It’s Not Just Republicans, Mainstream Senate Democrats Oppose ‘Medicare For All’

After the release of Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare for All” plan, mainstream Senate Democrats are taking a stance against Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders’s progressive health care agenda.

“I’ve said consistently that I am not for Medicare for All,” Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., told The Hill.

According to The Hill, other Senators such as Bob Mendez, D-NJ, Ben Cardin, D-Md., Tom Carper, D-Del., and Mark Warner, D-Va., also oppose either the totality or portions of a “Medicare for All” plan.

Elected leaders and political pundits aren’t the only people taking issue with “Medicare for All.” A new Axios report finds backsliding in American support for such a plan.

“Medicare for All” rose in support from approximately 40 percent in 2000 to 59 percent in March of 2018, the report finds. By October of 2019, supports slipped down to 51 percent.

While 51 percent is still a majority, Axios points out that the majority is slim and headed in the wrong direction.

“Polling shows that support drops much further and opposition rises, when people hear some of the most common arguments against Medicare for All,” the report says.

The report concluded a Medicare buy-in option and other “more incremental, voluntary” plans are more popular than “Medicare for All.”

Medicare buy-in options are being proposed by two 2020 Democratic hopefuls, Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Biden proposes expanding on the already existing Obamacare, while Buttigieg offers a plan called “Medicare for All Who Want It.”

The main differentiation between “Medicare for All” and a Biden or Buttigieg plan, is “Medicare for All” seeks to eliminate private health insurance entirely. Meanwhile, a Biden or Buttigieg plan would allow private health insurance to exist, but under rigorous measures.

Despite 71 percent of Democrats supporting a “Medicare for All” plan, it appears Senate Democrats are distancing themselves from their radical base in search of a slightly less radical health care plan.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he would not support a Bernie Sanders presidency, even if Sanders were the nominee against Trump. Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned her party not to lean too far left.

“As a left-wing San Francisco liberal I can say to these people: What are you thinking? You can ask the left — they’re unhappy with me for not being a socialist,” Pelosi said.

While it appears favorable for conservatives that Senate Democrats are taking a stance against “Medicare for All” right now, it’s likely that these same Democrats would hop on board with a Biden or Buttigieg-style plan. Biden and Buttigieg’s plans may be less destructive to the national economy at large, but they are not any less extreme.

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  1. Of course the intelligent mainstream democrats oppose the medicare for all disaster. Anyone in the voting public with a brain also opposes it. How would it be funded is a simple basic question that you should be asking. Fifty-four trillion dollars, that’s $54,000,000,000,000, over 10 years which is more than the US budget for 10 years. And why won’t Pocahontas answer the question of will middle class taxes go up. She continues to spout off that costs will go down . Taxes are also costs but she believes that we are so stupid that we don’t realize that. I hope and pray that she wins the nomination. The Donald will carve her up like a Thanksgiving turkey in the debates.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA/KAG!!!!!!

  2. Just wait until the 155 million people who are happy with their employer-provided private health insurance plans fully realize that the communist-socialists Warren and Sanders will outlaw their plans and will force all of them into something crappy that amounts to rationed Medicaid. Not to mention the 22 million happy seniors who love their private insurance Medicare Advantage plans that also will be outlawed by these two communists. Even government surveys show that 90% of Americans already have health insurance, so why would someone want to up-end 90% of everything for a remaining 10%? Would it not make more sense to come up with a reasonable accommodation for the 10%. But no, Warren and Sanders are dead set against that. I believe the only plausible explanation for why these two communist-socialist rats are planning a complete government takeover and outlawing of private health insurance is their hatred for the free market and for our American way of life. This is the slippery slope for even more government takeovers in the future. The American people had better wake up before it is too late and realize what these two scumbag communists are really up to and that this is only a first step along the way to total Soviet-style government control of every aspect of our lives. Anyone who doesn’t think this is possible needs to take a good look at what Venezuela used to be and what communism has done to it now under the rule of the Soviet-supported dictator Maduro. Wake up, America!

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