Poll: Americans Divided About Impeachment After 1st Day Of Hearings

Americans were divided on the impeachment of President Donald Trump after the first day of House hearings on the matter, a new poll showed Sunday.

In the online survey conducted by YouGov for the Huffington Post, 45% said Trump should be impeached, while 42% said he should not.

The news outlet reported the numbers have been about the same — between 44% and 48% — since late September, with the previous early November survey at 46%.

In other findings, the poll found:

About one-third of Americans report having watched at least part of the first day of hearings, with another 39% saying they had seen clips, highlights or news stories.

  • 46% say the Democrats were mostly playing politics, and 43% that they were making a good-faith attempt to get to the truth.
  • 51% say Republicans were playing politics while 34% say they were making an effort to get to the truth.
  • 21% who followed the hearings say the proceedings improved their view of the Trump administration; 24% say it worsened their view; 55% are unsure or say their views didn’t change at all.
  • 43% think Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to get the country’s president to investigate allegations of corruption against Joe Biden and his son; 30% disagree.
  • 17% say withholding aid would be inappropriate, 26% call it inappropriate but not impeachable, and 39% saying it’s grounds for impeachment.

The online survey consisted of 1,000 interviews conducted Nov. 13-15 among U.S. adults; a specific margin of error was not reported.

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  1. Polls, polls, polls. Are they REALLY accurate?
    Who cares? It’s just something the media uses to sway the lemmings.
    I’ve seen bits-n-pieces, but really not that interested. I will vote for Trump in 2020 no matter what the demons have to say. Nothing they say is truthful. Nothing they do is honest. The only reason they go into politics is for personal wealth and wealth connections, which leads to power and ego.
    The ‘impeachment investigation’ hearings are nothing more than a fraudulent waste of taxpayer dollars, and will go nowhere, won’t mean ANYTHING to Trump supporters, and the IG and Durham reports are going to can a bunch of the demonrats involved. Nothing they have done so far has altered the state of Trump’s presidency. It’s all smoke and mirrors, because they know they can’t beat him at the voting booths.

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