Watch: Students Love ‘Medicare-For-All’… Until They Discover What’s In It

Authored by Cabot Phillips via,

With the 2020 presidential election in full swing, leading Democrat candidates like Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have embraced Medicare For All as the solution to America’s healthcare problems.

Support for the universal healthcare plan has grown despite the overwhelming cost to taxpayers that comes along with it.

Among those most supportive of the plan are college students, who are more likely than older generations to support socialist ideas and candidates. Wanting to see whether they would support Medicare for All and if that support would change once they heard what was actually in it, Campus Reform‘s Cabot Phillips headed to George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Asking first whether they viewed the plan favorably or unfavorably, the results were near-universal.

“I do support Medicare for all,” one student said,

…while others added, “I think every American deserves healthcare,” and “I do support that. It’s an important form of universal healthcare.”

Yet another student said, “I don’t think there’s anything you could tell me that would make me view it unfavorably.”

While strong at first, their support began to waver once Phillips walked them through the basic elements of the plan.

When told Medicare For All would remove more than 100 million Americans from their private plans, students were shocked.

“I mean they shouldn’t be kicked off, that doesn’t seem fair,” one said…

…while another stated simply, “the government can’t force people to have healthcare with them…”

One student said “those who are able to get private healthcare shouldn’t have to be removed from their current plan…”

When it came to the $32 trillion price tag and subsequent tax increases, students were deterred further.

“You have to pay for it? You still have to pay for it? I don’t support that…” one said…

…before another admitted, “If I were financially on my own I wouldn’t support that.”

What happened when I asked them if they still supported Medicare for All after hearing the details?

Watch the full video to find out:

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  1. The current Obamacare plans are actually designed on vampirism, of the existing plan holders to pay for the individuals that get their healthcare “for free”. You can7be so naive that you thought the government could. Provide healthcare for illegals without “someone paying” for it! No such thing as a “free lunch”. The exact reason that all aspects of healthcare is skyrocketing is because the only way to pay for the “free’ is to send the cost to the “middle class” through higher and higher taxation. The Feds already have been confiscating you interest earned through your banking accounts by charging a “fee” through the Banks and the Banking Corporation interaction, you only receive a fraction of the interest earned on your money. The Banking Corporation retains 4% and pass on 0.04% to the account holder. Don’t believe? Look back a couple of decades and you will see when the confiscation began. The same is now done by California, by Gavin Newsom (Pelosi’s nephew) with gasoline taxation, where “fees” are collected pre sale to pull the wool over the ‘taxpayers eyes”.

  2. What these kids are saying is I don’t care about your healthcare as I long as I get mine free. Then- Wait a minute I gotta pay? How is it FREE if I have to pay? Too young and stupid to realize that nothing is FREE – someone is always paying. Do they think the free samples companies give out come from the free sample fairy?

    1. It finally good that someone can talk to them and make them understand: There is nothing completely free. Someone has to pay for it. The only ones getting it for free would be the Children of Illegals. They do get it free. Their Parents don’t. Those kids get if free while they are still in school. The Congressmen and Women who run for office will not tell you the Truth. They get theirs’s free . Congress doesn’t pay for one dime of their insurance. So yes there is a free insurance, only if your a Congressmen. Why do you think they are still in there. Amazing how a lot of people think that its free of charge. Oh you have to pay for it. Well yes you do. I still have to pay for a Supplemental and Medicare. So the Answer is no you don’t get anything for free in this Country. Only if Congress can find a bunch of dimwits who will pay for it. Mainly older Citizens.

  3. F..k these “young democrats “…
    ANYONE who proposes ” free ” ANYTHING, is f..king stupid…
    SOMEONE has to pay for it, you ignorant little c..k sukkers…

    1. How did these idiots get into college. I like the one kid who says you mean we have to pay it for where did he think the money was coming from. The only one who made sense was the girl from Venezuela who said it doesn’t work.

  4. These kids shall got asked is college free? Are they paying for it? Or are their parents? They should remember NOTHING IS FREE! BECAUSE THAT WHY THE GOVERNMENT COLLECT TAXES!

  5. these college students are brainwashed by liberal professors. there is no such thing as a free lunch or anything else for that matter. it cost some one something. mostly the working middle class. their parents are probably the ones who are paying for them to go college. if .is our future generation we’re in a lot of trouble

  6. I do not think this country could have taken one more round of demoncraps in the white house.. our education system is garbage,and with the president un-encumbered by a bunch of communist fools , we might just clear up the mess that obama and the rest of the one-worlders have made of our education system. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE ANYTHING .. that is the first thing a kid should be taught in school..

  7. Young people need to understand that the government doesn’t produce wealth.
    The government doesn’t earn or create money.
    The government can only spend the taxes it collects from the people!

    So, the question should be, do the people want to have the government collect and manage the people’s health care money or should the people save it and spend it themselves.

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