NY Post Editorial Board Names Eric Ciaramella As Whistleblower

The New York Post Editorial Board has named CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower at the heart of the Trump impeachment saga, confirming an October 30 report by RealClearInvestigation‘s Paul Sperry which has been widely cited in subsequent reports.

Eric Ciaramella poses for a photo with former President Barack Obama at the White House. (Via the Washington Examiner)

Whistleblower lawyers refuse to confirm or deny Ciaramella is their man. His identity is apparently the worst-kept secret of the Washington press corps. In a sign of how farcical this has become, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said his name as part of a series of names during a live hearing Wednesday night aired on television. He never called him the whistleblower, just said he was someone Republicans thought should testify, yet Democrats angrily denounced the “outing.” If you don’t know the man’s name, how do you know the man’s name? –New York Post 

Ciaramella, a registered Democrat, is a CIA analyst who specializes in Russia and Ukraine, and ran the Ukraine desk at the National Security Council (NSC) in 2016. He previously worked for then-NSC adviser Susan Rice, as well as Joe Biden when the former VP was the Obama administration’s point-man for Ukraine. He also worked for former CIA Director John Brennan, and was reportedly a highly valued employee according to RedStates Elizabeth Vaughn. He also became former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s personal aide in June 2017, was called out as a leaker by journalist Mike Cernovich that same month.

He also worked Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American lawyer and Democratic operative involved in allegations that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 US election by releasing the so-called ‘Black Ledger’ that contained Paul Manafort’s name.

In 2017, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon wanted Ciaramella kicked off the National Security Council over concerns about leaks.

Earlier this year, Ciaramella ignited the Democratic impeachment efforts against President Trump when, using second-hand information, he anonymously complained that Trump abused his office when he asked Ukraine to investigate corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as claims related to pro-Clinton election interference and DNC hacking in 2016.

Ciaramella notably contacted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) office before filing his complaint, on a form which was altered to allow for second-hand information, after going to a Democratic operative attorney who will neither confirm nor deny his status as the whistleblower.

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  1. It is amazing how the DNC and the House, just won’t touch any on the “FACTS”, they keep working on : ” He said, she said, I heard it from a friend of a friend !! The “COUP” is in full force !!

  2. The NY Post Editorial Board conveniently left out of this article the fact that Eric Ciaramella has very deep ties to George Soros, the most corrupt creature on the planet who uses his billions to undermine our Republic. If you don’t think Soros is behind all of this you are dumber than a box of rocks. His own country of Hungary has thrown his ass and his corrupt organization out of their country…we should do the same!

    Ciaramella and Soros never counted on Trump immediately releasing the transcript of his phone call and Ciaramella lied through his teeth in his filing because he was never a ‘first-hand witness.’ The fact that he went to Adam Schiff’s office and worked with his staff on the document he filed reveals the depth of this ugly corruption. They all got caught and that is why Schiff refused to allow Ciaramella to testify. There are no rules in hiding his identity, and the reason the Democrats refuse to allow Eric Ciaramella to be brought before the House or Senate, there are simply too many people with dirty hands in this ugly episode especially including the “4 or 5 others” Ciaramella admitted he spoke with before filing his phony complaint. Are we all pretending that changing the House rules to allow ‘second-hand testimony’ at the last minute is both shocking and repugnant, it goes against 240 years of Due Process and makes a mockery of our legal system.

    One thing is clear, there are two Big G’s in Washington…”Gossip and Garbage” and D.C. is swimming in both. Besides New York and California the rest of the nation doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about anything other than the truth that is cleverly being manipulated and withheld from us. The Horowitz hearing was disgusting at many levels that shows the length the Democrats and the media have connived together to bring down a duly elected President. The Steel Dossier will go down in history as the most corrupt behavior even beyond Watergate by our CIA, DOJ and FBI even the FISA court judges who also don’t seem to give a Rat’s Ass that they have been deceived 4 TIMES! Yet don’t lift a finger to do anything about those who lied and signed those FISA requests…Pretending that “Russian Collusion” in our election is the most serious crisis facing our country while allowing the CIA, DOJ and FBI to totally interfere in the 2016 election turns all of us into ignorant patsies.

  3. What too the NY Pist so long to report this information?
    It been ou on the internet literally for weeks??
    Guess there were just protecting “Schiff Show”!

  4. President Trump has got to take the trial option in this impeachment farce or he will be subjected to this very same tactic over and over again. The Democrats are interfering in every avenue they can to sabotage the President’s actions in serving this country and it’s people as he promised to do. If he just allows the Senate to dismiss the impeachment sham, it will set him up by intimating to the American people that he was guilty of something, but the Senate majority gave him a free pass. By taking this to trial, it will further expose the corruption as well as those who perpetrated the corruption – Adam Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Eric Ciaramella, Hillary, etc…and bring forth their crimes for all to see. It will also bring forth accountability to those involved. It’s tempting to take the easy way out, but the cost of doing so is far too great.

      1. I agree. They’re not democrats though, they’re socialist pigs and should all be investigated, drug tested, and voted out of office.

    1. If I were president Trump and his champions in Congress, I would relish this going to trial because now he and his team can treat the whole idiotic “Clown” show by these dopey Dems for what it really is! A “sham” trial and an ongoing travesty of justice With the trial scenario, his lawyers would be able call witnesses, gather “real” evidence of wrong-doing (of course by the clowns in the Democrat party such as the Bidens, Clintons, Obama and the rest of the merry crowd of lying miscreants). Everyone (yes, including any Democrat with an ounce of integrity) knows that the House shennanigans won’t stand up to a real investigation or, under the microscope of a public trail, you know, with “real” lawyers and judges, etc. The beauty is that such an expanding investigation would carry through the election season and would with more than reasonable expectations, lead to indictments and “perp” walks for many of the principal miscreants in this epic “clown” show. If the Democrat leadership had any brains at all (or for that matter, even a little integrity) they would have pulled the plug on this travesty of justice months ago and apologized to the American people for wasting so much time and money trying to bring down a president that they don’t like who, even under these trying circumstances has still managed to get more accomplished on behalf of the American people than any other president with maybe the exception of Ronald Reagan. Cudos to President Trump (whom I did not originally support)!

  5. Eric has very deep ties to Soros and so does Schiff. You never have to look very far when in the political world. And the MSM clears the paths for them.

  6. William Dorich …. Oh you are so right! Facebook will not allow your account to go into their information pages. God help us. Help us put a stop to the Democrats, Liberals, non-American terrorists and America haters. Please listens to those in the factual know of what is transpiring to bring America down and hand it to the haters of America. the Soros lovers and their ilk. Washington is jammed full of the rotting Haters and that lousy swamp full of Libs needs to be routed out down to their rotten roots. Stop the rotten lying whistleblowing criminals that hate America and will stoop to anything to achieve America’s fall. God bless America and every true loving American.

  7. What gets my schumer chapped is everyone knows who the traitor is but they, out of reverence, laughably keep it a secret.
    This is how much power the Deep State has.
    And Republicans alike go along with it, the same with the coup, and the emperor’s new clothes.
    Traitors all, save for a very few.

  8. I believe that we all know who is probably behind most of all of this Democratic nonsense and just waitng (hoping?) to get his foot back in the door to the presidency. We really need to set term limits for Congress and stop letting them vote on their salaries and “benefits”. I don’t know of a single business that lets employees do that. Do you? Heck, yes, we’d vote for raises and “benefits” and drive the comany out of business. All of those “perks” should be taken away if term limits are established–if not before. This country wastes more money than any other nation by giving money away to undeserving people. If people need it and were proved to be needy it’s o.k. I’m in my 80’s and I’ve never been “on the dole” not rich but I’m independent and proud of what I’ve done–worked for every penny.

    1. He would hide were this Hillary, for fear he might end-up with 2 bullets to the back of his head. (Suicide) Like so many others before him.

  9. YOU SHOW ME the dictionary or thesaurus which refers to lying little bitsses as “whistleblowers”. There was nothing for him to ‘whistleblow’ about, so he and pedoBrennan made shidt up again.

  10. You jerks erased my comment. Or maybe it was the local crime syndicate which has the security contract at this Safeway.

  11. First the Dems had to change what a whistle blower was…. They had their people in place including the person in charge of judging facts of a whistleblower. The so called “inspector ” who OKed to 2nd and 3rd person…. party line hearsay. Of course these Dems were the contractors who organized this lie. These Dems should be prosecuted for treason….Of course this Ukraine garbage is just extension of the Russia/ Clinton / Dem created lies.

  12. This Eric Ciamarella the Cinnamon Carmel Apple Candy Man is a fake whistleblower. He is a false witness refusing to come forth in the public to present his evidence of President Trump’s collusion with Ukraine and Russia. Therefore he is to be dismissed by the Senate for his illegal perjury and charge him as a criminal like the terrorist spy Chris Steele.

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