Greta Thunberg Enraged After Climate Strikes “Achieved Nothing”, Has Yet To Visit China

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is angrier than ever. The 16-year-old climate crusader, whose childhood was stolen by everyone except China, says that the wave of climate change school strikes over the past year has “achieved nothing” since greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

Speaking from the Madrid climate conference, after arriving via train from Lisbon, Thunberg said she hoped the negotiations would result in “something concrete.”

Thousands of young people were expected to gather at the UN climate conference and in the streets of the Spanish capital on Friday to protest against the lack of progress in tackling the climate emergency, as officials from more than 190 countries wrangled over the niceties of wording in documents related to the Paris accord.

In the four years since the landmark agreement was signed, greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 4% and the talks this year are not expected to produce new commitments on carbon from the world’s biggest emitters. –The Guardian

“People want everything to continue like now and they are afraid of change,” she told reporters, without mentioning the world’s #1 polluter by volume, China. “And change is what we young people are bringing and that is why they want to silence us and that is just a proof that we are having an impact that our voices are being heard that they try so desperately to silence us.”

Thunberg’s movement began in Sweden in 2017, and has morphed into an organized campaign across the world.

“I’m just an activist and we need more activists,” said Thunberg, adding “I sincerely hope COP25 will reach something concrete and increase awareness among people, and that world leaders and people in power grasp the urgency of the climate crisis, because right now it does not seem that they are.”

In September, Thunberg drew criticism from French President Emmanuel Macron after she filed a legal complaint accusing five countries of inaction on global warming in violation of the 30-year-old UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey were named in the lawsuit.

In response, Macron told Eruope1 that her stance was “very radical” and likely to “antagonize societies.” 

In October, Thunberg received criticism from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said “Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden.”

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  1. So, this 16 year old brat whose childhood was stolen? By whom? She is a silver spoon liberal from Sweden who really thinks what she thinks really matters? Perhaps she really does need to head to China and perhaps South Korea (where I am sure she will be welcomed with open arms) and see what nations are really contributing to environmental crises in that part of the world and to see what nations have actually taken huge strides in improving the environment (Unites States for instance). Or perhaps go back to Sweden, get educated, and grow up a bit more, at least until her brain matures a bit more. Refusing to go to school until everyone accepts her theories is, to many, and indication of her total disregard to anything realistic.

    1. This little ugly bitch doesn’t know shit about climate. She should just go back to high school and get educated. Fucking little twerp should be barred from coming to the USA.

      1. She, at the moment is a nobody trying to be somebody. Her whole attitude shows that she is a child.
        Young lady, come back and talk to us when you have gained a bit of maturity and understanding of people.

  2. Send her to China or maybe even India as they pollute a hell of a lot more than we do. In fact, the US has reduced emissions more than any other country. So put that in your pipe and smoke it because what you are smoking now is bad stuff.

    1. Jim, there are ceities the see the light of Day for a couple of Hours a Day during the Summer due to pollution created by CHINA … or maybe our President (if u listen to the libtards). India same and so many others. BUT THE WORLD WOULD WANT THE USA TO PAY FOR ALL, AND THEY BLAME NOT ONLY THE USA BUT PRESIDENT TRUMP AS WELL!

      what I Think Will happen is something similar to fuel. Diesel was cheaper. A Buddy of mine bought a CAR that ran on diesel, arguably dirty burn, but sooo much cheaper. Then prices went up and dirty burn diesel cost the same as gas so we returned to gas. Not because it afected climate but it was simple economics, as it is today, we are fuel dependen and we Pay about 2.50USD per gallos give or take dependen on each State. But Mexico also has a lot of fuel, they have mismanaged the Industry for personal gain. when prices impact the Society that Will change rules, laws and get people out of office. so as George carlin once said “Earth has been here for billions of years and survived just about everything. then WE COME ALONG About 100,000 YEARS AGO OR SO, and we Will destruy” in about another 10 years, because an insane elected kid says so and she was voted into office by extremists. So we wont be here of course but in about 15 years we Will go, or our descendente Wii go, through something similar and world Will continue to rock on.

  3. This sixteen years old don’t even know what climate change is! Only her dumbass parents told her that Sweden and other countries are blame for her mental state of health. Go back to school and then the library. Learn to think for yourself! If you going to protest go to India or China. Or shut up and go to school! Man can’t control the weather! Only GOD CAN!

  4. she is more of a pain she does not go to china or India to protest just the countries that are doing something Why isn’t she in school where are her parents they should be arrested for the treatment of this child who only knows what somebody tells her. What did they do with the waste they had on this catamaran they said there was no toilets and why is a 16 yr old on this ship or boat and she has the look of a person with some mental problems What have they done to ruin her life she seems to do ok who is paying for all these journeys Soros

  5. Gretchen, all the questions can be plainly answered through the Bible. The Bible holds all the answers. I am a true christian, God cursed the earth, and in God’s timing he will return. Don’t worry about things that are out of your control. Question being, will you be ready, when he returns, or when you die. It is appointed unto man / women ,once to die after this Judgement.

  6. and so now nono of her Family or her Will have to do a decent days work because her “climate champion posture” will pay her Bills. Interesting. no critique of china or india the I have Heard. just another product of puf Snow flanes

  7. I will try not to make this a personal attack on somebody that is immature and has enough problems on her plate already. I will simply say Ms. Thuneberg’s ideas are foolish and untenable, there is no way the people of the world can handle the problems she sees in the manner she says. The people of the earth will perish under her idiotic suggestions as we will return to the Stone Age. We are not GOD and we as mere mortals cannot do what she suggests in the manner she states. It is time for realistic suggestions to the problems the earth faces with the realisation that all we try will not work, but hopefully we can find sufficient realistic solutions to survive whatever changes we need to adjust to.

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