Fox News Analyst Among Media CAUGHT Pushing Fake Impeachment News

Fox News analyst Jennifer Griffin and the Associated Press were caught pushing fake impeachment news recently.

Griffin claimed that former Prosecutor Ken Starr claimed evidence of bribery from Trump existed but he was just paraphrasing Adam Schiff’s salacious claims.

Then, the AP claimed that President Trump contradicted Ambassador Sondland’s testimony when he claimed he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine. Sondland actually said that and Trump was quoting him.

According to Town Hall:

This quid pro quo allegation is even weaker than the Russian collusion myth. Yet, you’d never know that after Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin blasted out some fake news saying former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr said Sondland’s hearing shows there is proof that Trump committed bribery in a bombshell day. I’m paraphrasing, but she didn’t know Starr was merely citing Schiff’s opinion on the matter, something that he also mentioned. Griffin later deleted the tweet and offered a clarification, but those almost never get the attention as the initial post.

The AP’s attempt to control the narrative also forced a correction:

Then, Associated Press tweeted that Trump “contradicted” Sondland by saying that he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine. Problem: that turned out to be true, Trump was quoting the testimony from his own ambassador. AP then deleted the tweet. It’s bad, folks. Trump Derangement Syndrome has so blinded the liberal media to the point where the only people they’re hurting is themselves with these antics. Democracy I guess can die in darkness if those who think they’re superheroes of the press consistently act like idiots. It’s pathetic.

Mistakes happen, but mistakes that are detrimental to President Trump seem to happen more often than not.

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  1. FOX can’t be trusted anymore thanks to PAUL RYAN, the new TRUMP HATER employed by FOX. so sad, because i’ve been a loyal and steadfast viewer of this network, but no more. only sean, tucker and some fox and friends.

    liberal assholes seeping into everything. corrupt, ego-maniacs.

    1. Agree, Paul Ryan, a backstabber, evil and a traitor has influenced the Fox News network upon joining the company. The reporter Jennifer Griffin should be fired for reporting a fabricated news against Trump. FOX is dishonest and untrustworthy. Probably Soros’s money bought Paul Ryan and the management, too. Advertisers should stop supporting this network other than Hannity, Laura Ingrahan, Jessie Waters, Greg Gutfield, Levin and Judge Jeannine Pirro.

  2. I am a Fox News viewer, what I have noticed is when R. Murdoch’s sons took over they have become more and more Liberal. This is what will sink Fox News lose viewership

  3. i Think they have been there for a while now, the false news media-liberals in fox, from sleep Smith,cavuto,wallace, baier who always eesm to take offense when called out. they complain about trump’s tone and do not see they do the same.

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