Anti-Impeachment Democrat Jeff Van Drew Defects To GOP

Anti-impeachment Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New York has confirmed that he will switch parties and become a Republican, following a lengthy meeting with President Trump, according to Politico.

Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted ‘no’ on opening the impeachment inquiry in the first place, and has been a vocal opponent of the effort, according to the report.


On Saturday, Van Drew’s congressional and campaign staff were notified of the expected switch, Democratic sources tell Politico. The only question which remains is when he will make the move official given next week’s House impeachment vote expected for Wednesday.

“It was supposed to be bipartisan, it was supposed to be incontrovertible. It was supposed to be something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,” Van Drew told reporters days ago. “Well it’s not bipartisan.”

Multiple senior Democrats tried to reach out to the New Jersey freshman on Saturday but were unsuccessful. Van Drew did not respond to calls and texts from POLITICO seeking comment.

Rumors had swirled around Capitol Hill this week that Van Drew was considering leaving the Democratic Party but he strongly denied those claims on multiple occasions. –Politico

Van Drew was elected in a heavily GOP district in southern New Jersey, flipping it blue. His win helped Democrats flip the House majority in the last election in a district that voted for Trump in 2016.

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  1. Who wants to be associated with people who forge documents and flat out lie to ruin someone’s life and career, Lt.General Flynn for example. I would getting as far away as possible myself…Smart move Mr. Van Drew.

  2. Nice I envy that New Jersey congressman decision
    He is a truly a democrat. I am a republican but I am humbled
    by his decision not to join his fellow
    Democrats whose only aim is to take down the
    Sitting president through despicable means. Democrats
    Nowadays are a new breed of shameful democrats who
    who profess constitutional adherence but
    Only on their mouths. They twisted the truths. Shane and

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