Pelosi Warns Far-Left 2020 Democrats They Risk Losing General Election

Pelosi’s concern is primarily focused on candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders touting their socialist “Medicare For All” plans and Green New Deal ambitions.“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” Pelosi told Bloomberg News on Friday. “What works in Michigan works in San Francisco — talking about workers’ rights and sharing prosperity.”

“Remember November,” she added. “You must win the Electoral College.”

Pelosi suggested instead to defend Obamacare, noting it has more broad popularity and doesn’t scare off moderates the way universal health care does.

“Protect the Affordable Care Act — I think that’s the path to healthcare for all Americans. Medicare For All has its complications,” Pelosi said, adding that “the Affordable Care Act is a better benefit than Medicare.”

Pelosi has warned her caucus in the past not to get too excited over the Green New Deal, and has downplayed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (N.Y.) influence within the Democratic Party.

But now the election is only a year away, and to Pelosi’s chagrin, Democrats are showing no signs of slowing in their quest for socialism in America.

via infowars

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