Watch: Students Say It's Not Okay To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Authored by Kyle Hooten via The College Fix,

‘Based off of the genocide of indigenous people’ 

As Thanksgiving Day dawns, The College Fix visited Macalester College in Minnesota to ask students if it’s acceptable to celebrate the holiday.

Most of the students said no, and several gave a qualified yes, that being it’s okay to celebrate Thanksgiving as long as one keeps in mind the oppression it represents or that it’s more about spending time with family than honoring the past.

For those who said no, they mainly focused on themes such as oppression and colonization.

“I think that Thanksgiving has been misconstrued a lot, especially in textbooks,” one student told The College Fix.

“It’s kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people and I don’t really think that we actually give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of capitalist bullshit.”

A few students took this a step further, explaining how they believe most American holidays are rooted in oppression.

“What do Americans do except for celebrate unethical holidays,” one student said. Another student interviewed outside the campus chapel said that no holidays with religious connotations should be observed.

After spending several hours speaking with students, The College Fix found only a handful who unabashedly supported Thanksgiving.

Watch the video:

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  1. Sad to see a Christian College that is being taken over by liberal professors and over run by non-Christian students who obviously are not being evangelized.

  2. Why any group would cede it’s cultural identity in favor of another, defeated and currently all but meaningless one, is not only a sad mystery, but a viable subject for psychological study.

  3. Personally I and most people I know celebrate Thanksgiving because we set aside a day to remember how thankful the Pilgrams were to survive and how grateful they were for the good neighbors that shared there knowlage

  4. Student are stupid childish people. They would be up in arms if I suggested native americans not be allowed their traditional activities: even those illegal to the rest of us. If I insisted quasi was fake and must not be celebrated the students would go ape shit. Disrespecting an originally European harvest celebration oh that is perfectly fine! Why becuase these students are racist and think it is ok to target anything white people do.

    These students are the same as the 1920’s kkk targeting anything blacks did back then. Nice job of being racist little kkk students you herks.

  5. These students have experienced a very distorted view of American history. Perhaps they should return to elementary school and learn American history without the socialist distortions. A totally disgusting misinformed bunch of liberals.

  6. Well it show what kind of young people they are. Not education at home because parents are to busy with their jobs! Wish I was the one who interviewed them. I’m sure lot of people who knows history could education them better than any college professor. They can blame the government on history book! Most of our book were published in the North. And everything was written the way they saw it! But most of what was printed in the history book is a dam lies!

  7. Maybe these kids or student’s or what ever they are should go to another country and see what the world looks like. Maybe send the professors ahead of them. Shame on you non Americans and get out or my country. I served to give you your freedom not take freedoms away.

  8. This is there Upbringing with no respect5 for culture, and no respect for our beginning, to teach and be taught, and these collage children have no clue what Life is all about, they take and take from Mommy and Daddy for what they want but for what they wanted as in their up-bringing they want no part of it and refuse to become part of it! the whole attitude of every last child is out of control, Do you believe any of these kids or children will stand up for civil rights? Not one bit they have no belief to stand up for only their comments to be the opposite of the Parents just to be rebels toward each of them, the whole issue is out of control!

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