Bannon Says Hillary Will Run In 2020 To ‘Save Democratic Party From Michael Bloomberg’

Steve Bannon thinks that Hillary Clinton is waiting for just the right moment to enter the 2020 race and “save the Democratic Party” from billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

According to Bannon, Clinton’s recent interview with Howard Stern – under the guise of promoting her book – signals that she’s absolutely running.

Hillary Clinton is waiting for her shot to come in and say, ‘I’m going to save the Democratic Party,’ that Michael Bloomberg is a liberal or moderate Republican. He’s not a Democrat,” Bannon told Fox News‘ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

The former Trump strategist added that he doesn’t think any of the current Democratic candidates are strong enough to beat Trump, and that Clinton is “waiting in the wings” to take him on again.

That said, if Hillary is going to run, she better do so quickly as filing deadlines to be included on Super Tuesday primary ballots in several key states are rapidly approaching or have passed.

via zerohedge


  1. Well he beat her once ! I think the American people are seeing just how great he is ! Even the Blacks are getting more jobs ! And with these Impeachment hearings , how close we are to Democrat socialism , They are just snakes in the Swamp , that can talk and Lie ,Muslims lie if it helps them, Then we have Nancy Pelosi who loves every one even Donald Trump !, but she loves killing Babies , I did not know she was a Great Catholic , could have fooled Me

    1. Well, Ole Hillary should save all her campaign money, she will lose, just as before. President Trump (in spite of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA’S continuing fake reports, the American people are totally fed up with the Demorats, and Trump is above ANYONE running on the Democrat slot for President…He will not be defeated. Why should any American vote for Socialist/Democrat/Liberal government when we have the tops right now. BE SURE TO PRINT THIS COMMENT> My comments Have been deleted before, and I can report this to our President…he is working on the stopping the censure of Republicans. We all have the right to say our opinion, not to be censured !!

      1. We do NOT want H Clinton on ANY ballot!!!! We have already had 3 years of her childish 2YO temper tantrums and the Democrats Psychopathic Projection mentality!! We are done with anything that looks like, smells like, acts like, or pretends like a DEMOCRAT! No more of this horrible waste of taxpayer money, constant lies, continuous attempts to demolish our Constitutional Republic, destroying our Laws, and demolishing our Bill of Rights!

      2. Yes, you have the right to voice your opinion, regardless of it’s being biased, insulting, and just plain wrong… but opine on.

  2. She’s a glutton for punishment, who in the hell is she going to save?
    Bloomberg is a idiot just like the rest of them.

  3. Nobody wants Micheal Bloomberg as President! Not any socialism supporter either! If you are a Democrats supporter and you dream of having nice car, home, Jobs, able to go on vacation. Then you would not vote DEMOCRAT! But if you think you believe everybody deserve free health care, you are supporting socialism control! And can forget about nice car, home, job, vacation dreams! Those Democrat who are pushing socialism in AMERICA have already made their forture! They are MISLEADING you! Because to have nice car,home, and a vacation you need CAPITALISM! So you can purchase stock that GROW YOUR MONEY! That what SANDERS, WARREN, AND OTHER DO! BUT WANT YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS! SO THEY CAN HELP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

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