NBC Cuts America And Patriotism From ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song

NBC recently got sued for plagiarizing its 2018 “Sunday Night Football” intro. So it created a new song this year and swept the scandal and publicity under the rug. It just happened to sweep America under the rug as well.

For years, “Sunday Night Football” has been NBC’s top-rated show, helping the network this past year earn the highest viewership in the nation. Since 2013, Carrie Underwood has been kicking off the show singing the intro. To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of professional football, and with incentive from songwriter Heidi Merrill’s plagiarism lawsuit, NBC rewrote the intro, bringing in rockstar Joanne Jet to play with Underwood.

Although with this new version NBC pulled out all the stops to get fans hyped for this historic season, there is still a small problem: the video doesn’t once make any patriotic references in its visuals or audio. That might not seem to be too big of a deal, except for the fact that for the past 10 years, NBC has consistently called attention to things like “America’s Game” and “the Red White and Blue.”

Sitting down to watch the intro at the beginning of the season, you might have expected to see at least one American flag, but you didn’t. The flag is gone. This comes in sharp contrast to the 2010 and 2011 intros, in which Faith Hill sang ringed by American flags and Executive Producer Dick Ebersol’s name was displayed on an American flag billboard. In seven of the past ten years the intro has shown American flags and even at times the U.S. capitol and other patriotic sights. In this season’s intro, the producers showed the Seattle skyline.

In every one of the past 10 years, there has been an explicit patriotic reference in the lyrics; the previous two years (which featured new theme songs) talked about “America’s game” while before that Underwood and Hill sang about the “star-spangled fight” that bled “red, white, and blue.” Now returning to the original theme song, NBC edited out those lyrics to talk about “a prime-time fight” that’s “kicking into high gear.”

SNF producer Fred Gaudelli’s comments on the new intro were terse, and he took care not to mention the omission of America: “We changed songs this year and decided to highlight the NFL’s 100th season. We re-wrote the lyrics and decided this was the best version of the song. That’s it, plain and simple.”

It’s a curious decision to think that cutting America out of a song is the “best” way to celebrate an American sport’s 100-year-old heritage. For its entire existence, football has been a huge part of the U.S. national identity. From Friday night high school games to Vince Lombardi, it has been important both for forming American youth and national unity.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “In life, as in a football game, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard; don’t foul and don’t shirk, but hit the line hard!” He saw football as vital to teaching young American men the merit of pushing through whatever life threw at them. He valued the virtues of football so highly that during his presidency, he saved the sport from extinction.

For years following, football’s positive effect on the nation validated Roosevelt’s actions. Now NBC is eschewing the favor.

Football has more than proved its worth as a unifier of the country. For one thing, only Americans play football, and we’re darn good at it. It gives citizens a sense of national pride that we have a certain excellence (as trivial a skill as it may be) that no one else has. It’s like each American has a secret handshake called football.

The sport over the years has also brought unity to the nation for the same reason other sports have. It’s enjoyable. It’s given Americans the chance to get away from the world’s daily grind to bond over the thrill of winning and the shock of seeing a great catch. In all sports, Americans love to see a great player do excellently, and to watch an underdog do better. This attraction of sports brings people together when politics and quarrels can’t.

In 1918, when Red Sox player Fred Thomas removed his ballcap to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the whole stadium followed suit, and the song was adopted by baseball, football, and other sports as a ceremonial opening until in 1931, the song was officially established by Congress as our country’s national anthem. You might say that sports gave birth to this symbol of national pride and unity. At the conclusion of World War II, NFL Commissioner Elmer Layden said, “The playing of the national anthem should be as much a part of every game as the kickoff.”

Now NBC is doing its part to chip away at the national pride Americans take in football. The network did its best not to bring attention to the omission in the intro, probably because if it learned anything from the 2017 season, it’s that major knocks on America and its flag do not sit well with the fans or TV ratings. Americans still have some patriotic spirit, and NBC knows that. If it’s going to eliminate displays of national pride, it can only afford to do so bit by bit.

The NFL is so eager to make football international, but its own network can’t make the effort to keep it rooted to its original country. NBC has some gall to do this un-American rewrite only one year removed from the Colin Kaepernick rumpus.

But perhaps it’s a symptom of eagerly playing up to Roger Goodell’s desire to make football multicultural. Or maybe it’s swallowed the Donald Trump bait and has thrown national pride down the drain with hate of the president and his antics.

But whatever the network’s motivations, one thing is clear: football, which once helped unify the country, is now being used to create an American culture increasingly devoid of national awareness.

Isaac Cross is a recent graduate from Thomas Aquinas College, where he received a double major in philosophy and theology. Previously he worked as a writer for The Media Research Center and currently reports for The College Fix.

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  1. NBC is MSM. Their lack of desire or ability to credibly report news has dropped their usefulness to just under that of a broken toaster. The sham I know nothing about the sex problem was absurd. Well, I barely watch them anyway – or the NFL. They will be gone with the other networks – my adult kids don’t watch them anymore either. Bye bye.

    1. I no longer watch since it became unamerican, you know, no standing for the flag. What these players are paid they should be proud to be patriotic, original songs and all.

      1. We’re with you…we are sick, tired and totally fed up with the takers who avail themselves of everything America has to offer and then refuse to be supporters of this great country. This Patriot family waved goodbye to the NFL when the kneeling started in earnest. If we can find an individual team who still remembers where and to whom they owe their freedom to, we can still catch a home game somewhere. We’re waiting patiently for a team to show it’s worth our loyalty.

  2. Could this be anything other than a part of a plan the Democrats have in place to “dissolve” all things patriotic and American, moving our country ever closer toward globalism and preparing America for the NWO?
    You tell me………..I’m just asking?

    1. I would agree with that statement! The Demonrats will go to any length to destroy anything they can that’s AMERICAN…from our elections right down to sports and anything in between. Hitler would be so very proud of these comrades.

  3. You mean people still watch football? I haven’t watched a game since the first knee fell. Way back with Colin Kaepernick. I vowed to NEVER watch another game and I haven’t.

    1. After seeing NFL players stand for “God Save The Queen” in London’s Wembley Stadium – and then not for all our National Anthem, I’ve watched & supported Rugby 🏉 only – and so am permanently DONE with NFL-anything.

  4. NBC has ceased to be relevant to anyone who cares about America. Funny how money and power have destroyed our values and turned our public figures, including media types, into ungrateful arrogant fools. Ungrateful NBC, that is you. Turning you off, that is all of us.

    1. The solution to the pollution is turn the knob to OFF or listen to real entertainment like Animal Planet, the Science channels or FOX news

  5. Hello!
    It’s “THAT PRESS” “Chips” piece X piece… we know? Marx, Trosky, Lenin, Castro, Mao.. brought today’s
    Anarchy! (anarchism) “the Mobs” finally “Politicos” Congress, follows Cowardice @ brings Socialism (Communism) follow Bread & Circus.- what a shame ..friends.. Charlie G/ Sr.

  6. Stopped watching football when they all started taking a knee. I’m done with them, you want to see real football go to your local high school and college games.
    They are better games, so far they are all Americans and guess what THEY DONT KNEEL or leave out AMERICA

  7. You don’t have to give up football to boycott NBC. I personally don’t watch certain shows like SNL on NBC. I think it’s bleeding heart liberalism has infected the rest of the network.
    By the way Alex Baldwin promised to move to Canada but didn’t, what a let down.

    So I watch football on Fox, CBS, ESPN or ABC.
    These networks have their issues too. PIRck and choose.

  8. first the national has been removed from schools and now the national ahem is gone from football. No wonder kids seemingly are less patriotic.

  9. I finished watching any of it after the strikes of the 80’s and overpaid basketball players turned me off. Motorcycle Drag racing and Aircraft races are options.

  10. I don’t patronize anyone who disrespects our flag or our country.
    The NFL can dry up and go away and take MSM with it.
    These over paid whiny bitches aren’t smart enough to realize what the flag stands for !

  11. Can’t wait for NBC and the like Fake News, liars IMPLODE, it’s slowly coming. Tell the truth or the weight that will fall upon you will be painful. Tick Tock.

  12. Carri Underwood should be ashamed of herself for going along with the song. Don’t get me wrong Carri I really like your work just not your sellout to (as they say) the man. My husband and I have not watched any NFL do to the kneeling. All I can say to those idiots is leave the wonderful country and let the door help push your ass out. And Colin that is especially for you. Crybaby that you are. I lost all respect fro Phil Knight when he aloud a radical good for nothing tell Nike to pull the tennis shoes. Because the Betsey Ross flag afended him. For heavens sake get over it all ready you good for nothing piece of no good excuse of a human being. Again Colin just do America a REALLY BIG FAVOR AND LIVE THIS WONDERFUL USA.

    1. I turned off Carrie after I watched her get eat up with hollywooditis. She is as fake as they make them now. Your not a good country girl now ol Carrie.

  13. Why wouldn’t they? Why would NBC or CBS, ABC or CNN mention anything about patriotism or for that matter, so they care if we ya e a country. How hard is it to understand that when a person is worth $10-20-30 Million, they have no borders. They can buy their way into another country or just fly out on their private plane and as they do this they have no borders. Borders mean nothing to them. The Libs hate Putin because in ways he is like our President. Putin believes in borders, patriotism, love of country. See, the Dems are missing the point. Without a border. Who are you. No Olympics, no flags. No borders. No states, no Texas football, no Alabama football but most of all people can’t unite to defend off the masters. Without borders, who do we pay taxes too? I like lying taxes so I have a bridge across the Ohio River so I can cross and go visit my father. Jeff Bezo’s has no borders, no ruler, no government, no taxation. He’s an example of what all Dems want. The like of backing queers. Trannys, baby killers, illegals is only because they need votes until the final chapter and there will be no need for elections. It won’t be, “We the People”, it will be blank. Then, you serve your masters. Now turn your guns over to the government.

  14. Why on earth are people surprised by ANYTHING done by the NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE?????? They are an un-American, pathetic breed, one on which I wouldn’t waste my time watching on TV or anywhere else. I don’t know who made the exact statement way back when, but it is as clear today as it was back then: “We shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us”.

  15. Watching the NFL is the biggest waste of time one can do. T would rather watch re runs of Andy Griffith or Gunsmoke. Much more entertaining than watching a bunch of Yahoo’s running around and beating themselves to death and we being tortured by the stupid’st commercials on TV. The game ain’t what it used to be. The game now is to un- American

  16. The solution to the pollution is turn the knob to OFF or listen to real entertainment like Animal Planet, the Science channels or FOX news

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