House Democrats Demand Mueller’s Secret Grand Jury Files For Impeachment

Lawyers for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have argued that secret grand jury materials are required from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in order to properly impeach President Trump, according to The Hill

House Democratic attorneys told a federal appeals court on Monday that the Justice Department needs to urgently release the redacted materials despite the fact narrow scope of the impeachment which doesn’t overlap with Mueller’s probe. The DOJ has argued that the House should not have access to the documents.

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) takes extraordinary positions in this case,” wrote attorneys for the House Judiciary Committee to the D.C. Circuit Court. “It does so to avoid disclosing grand-jury material needed for the House’s impeachment of President Trump and the Senate’s trial to remove him from office.”

Counsel for the Judiciary Committee have long held out the possibility that Trump’s alleged obstruction of Mueller’s nearly two-year probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign could prove critical to the impeachment inquiry.

The Monday court filing shows Democrats doubling down on that argument even as the impeachment process moves quickly and after the House committees involved unveiled two impeachment articles that focused narrowly on Trump’s alleged abuse of power over his dealings with Ukraine and the administration’s obstruction of Congress. –The Hill

Surely re-litigating Russiagate amid an already-unpopular impeachment inquiry will inspire undecided voters to join team blue.

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  1. The demonrats act like Mueller was in charge of his investigation. He had no idea what or where anything was, is, how it got there; or who did what. The ONLY reason he was the head of the witch hunt is because he is a doddering old fool, who just wanted a nap.
    Rosenstein knew Mueller was mentally deficient and tired of life when he appointed him. He thought he was so clever. I wonder what he will do when the Durham report shows his criminal activity in the witch hunt?

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