Facebook Scrubs All References To Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

Facebook announced on Friday that it would be removing an posts which name alleged Trump-Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

We are removing any and all mentions of the potential whistleblower’s name and will revisit this decision should their name be widely published in the media or used by public figures in the debate,” the company said in a statement in which they claim it violates their “coordinating harm” policy which prohibits content ‘outing of witness, informant, or activist.’

On Wednesday, the social media giant removed ads naming Ciaramella which had been viewed several hundred thousand times according to the Washington Post.

On Friday, Breitbarts Allum Bohkari reported that the news outlet’s posts containing references to Ciaramella had been scrubbed from the site.

Wednesday evening, Facebook removed Breitbart posts reporting on the fact other respected news outlets have reported the identity of the alleged whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella. Any Facebook user who attempts to click on that article on Facebook is now given a message that says, “this content isn’t available at the moment.”

To be clear, Breitbart did not “out” the alleged whistleblower but did provide additional relevant reporting about him; he is, after all, a public figure, having served on the National Security Council. Moreover, his name has been used in the Mueller report (p283) and Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony.

Administrators of Breitbart News’ Facebook page began receiving notifications on Wednesday evening stating that Breitbart’s page is “at risk of being unpublished” but were not given any details as to why, or even which posts were allegedly at issue. –Breitbart

Of note, it is not against the law for anyone except the Inspector General to disclose a whistleblower’s name.

There is no overarching protection for the identity of the whistleblower under federal law,” said attorney Dan Meyer, the former executive director of the intelligence community whistleblower program, adding “Congress has never provided that protection.”

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  1. Looks like another plot to Take down Trump!
    Whistleblower is a crony of Joe Biden and Barack, contacts Shifty Schiff who puts him together with the lawyer who vows a “Coup” and impeachment will happen and CNN will take part!
    They are all committing Treason!


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    1. What’s his original name. Where is he from.
      Does he share text messages with Brennan the former head of the CIA.

      What a Communist team effort. Hello Adam!!

  3. Dropped that anti-American app years ago when they kept blocking my posts regarding the early obeyME, that One Big Ass Mistake America years..

  4. Zuckerberg looks like an alien from another planet that they didn’t want…so they sent him here. And it’s a tad late scrubbing the name ERIC CIARAMELLA (that is spelled with TWO Ls).

  5. This all seems so RIDICULOUS — especially when you consider the FACT that this guy has STARTED the ball rolling on this “fruitless” exercise. It’s COMPLETELY political, will result in a “railroaded” impeachment trial and will finally end in a political “not guilty” (if it’s not thrown out before the official senate trial). A GIGANTIC waste of “legislative” time and “taxpayer’s” money. At times (in reality, most of the time) I wonder about the sanity of our Congressional Representatives. Their primary occupation seems to be “their” next election and ‘if’ there is any time “left over”, maybe look at the ‘needs’ of the Country. “Me thinks we NEED a change — say “term limits” (dirty words!!!)” :^)

  6. What the hell is ZUCKERBURG trying to prove other than he’s a total disgrace to America, Trump and the American people, the way he’s going it won’t be long before he gets shut down permanently

  7. After Trump makes a fool out Shiff and the democrats over Ukraine they will have someone else lined up to make another fake charge instead of doing their job. They dug up Blasey Ford with 35 year old charges against Brett Kavanaugh and she became a go fund me millionaire so they probably promised this non elected jack ass known as the whistle blower that he could be the next go fund me millionaire because there are enough foolish democrats just itching to give away their money. The new charge will be ( Trumps dog shits on sidewalk )and Adam Shiff was there to eat the evidence to preserve it for the trial.

  8. Man – Talk about censorship —— Glad I don’t use either twitter or facebook even google —- even though they send me messages all the time…..
    I don’t want to end up in their 411 record depository and used against me later in life…..

    1. Sadly you are very correct
      They opened the PANDORA’S BOX and let out THE INTERNET so we can have Face Book and Twitter and record all the steam WHICH we blow out because the Stupid Democrats with their treacherous behaviour brought us to this point.
      If the DEMORATS get the power we might pay a price for what we say and for how we feel toward them. Deep State is Watching and Takes Notes
      Trump 2020

  9. Everybody should drop Facebook. Twitter should be dropped and other supposed to be free to comment on! These people are SLAVERY to Democrats control rule. One day it going to back fire on them. They will be on the receiving end of this! Remember the old saying? Keep your friends close but your enemy CLOSER! Not one business or American citizen is friends of the Democrats party! It them who trying to sell out America to CHINA!

  10. …whoever stated that face book was a respected news outlet, or a respected anything??? what would anyone expect from this trash site…

  11. What a public disgrace facebook/zuckerbird is. Absolutely pathetic. FCC needs to shut this company down. And publications that have been censored by facebook, need to come together and start a class action lawsuit and tie this POS up in court for years.

  12. If he doesn’t testify then there case has no merit in my eyes and should be dismissed and if they don’t have a look at the Bidens well that says it all fake news fake news fake news you go Dems we will win the white House over your sham fake news!!!

  13. The real problem with this, so called “whistleblower”, is how some unnamed bureaucrat, changed the whistleblower rules, a week or so before this guy blew his whistle, making it possible for him to use second, or theird hand, information! In other words, he could not have been a whistleblower, under the old rules. Talk about moving the goal posts! https://rightwingtribune.com/2019/09/29/whistleblower-rules/

  14. So did anyone catch the fact that Facebook protects not only criminals who hide behind whistleblower status, but their statement says “witness, informant, activist”. So essentially those who break the law are allowed immunity as Facebook sees it. Informant is a plant, witness is someone who happened to be in a place where they just happen to see something or hear something first hand. Witnesses are not accepted as heresay testimony in a court of law. So I find it amusing that witness, informant and activist, none of these nouns activate hidden identity status. In every instance, they are required to physically attend a trial and be questioned and cross examined in a court of law. The only thing that hides a person’s identity is if they are a minor and that is the only reason why you get witness protection. Whistleblowers, activist and witness identities are not given identity protection by law. The exception to the witness protection rule is for someone who has had a death threat known previously by law enforcement and the whistleblower does not have that circumstance. So chalk this up to liberal agenda berating the Constitutionality laws that protect each and every citizen. Someone could sue Facebook on this stance as it is a violation of the 1st Amendment of American Citizens.

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