Compilation: Idiots Think “Impeachment” Means Trump No Longer President

Wednesday’s partisan House impeachment vote led to confusion among the less politically–informed, as many believed an “impeached” president would have to leave the White House.

However, people under the impression that “impeached” meant Trump was no longer president were in for a rude awakening, as laid out by conservative commentator Candace Owens.

The term “Vice President” also began trending on social media, as many believed Veep Mike Pence would be taking over Trump’s role.

Infowars’ Kaitlin Bennett proposed letting people who were in the wrong continue believing the delusion:

Unfortunately for Trump-hating Dems, a Senate trial must still be held and a vote taken where senators would decide whether to convict the president, a serious long-shot given the Republican majority afraid to upset their constituents by voting to impeach.

In the meantime, it’s still hilarious to see people reacting on social media thinking Trump has been ousted… and without further ado:


H/t: Zeducation, Youtube

via infowars


  1. Relax idiots. The House is like a grand jury in saying there is sufficient reason to go to a trial for impeachment.
    THIS ONE IS A COUP ATTEMPT. The evidence isn’t there.

    The SENATE holds the TRIAL. They can hear the evidence and pronounce judgement. NO ONE ELSE CAN. Unless and until that happens, Our President is INNOCENT til proven otherwise.

    Even then, The Senate decides whether to leave him in office or remove IF HE IS FOUND GUILTY.


    There still could be an IMPEACHMENT TRIAL OF 0BLAMO AND HOLDER over Fast and Furious, interfering in the 2016 election, Benghazi, funding terrorist enemies while we are at war with them and a few other things.


    1. Awesome comment you hit the nail on the head. I just hope they bring back tar and feathers for these traitors. Then let the hangings begin and in public for everyone to see

    2. Give U 4 out of 5 stars 4 the comment. #5 I withheld because U somehow assumed the “boneheads commenting knew what a GRAND JURY is or what function it has.

      1. Civics isn’t taught in schools because the demonrats need dumbasses for votes. They are easier to lead around by the nose, when they don’t know what’s going on . . . A dumbed-down America creates more lemmings for the pied piper!

    3. Not that it really matters in this case but once removed from office by impeachment, a President may not hold that office again. Reference : Section I, Article 3 of the US Constitution.

    4. Marlene, you have described the matter very simply and straight forward. Thank you. It is tragic that 70 years of constant Liberal pressure and push to “improve our education system” has resulted in the majority of the population (former generations having passed away) now possess the collective ignorance of 70 years of “dumbing down” all the content of history courses and in the proper training for reading, writing and speaking the English language, as well as the fundamentals of mathematics (and knowing that proper use of math is a reliable way to help one comprehend other facts and functions of life).

      And now we also see Liberal college professors claiming that the simple and plain science of basic arithmatic “is racist and discriminatory” against “people of color”. . . . This is the most ludicrous claim I ever heard. Pythagorus and other ancient mathematicians would be furious at such a pathetic excuse for the patent failure of Liberal academia in virtually all areas of life. Liberalism does not impart wisdom, it dumbs down the populace in order to create a political dominion over the masses they trained into mind-numbed and ignorant “sheeple” (who cannot survive without a “Dear Leader” from the social Elitists to guide them).

      And THAT IS THE GOAL: HOW TO CONVERT A NATION OF FREE PEOPLE INTO A NATION OF POLITICAL SLAVES — FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE EGOS OF THOSE WHO BECOME THE NEW IMPERIAL COURT RULERS. This is the dream, the goal, the Nirvana, of control freak personalities. Egomaniacs run wild within the realm of government — and worse than England’s King George III or more anciently, King John I (whose reignwas so wicked, he provoked the rebellion of the entire Nobility of the Realm, which was resolved by the Nobles forcing the King to sign the Magna Charta, thus limiting the previously unlimited power of all English Royalty from thenceforth and forevermore).

      Modern Progressive Liberalism seeks to replace “divine right of kings” with a “supreme secularism” that is even more powerful, and without even a pretense of connection to Biblical spirituality and morality. That is themultimate goal of the Globalism being foisted by the EU upon the world. Thus, by this means, a “chosen leader” becomes the demigod (the god-man) with all power over all men (a position that only belongs to God’s Messiah, the Prince of Peace). And the rule of hoped for 16 years of Obama-Hillary was supposed to cripple the US and capitulate US into the smothering embrace of the EU Global Agenda 21 (21st century EU dominion by 2021). Clever. Pernicious. Wicked. But fatally flawed. “We the People” have Trumped them…!!

      1. This is Herb with a side note to my first post — listed above as posted at 2:02 pm, though I had posted it at 9:02 am EST in the US. So, the 9:02 pm was Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the UK. So, this website operates through a server located in th UK. Interesting, don’t you think?

  2. Thor’s balls, not only are these people mentally defective, they’re fucking STUPID!
    THIS is what happens when you let those commie ass hippies become school teachers and replace Civics Class with Socialist Studies!

  3. you dem are so f….. up and so low IQ . u idiots u don’t understand and don’t listen . i’m foreigner (now citizen) and English it’s my second language and i know that he is impeached but doesn’t mean that he is not President any longer . i’m sorry Mr. President that u have to deal with lots of idiots. we republicans love u and stand by u. Trump 2020. we gone win and then will see who will laugh. game over democrats

    1. Democrats are really idiots and made up of very low, low IQ. No wonder democrats love to manipulate the so called democrat supporters. Also they are bought by promise of free these, free that.

  4. Just by looking at the pictures and seeing the names of these idiot’s who think Trump isn’t president anymore makes more sense to me now!! Ugh we are raising stupidity in this country.

    1. One comment came from a teacher. Wow I thought demoratts were dirt dumb morons but to think that only demoratts can get rid. Of a president is truly stupid I wish they would give us more info into what there profession is I think maybe school bus drivers or flag men or collecting disability checks and food stamps or will soon be worse Americans cuz now every illegal is heading to New York to get driver’s license new demoratts voter

    2. TOTAL STUPIDITY!! Most of those IDIOTS have probably never even SEEN the Constitution, much less READ it. They are too busy on their Govt. pd for Cells for them to read a book of any kind.

  5. Hard to believe if some of these “Smarts”:are just the Trump Derangement Syndrome or just a continued knowledge of intelligence level!! My guess is that they may have had this type affliction all their lives! At least some of them were knowledgeable enough to know that Mike Pence was the Vice President! As a cure possibly the great Brother Dave Gardner stated, “The Sun shines on anyone who has got sense enough to get out in it”!!

  6. Isn’t amazing how stupid some of our elected officials are? Trumps’s not going anywhere. Impeachment doesn’t work that way. Who’s going to beat him. Sleepy, creepy, crazy, hair sniffin’ Joe can’t put two sentences together that make sense, whining Warren is concerned and mad about the price per bottle in wine caves, Butthead can’t run his own city and hasn’t done anything for his constituents, Colonel Sanders’ chicken won’t pass the smell test, Ying Yang would be better off changing parties and the rest and the rest are inept.

  7. Someone needs to take these democrats on the side and explain how the government and impeachment works. My guess is that they are all public school graduates who were “taught” by our liberal teachers. When you are schooling these folks, it would also be a good idea to teach them about vulgarity and how it presents them.

  8. Nancy Pelosi should let the ignorant lefties believe that Trump is no longer president. Maybe they’ll all stop yelling. It’s sad to think that these people vote, when they don’t understand how the government works. Maybe that why the Democrats we heard in the last two months repeatedly mis-state the constitution keep getting elected by their ignorant followers.

    Regrettably, Winston Churchill may have been right when he said – “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with a voter.”
    We need an intelligent, well-informed electorate; one that is not fooled by cliches and political rhetoric that sound important but is empty trash talk.

    1. “they don’t understand how the government works.”
      The reason why they don’t understand how the government works is because they studied political science instead of civics. There is no science in politics. There is no crying in baseball.

  9. It will take 67 Senators to remove Mr. Trump from office. This will never happen! Liberals haven’t a clue and never will!

    “Peachy Keen”
    “Election Results Stand From 2016!”

  10. Dumb ass Liberals and Stupid Jackass Demo Rat Millennials ! 98% of them Don’t
    know their Ass from a Hole in the Ground about Anything !! They are the Most
    Stupid & Ignorant Generation ever !! Haven’t got the Brains to pour Piss out of
    a Boot if the directions were stamped on the heel !!!!

  11. IF these democrat leftist succeed in removing President Trump by Impeachment, the next step within six months is to Impeach Vice President Pence for his association with the President alone The third step the Democrats would do then is to take out their final rage on the 62 millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They would do this by the means of investigation under the guise of Homeland Security to find out who voted for Donald Trump. When they do then they will pontificate judges to Subpoena ALL these voters to court to be charge for the crime of voting for this “so called illegal President” with $250,000 each in fines AND a years time in prison. This is the final outcome of tyranny they have in mind for their power to rule America with imperial fascist power.

  12. I don’t know what these liberal Democraps are thinking that president Trump is still the president of the United states until they have a trial in the Senate and do these idiots really think that the Senate is going to impeach president Trump dream on especially when the Senate is run by the Republicans and turnaround is fair play especially when the Democrats were in control of the house of representatives now it’s the Republicans turn payback is a bitch what goes around comes around.

  13. If that were the only thing we would have to worry about. The first thing they would take our guns away…really away. Mass pogrms to search every house at will. Any who do not turn over your weapons would be fined big bucks and prison time thrown in for good measure. Next they would take away our cell phones. Same deal. After all, they can’t have citizens have a means of communication…not a good idea..for them. Next any monies you have in banks will be confiscated…this New World Order need funding…lot’s of it. People will be losing their homes..government has their money. Your children will be forced into Youth Groups…(Sound familiar?? This was Hitlers plan for his NWO) Our country will continue to crumble into another 3rd,. world country. Think not?Look was happening in Venzuala right now. HUnger, despair to a once thriving country..till Socialism reared it’s ugly head,

  14. The sad part is the leaders of the idiot’s thought the same thing!!!!

  15. And it continues. The Left opens their mouth to reveal to the world, “their Stupidity”. In their own minds, they are the superior beings. This is what wants to be in power of this nation.

    This my friends, is just another reason among many to never vote democrat.

  16. Liberals seem to have an endless supply of stupid……..
    Waiting with🍿🍿🍿in hand for the demise of the DEMONRATIC PARTY!

  17. And this is precisely why so many criminals get into positions of power…because most of us are just plain stupid and gullible we just believe whatever is shoveled down our throats, no investigation, no research, no knowledge of US history or world history. Too many are just ignorant to the bone, clueless…don’t even know this is a constitutional republic. This is joy to the criminal as they spin their narrative to play piper and lead everyone off the cliff while they clutch their ill gotten gains. SHAME on the Americans for educating themselves to stay out of the jaws of the wolves.

  18. Unfortunately, I think this says more about the state of education in America than anything else! I am appalled that people don’t understand how their government works! Which is exactly why we have been dealing with what we are dealing with! Clinton was impeached in House and acquitted in the Senate. And now people don’t even remember that he was truly impeached! I had to explain everything to my husband who is a LEGAL immigrant but I expect that. But someone who grew up in America? They should know. And if they don’t they can Google it!

  19. This is exactly the way the news media spins this, and it’s exactly what the house of reps want people to believe! Is there no limit to the hatred and divisiveness of these libs?

  20. Not only are the liberal progressive socialist Democrats to blame for this major impeachment fiasco, they are also to blame for the ignorance of those who have no idea of what the constitutional impeachment process entails. The reason for this ignorance is due to the fact that the public schools in this country, which are under the control of those liberal progressives, no longer teach the courses necessary to enlighten their students in regard to constitutional matters. Not only that, they are also dumbing down the courses they do teach, especially those involving history, which they rewrite to suit themselves and their liberal progressive socialist agenda. They are more interested in indoctrination than education. They are more interested in forcibly turning their charges into their distorted version of “social justice warriors” rather than have them develop the ability to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions. Their end goal is to create good little automatons who will blindly follow their liberal progressive socialist agenda and always vote they they are told. Good luck with that–not!

  21. This could be real for our future, but we would have an actual Civil War if that were to happen. I think when this is all finally done and over, the Democrats will be put in their place once and for all. Hopefully, the Republicans will win back the House.

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