Pelosi Slurs Words In Latest Video, Accused Of Being Drunk

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has been accused of slurring her words before, but that video was edited to make her speech sound more slurred.

The video on the web on Thursday has not been altered in any way and does appear to show the Speaker slurring her words.

We have no idea why she is slurring her words and make no claims as to the reason for her issues speaking in this video.

There are many reasons that a person’s speech could be slurred and we pray that Speaker Rep. Pelosi is not suffering from any of them.

But, as she was being questioned by a reporter about the partisan nature of the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, her speech did appear to be affected.

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REPORTER: “Before you sort of fully embrace the impeachment inquiry and announce it, you said one of the reasons you were cautious about it was because the process would be long, arduous and divisive. It turns out that you were right.

And it seems as if we’re in this position – [crosstalk] – But in the sense that both sides are dug in and impeachment has sort of taken on the tenor of being just like any other partisan dispute.”

PELOSI: “I don’t subscribe to that so I can’t answer your question predicated on that.”

REPORTER: “In a sense that there’s not bipartisan support.” [crosstalk]

PELOSI: “Well, if the Republicans are in the denial about the facts, if the Republicans do not want to honor their Oath of Office, then I don’t think that this should be – we should be characterized as partisan in any way because we are patriotic. So what’s your question?” [crosstalk]

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REPORTER: “The question is how does that change your calculus moving forward, or does as you try to make the case to the American people?”

PELOSI: “No, the facts we said we wanted to see the facts and we wanted the American people to see the facts.

Whatever decision is made, and it has not been made yet, whatever the decision is made to go forward will be based on our honoring our Oath of Office, not on the resistance to the truth of the Republicans on the other side.

I think the sad tragedy of all of this is the behavior of the president and the defense of that behavior by the Republicans.”


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      1. She is GONE !!!! Does not even know it, very sad for her. BUT
        worse for our Country………Have to get her out of the Congress for the sake of the USA… !!!!!

    1. Un-fancy Nancy is a TOTAL PIG.

      TOTAL DRUNK, Made of and FROM EVIL (her parents) and is such a PATHETIC and DISGUSTING DRUNK PIG LIAR, that she literally cannot help it.

      Put her LAST on the liver transplant list and see if she makes it that long…

      Hopefully NOT – that PUTRID SLIMEBAG

  1. Nancy Pelosi was caught “stealing” $2,000,000 worth of “free” military air travel or herself – her family and friends over a 2 year period. $100,000 of that money went for food and top shelf booze on those flights. Scrawny Nancy does not appear to be a big eater does she?

    1. Exactly, and if the dems can go forth with their crooked agenda to remove Trump, remove Pence, then she would be President . How we that be for true Americans .

    2. But with her salary the need to steal is beyond reason! There is NO reason for it! Gads, what will she do next to make me dislike (actually hate) her more?

  2. The delusion is definitely showing. Since when did the Democrats give a rat’s behind about their oath of office, that has been ignored for the past couple of decades. They have no intention of upholding that or the constitution. The only thing they want is a legally elected President removed because they didn’t win in 2016 and their precious, lying Hillary was voted out, which was no surprise, she was a disaster. They can’t control Trump and that ticks them off as well as the fact that he is uncovering their criminal acts and they have to impeach to save their own sorry butts. This is a power play so that they can take the power that they crave back. They are so incensed they can’t see straight and are claiming the people want this. Wake up time for the clown party, we are not as stupid and uninformed as you think we are. Trump 2020.

    1. I so agree. But I WOULDNT say it was all drinking. She is 80 yrs old and I think the tension is wearing her away. She certainly is not a good roll model for anyone. She needs to resign and go fix San Francisco! SHE ISNT THAT STUPID THAT SHE DOESNT UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE, AOC AND OTHER FAR LEFTS ARE DOING TO THIS COUNTRY. SHE NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT SCHIFF, NADLER,S. COHEN, JACKSON-LEE, JEH JOHNSON A;; NEED TO GO HOME AND STAY THERE.YHEENTIRE DEM PARTY IS IN NEED OF AN “OVERHAUL!”

  3. Seems that a lot of the dems were solemn and prayerful after Thursday’s last impeachment session. They were heard to be out celebrating and drinking of course. Does that sound solemn and prayerful to you?

  4. Hey Harry Reid you need to tell your drinking buddy to RETIRED! She has lost it! She so upset that the high speed rail from San Francisco to Las Vegas is not being built!

  5. I’ve been telling people for years that Nancy is a BOOZE HAGG.Maybe I was wrong.I think she has been partying with her fellow san franciscan homeless.Maybe some of those needles in the street are hers.

  6. To continue to try and sound like the righteous ones…they have no right to claim the verbiage they use. But the stupid sheeple believe them and hate Trump. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  7. Pelosi’s father was thick with the Mafia. Do some searches. Very interesting. I kept wondering how a wealthy woman would want open borders.
    Well, the history of working with and helping criminals makes sense.

  8. The amount of alcohol that is kept on the USAF aircraft she uses is staggering,, i saw the list of booze that was loaded for one trip and it defied belief. Sad thing is we are paying for it, along with all the aircraft hours. on a plane that is just not needed for her that is being worn out prematurely on all her round the world junkets. This drunken cow is the poster child for all that is wrong in Congress.


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