Virginia’s New Democrat Majority to Immediately Push Draconian Gun Control Laws

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s push for new gun control laws after the May massacre of 12 people in Virginia Beach flopped when the Republican-controlled state legislature acquiesced to his call for a July special session but left without a vote.

But Northam saw new hope on Wednesday for his gun measures after voters flipped control of both chambers of the statehouse to his fellow Democrats for the first time in a quarter century.

“They want us to finally pass commonsense gun safety legislation, so no one has to fear being hurt or killed while at school, at work, or at their place of worship,” Northam said hours after the election results. “I look forward to working with our new Democratic majority to make these priorities a reality.”

The legislature will take on several proposals, including banning assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines and raising the minimum age to 21 from 18 to buy a rifle or shotgun, said Dick Saslaw, the top Democrat in the state Senate.

Following the May mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building by a city engineer armed with two .45-caliber handguns, Northam asked state lawmakers to hold a special session to discuss gun control. The Republican-controlled legislature heeded his order but met for just 90 minutes, and left without voting on any proposals.

Robyn Sordelett, a gun-owning volunteer with the Virginia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, told Reuters the first thing the group would push for would be background checks and strong “red-flag” laws, which would allow courts and local law enforcement to remove guns from people deemed a risk to communities.

“Those two pieces of legislation will absolutely save lives. We’ve seen it in other states and we know it can work here,” she said by phone.

 Sordelett said she believed the gun issue had reached the point where it bridges the urban-rural divide and that headway could be made in other states in 2020, when voters will elect state lawmakers across most of the country as well as voting for president and congressional representatives.

“After every mass shooting, I wake up to texts from rural neighbors saying: ‘This is insane, what are we going to do?’” Sordelett said.

The National Rifle Association, which strongly opposes gun control laws, confirmed it had been vastly outspent by Bloomberg’s group and said in a statement that “Virginians are about to experience life under a distant tycoon’s thumb.”

“Candidates who proudly accepted Bloomberg’s cash – and every voter they misled – will soon realize the cost of being beholden to a Manhattan billionaire who despises Virginians’ right to self-defense,” the NRA said in an emailed statement. “As the battle continues, so does the NRA’s defense of the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.”

 Beto told the truth about Democrat’s intentions for gun control.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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  1. Virginia’s legislature is becoming traitorous…
    What part of “…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED…” don’t you get ?!?

    Molon Labe, bitches!

  2. To make a good point about what democrat socialism really is I hope Virginia legislature institutes full blow socialism like what the USSR and Nazi Germany had.

  3. I don’t believe that any fool understand the second amendment rights of the people in this country. Especially the woman who claim it about time to do something about it! She just sign a death sentence to anybody that was stupid enough to fall for SOCIALIST RULE! VIRGINIA you became the first state of SOCIALISM CONTROL government! How are you going to undo this lies by Democrats NORTHAM? Now just watch what going to happen to the girls and young women. You invite criminal to Virginia! Don’t try to move out after you were so stupid to take SELF DEFENSE OUT OF THE HOME! GUN DON’T KILL PEOPLE, IT PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! HOPE YOU DIDN’T FORGET IT WAS BILL CLINTON AND DEMOCRATS WHO SHUT DOWN MENTAL ILLNESS CENTER. Today I just read about how stupid Virginia people are!

  4. Marxism at its basic root take guns change population from citizens to subjects. You poor fools in Virginia just screwed yourselves.

  5. I will hired me a lawyer if one of my daughter get rape or kill in Virginia. Will sue Michael Bloomberg for every dollar he got! Then sue the state of Virginia til it broke! Robin Sordelett you are a fool! This crap you call MOMS DEMAND ACTIOB FOR GUN SENSE IN AMERICA. REALLY? Read the words again til you figure out the problem in the city life against the country living life. I can tell you why there is more killing in any city than out in the country. I give you a clue why ! ASK THE DEMOCRATS! The problem in the city is due to gangs, drugs, and uneducated people. Don’t try to blame other for something Democrats has been working on since Bill Clinton was president. Pushing everyone into the city so government can control them! Most city are pact with black people who depends on the government. Drugs use is very high in city were cops can’t always be there to babysit. So more killing is done when one person steal from a drug dealer. Northam got his wish, now you voter going get your! CRIMINAL AND DRUGS DEALER WILL BE MOVING TO VIRGINIA.

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