ICE “Tank” Appears In Queens Sparking Leftist Outrage

ICE isn’t invading Queens, but if you spent too much time on Twitter over the past couple of days, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

According to Gothamist, an ICE-branded military grade armored vehicle was used in an operation last week in the borough where a man suspected of smuggling and illegally selling weapons was taken into custody.

The armored personnel carrier was first spotted Wednesday morning on Forest Avenue near Norman Street in the Queens neighborhood of Ridgewood. Meanwhile, agents wearing ICE jackets were seen standing around the vehicle, while a gunner remained in position.

Local “activists” (Twitter blue-checkmarks) compared the vehicle’s presence in the neighborhood to “an occupying force.”


What they didn’t explain is that the branch of ICE wasn’t there to arrest illegal migrants. Instead, the Homeland Security Investigations unit – or HSI – was on the ground to serve a criminal arrest warrant stemming from a federal investigation into a firearms-related suspect. According to the mayor’s office, the individual in question was found to have bee hoarding “about 50 guns, including a machine gun, gun parts and ammunition.”

While still technically part of ICE, HSI isn’t involved in detaining individuals with a suspect immigration status.

Just the mere presence of the armored vehicle, which, again, was only there because agents presumably feared being fired upon by heavy weaponry while serving their warrant, was enough to incite terror in the neighborhood.

The Ridgewood Tenants Union, a left-wing organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the “marginalized”, accused ICE of inspiring terror.

“People feel terrorized,” said Raquel Namuche, an organizer with the Ridgewood Tenants Union. “This happened right across from a youth program for children as young as four-years-old and there seemed to be no safety protocols in place. For people to leave their homes early in the morning and see a tank out on the street is just wild.”

But the vehicle wasn’t a tank: it’s technically called a BearCat, the tactical vehicle is commonly used by the military and in some law enforcement capacities. HSI’s Special Response Team in New York has one of those vehicles, just like the SWAT team does.

Regardless, a councilman representing the neighborhood bashed ICE over the use of the “tank”.

Councilmember Antonio Reynoso also expressed frustration about the incident, pointing to constant fear in immigrant neighborhoods about the potential for raids and deportations. “I do not understand what necessitated ICE’s use of a tank other than the simple desire to instill fear amongst our community members,” he said in a statement to Gothamist. “At this time, we must ensure that residents are connected to resources like the Immigrant Defense Project so that they are equipped to know their rights against ICE.”

Even when it’s performing basic law-enforcement duties like arresting dangerous criminals, urban progressives have made clear that the agency is evil, illegitimate and should be abolished.

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  1. Just who are these Leftists we keep hearing about?
    Is it a handful of whiney spoiled brats ? Start asking who are they…l think it’s time all Media BS stops.

  2. Apparently Reynoso would prefer that the citizens he represents live with the knowledge that at any time they could be the victims of the Arsenal ICE was in the process of removing. Frankly, that illegal aliens are fearful ICE may be coming after them is not a concern —— except, perhaps for people like Reynoso.

  3. All this article proves to me is how stupid the liberal left really is. A TANK? A BearCat doesn’t even have a gun on it! Come on, how dim witted do you have to be? Morons, each and every one!

  4. If you have nothing to fear, what’s the big deal ? I’d stand outside and watch what they are doing. Illegal is still illegal.

  5. I would be curious, not feeling terrorised by the appearance of the vehicle, BearCat. If you are not guilty of anything and legally here, what is there to fear? If you are here illegally, you are aware that you are actually a criminal and that law enforcement (ICE or any other cooperating law enforcement agency) has a duty to apprehend you and deport you. Unfortunately, Democrats and “Bleeding Hearts” seem to think that those who are here illegally have the same rights as American citizens (born here or naturalized) when they do not. Taxpayers do not have a duty to support them even if the Liberals think so, and they are costing us money that should be used to take care of our own citizens (homeless, those living in poverty, seniors, the mentally ill, etc.) and even to reduce our need to continue raising the National Debt since we seem to need to borrow to pay for all the free stuff that citizens don’t get any benefit from. Maybe there has been too much inbreeding in the Liberal community because I can’t imagine what else causes such stupidity.

  6. I guess if they weren’t breaking the law they wouldn’t have to fear anything would they?
    They are always free to return to their 3rd world shithole any time they feel like it.

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