CNN Breaks Down, Finally Admits Entire Russian Collusion Theory Was A Hoax

It must have been very painful for the folks at CNN to write the report below, but it sure looks like the entire Carter Page FISA warrant may have been based on a hoax perpetrated by rogue elements of the FBI, as CNN reports:

“A former FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document related to 2016 surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, several people briefed on the matter told CNN.

The possibility of a substantive change to an investigative document is likely to fuel accusations from President Donald Trump and his allies that the FBI committed wrongdoing in its investigation of connections between Russian election meddling and the Trump campaign.

The finding is expected to be part of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s review of the FBI’s effort to obtain warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide. Horowitz will release the report next month.

Horowitz turned over evidence on the allegedly altered document to John Durham, the federal prosecutor appointed early this year by Attorney General William Barr to conduct a broad investigation of intelligence gathered for the Russia probe by the CIA and other agencies, including the FBI. The altered document is also at least one focus of Durham’s criminal probe.

It’s unknown how significant a role the altered document played in the FBI’s investigation of Page and whether the FISA warrant would have been approved without the document. The alterations were significant enough to have shifted the document’s meaning and came up during a part of Horowitz’s FISA review where details were classified, according to the sources.”

This is truly a bombshell and this is going to make a lot of people in Washington D.C. very unhappy today.

In fact, the purpose behind the entire impeachment charade may be to obfuscate the results of Horowitz’s and Durham’s upcoming reports.

Stay tuned, it’s about to get VERY interesting.

Update: We made an error on our original headline and intro paragraph in which we claimed CNN admitted the Russian collusion story was a hoax. It was done in haste and we apologize for that error.

via thefederalistpapers


  1. These people need to be stripped of their retirement benefits bc they probably won’t be convicted for their obvious crimes
    Sad but true.

    1. You have conceded that the reference to CNN was erroneous and you apologized, but you haven’t corrected your headline or intro. That renders the continuing headline and intro admittedly false and therefore malicious.

  2. If you are a reporter you know dam well that lying is not part of your job! If your editor want to sell newspaper tell him to get a paper route. Lying on national TV and in newspaper is a job killing! Did you forget there computer with other news resources? Media taking side since they help Obama get elect! I personally believe they should lose license to operate.

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