Bannon Wanted Eric Ciaramella Kicked Off National Security Council Amid Concerns Over Leaks

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said in a Friday interview that in 2017, he was involved in an effort to remove alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella from the National Security Council over concerns about leaks. 

“When I was in the White House there was a number of people in the National Security Council — the named individual eventually got let go, I believe because people were suspicious, not me, but other people around him were suspicious about his leaking, and that’s why he was let go,” Bannon told VICE in an interview which published Friday. 

Bannon served in the White House until August 2017, while Ciaramella – who became former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s personal aide in June 2017, was called out as a leaker by journalist Mike Cernovich that same month. 

The whistleblower, who is reported to be a CIA analyst, filed a complaint on Aug. 12 accusing President Donald Trump of abusing his office in his dealings with Ukraine.

Bannon said he does not believe that the whistleblower needs to be identified publicly, but he did confirm his involvement in efforts to remove an individual now rumored to be the whistleblower from the NSC.

“I don’t think the individual naming of the whistleblower is important, although there was a story in The Washington Times … that tied me to the efforts to get, at least, the gentleman who was named out of the National Security Council,” said Bannon, who left the White House on Aug. 18, 2017.

Is that true?” a VICE reporter asked Bannon.

The individual that was named, absolutely true,” he replied. –Daily Caller


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  1. The whistle blower is a traitor and should be charged. All the players in this illegal coup should be put in jail. The whistle blower called this a coup years ago and now here we are. The conspiracy was noted and declared to be in play by the whistle blower and now its unfolding before America’s eyes. Conspiracy carries just as much time as the crime itself. I hope they all go to jail and are charged with treason as they should.

    1. Picture this, if you will: Pres. Hillary has a phone conversation with Pres. Putin. An Aide overhears it and tells it to Joe Blow who tells it to Mary Doe who tells it to Schiff. Do you think we would have ever heard about it? No! And the eavesdropping Aide would have “committed suicide” by the end of the day.

  2. We Must get all socialist/communist out of our government including state and local governments. Teachers and professors should not be allowed to teach socialism over capitalism PERIOD!!

      1. Problem is…. it is now consuming the majority of ALL our educational systems. First it was the Colleges…. now it is Kindergarten through. It also is not JUST California, it is in every state. This is VERY troubling. We have to get our country back. Our children are not being taught.

  3. The interviewer shows her bias, she already made up her mind, it does not matter if Trump is innocent, she does not give a you know 2hat about Obama’s Bid3n family stealing money in Ukraine fir influence, or Clinton and DNC using Ukraine to get dirt on Trump. Look common sense, Obama is God to the left, he could murder your grandma on 6 o’clock news and walk away laughing, no laws apply to him. He is a major player in the failed coup on Trump which has been proven. However, not a single indictment comes forward. How can you burn Trump at the stake and allowed criminals whom we know committed acts of treason walk away laughing?

  4. This so called whistleblower is a plant and a traitor who has already caused enough problems leaking to the press whatever he is told to leak, true or fake, and now is getting paid by Soros through a go fund me site. What needs to happen is he needs to go to jail as an example to what happens to traitors.

  5. Steve Bannon is furious with this Eric “Cinnamon Carmel Apple Man” a questionable whistleblower because of his leaking of information and NOT presenting a legal testimonial witness to the truth. Steven Bannon will NOT let him testify false information making this Impeachment Coup invalid and a waste of time.

  6. Every SON of a BITCH who was involved in all of this BULLSHIT from when P.TRUMP was inaugurated needs a long FEDERAL JAIL SENTENCE! BTW what kind of BULLSHIT is this DEMOSCUM SCHIFF gets a get out of jail free card cause he made an inside deal made with the Obama administration WHAT? While I’m on the subject when is Obama going to be outed as the thief he is don’t tell me this crap that he wasn’t in on the Ukraine and China deal DUMB ASS SLEEPY JOE couldn’t have been the mastermind on those DEALS?

  7. Treason and sedition are crimes for which Little Adam Schitt as well as everyone else in the “upper echelon” of the Democratic National Party and Odumbo can be sent to federal prison for. I for one can only hope they spend the rest of their lives incarcerated.

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