Trump Admin Proposes Expanding Crimes That Will Deny Asylum

The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that will expand the list of crimes that will keep an immigrant from seeking asylum in the United States.

According to Fox News:

The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed a rule that would expand the list of crimes, including some misdemeanors, for which a migrant can be barred from being granted asylum in the U.S.

“Because asylum is a discretionary benefit, aliens who are eligible for asylum are not automatically entitled to it,” the rule says. “Rather, after demonstrating eligibility, aliens must further meet their burden of showing that the Attorney General or Secretary should exercise his or her discretion to grant asylum.”

The proposed regulation, announced by the departments of Justice and Homeland Security, would provide seven additional restrictions for asylum eligibility to those already in place.

The rule would then bar any migrants convicted of a felony under federal or state law, as well as offenses including alien smuggling, illegal re-entry or a crime involving criminal street gang activity.

The new rules wouldn’t allow for asylum seekers to have convictions for DUI and domestic violence.

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