thing I will believe is the guy reading a ‘transcript’ of his own call.

  7. I think he should have started the fire side chats a long time ago. The American people would love it. And it would help with the very fake news.

  8. cancer demofarts saying no body is above lawincluding precident only mulum ngr obama and cancer demofarts above the law they covering ngrs crimes he was in with farn countrys inteligens to get dirt on coming caedidate trump to rig 2016 election claper sad on cnn live i follow ngrs order adam shit u r criminal too ukraine mothia guy did fund raising for u in w dc in his u covering up ur shit and allcancer demofarts shit u all we should dump u sewer to make america cancer free for good cancer destroying our country i have bath room tissu roles all cancers pic when i wipe my s feels so good my s free cancer

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