Tim Allen On ‘The View,’ Blasts ‘Alarming’ Level Of PC Culture To Joy Behar’s Face

Actor and comedian Tim Allen made a guest appearance on the ABC daytime talk show “The View,” known for its liberal hosts and audience, and tore into the politically correct culture.

Allen, the star of “Last Man Standing,” “Home Improvement” and the Christmas classic “Santa Clause” series, visited the show this week and said it like it is.

“There’s a PC culture out there, makes it really hard,” co hos Joy Behar, a strong liberal commentator, said.

Behar said, “I think my act, if I ever brought that old act back, I’d be driven out of town.”

“What I got to do sometimes is explain, which I hate, in big arenas, that this is a thought police thing, and I do not like it. But when I use these words, this is my intent behind those words,” the comedian said.

“So as long as you understand my intent — I still get people: ‘Well, just don’t say it,’ and I said ‘I’m not going to do that,’” he said, mimicking the voice of a malcontent.

“I do use some provocative words, but I tell them it’s words I really got from my parents. They said this stuff,” he said.

“And I can’t even say it here. I can’t even point to it. It is an alarming thing for comedians,” he said, but said the majority of his act is about “family and kids and growing up.”

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He said that when he was younger, he did a joke that involved his grandmother worrying that he was a Democrat.

He said that when he did that joke in Miami, Florida the crowd would laugh and cheer but if he did it in Reading, Pennsylvania it would not get an approving response.

The gist of the joke was that his grandmother would call him a “little Democrat” because “I stole money from my parents, I never worked.”

Behar questioned why he would say that Reading would not welcome the joke, to which he said “Well, it’s a little bit more Democratic.”

Allen, an unabashed conservative and supporter of President Donald Trump, has taken aim at Democrats and PC culture before.

In November, 2018 the comedian said, in an interview with IndieWire, that he liked to poke fun at liberals because them take themselves too seriously.

“I think it’s funny to make fun of people that are full of themselves,” he said in the interview.

“Liberals have a very small window of sense of humor about themselves, so I love poking at it,” he said.

“Two years ago, it was the conservatives, or whatever it is. But right now liberals, particularly progressives, hide behind large concepts,” Allen said.

“If you don’t agree with them, if you don’t agree with that position, then you hate women, and you hate gay people, and you hate pro-choice people, whatever,” he said.

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  3. I don’t know why Tim Allen wasted his time.
    F political correctness!
    Why don’t those old scanks go to there safe place and leave the rest of the world alone.
    No one is going to tell us how to act or speak we are not a communist nation and will never be!!! Get that through your thick heads bitches!!!!

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