Adam Schiff Has ‘No Sympathy’ For FBI Victim Carter Page; Page Responds

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says it’s hard to feel sympathetic for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, despite the fact that he was spied on by the FBI after the agency fabricated evidence to obtain a surveillance warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court.

After the FISA court denied their request, FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith fabricated evidence to exclude the fact that Page was a CIA source, with “positive assessment,” despite the fact that the CIA informed Clinesmith of Page’s prior work for the agency.

Schiff, however, has no love for Page despite DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz finding 16 significant ‘errors’ in the FBI’s FISA applications used to surveil Page.

“I have to say, you know, Carter Page came before our Committee and for hours of his testimony, denied things that we knew were true, later had to admit them during his testimony,” Schiff told PBS News‘ Margaret Hoover. “It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn’t honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. It’s also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin.”

Hoover countered, noting “But then was also informing the CIA,” to which Schiff replies “Yes, yes.”

“Which we didn’t know about,” replied Hoover.

Who was both targeted by the KGB but also talking to the United States and its agencies and that should have been included, made clear, and it wasn’t, according to the inspector general,” Schiff responded.

After Schiff’s comments were published, Page responded on Twitter: “There have been various allegations of dishonesty regarding FBI lawyer Clinesmith. On information, belief and firsthand experience since 2017, I have actually found @RepAdamSchiff to be even more untrustworthy and dangerous with his misuse of @DNC lies.

Greenwald weighs in:

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      1. If it was illegal, yeah, but as the old adage states”if you can’t to the time don’t do the crime .
        That “pos “ is nothing but socialist, and if I had my way Term Limits would be the law and so would the original Congress should Only be part-time . This way assholes like Shifty would not be able to waste the people’s house and monies time.

    2. He won’t get any sympathy when they haul him off for treason from we the people either. We will remember his words he spoke here and apply them to him. God loves to turn your evil back at you.

  1. Listen Schiff is worst then anyone. Hey doesn’t like anyone that had any connection to Trump. That is pretty obvious. He had a complex like short mans complex. He lies talks out of both sides of his mouth. If he was not in house / congress he would be in jail. I am not sure when he and other stopped governing for the people instead for themself and being corrupt to get what they what. They forgot Government of the people, by the people, for the people, and they are trying to quote the constitution. Drain the swamp

    1. Hey Steve, do you want to know HOW really evil Schifty Schiff really is?

      If you want to know how evil this MF is, just consider the fact that his great, great grandfather Jacob Schiff, Chief of the Kuhn-Loeb Bank of New York gave Leon Trotsky several million dollars in 1917 in New York City to head off to Petrrograd, Russia to ignite the Russian Revolution.

      Talk about the Communist acorn not falling far from the tree…just consider THAT. But what made the Trotsky collusion so nasty was that the Woodrow Wilson Administration even gave Trotsky a U.S. passport so the Brits could not hinder his passage over to Russia by ship from New York City. A Communist on Wall Street AND in the White House in 1917……..YES!!!!!!

      Wake up folks…….start ringing the alarms bells. All this coup d’etat/insurrection stuff in DC is being choreographed from the top of the food chain by the corporate globalists and bankers. I’ll let you guys figure out why!!

      Please pass this all along!!

    1. Another trait of a dyed in the wool communist who is owned by our enemies.
      Why else do you think he is so desperate and lies all the time. He is scared to death of the retribution for failing his mission.
      he reeks of old sweat and fear. Schiff has always been an agent of the communists. Not Russia
      because he likes to blame everything on them but I promise you it will be out sooner or later.

  2. Adam Schiff is a cruel man. Its time to pray the trials of Job in the Bible to be put on him to break him down for his cruelty against Carter Page. If Adam Schiff dare touches the Man of God Mike Pence, this will open the door for the hedge of thorns to strike him due to his own evil actions against the President, The Vice President and other American citizens he persecutes. The Lord will avenge the innocent against the wicked as Adam Schiff.

  3. Schiff isn’t sympathetic to anyone because he is to busy concocting lies that sound legitimate but common sense tells you it’s another fabrication of the truth, omission of pertinent facts and/or half truths. then there is the “deflection factor”. In other words, he’s a damned liar, in my book!

  4. Adam Soros-Schiff is a soldier in the George Soros mission to destroy the United States, He is the essence of evil and needs to be destroyed and sent to a maximum security prison. He is a psychopathic Liar.

  5. Believe it or not his popularity in his home district back in California is through the roof now. He doesn’t even have to campiagn there to win next year….slam dunk.

    But, seriously folks, what kind of country are we becoming when a scmbag like Schiff can get away with publicly lying about the POTUS, and even after he is caught there is absolutely no remorse…none whatsoever??

    We now live in a country where the Communist have now taken over all the megalopolises on either coast and several of the ones in the heartland. These people by and large generate nothing but BS for the national and world economy, and yet they demand control of the entire country.

    The folks in flyover country who are generating productivity on a daily basis will not stand for it, and by the way, they overwhelming support guess what? Yes, the 2nd A.!!!!

  6. In the eyes of God, This man Adam spits on America…. The first Adam has been replaced by Satin with this one. His last name is that of the sound of the serpent because he is un holy and from the deepest pit of hell comes his voice to the people. He must be sent back until the time of judgement. In no way does this serpent speak for we the people . He is of the swamp!!!! May God have mercy on his soul.

  7. I have no sympathy for lying pathetic Adam shifty Schiff. He needs to be sent to the gallows then put in a crate put on a freighter and dump over side in international waters. He has no business being buried on US soil or waters. He is treasonous scum of a traitor to the USA…

  8. Imagine; the biggest liar of all calling a victim of our own govt a liar. If they do not arrest this piece of garbage and get him out of Congress and any other political office, then this country really is going to get what they allowed.

  9. Schiff is a disgrace to his party and his country and to the rule of law because his childish hate for the president is leading him to do the kind of dirty deeds that he should be hiding instead of openly bragging about . How can this slime ball look at himself in the mirror and stand the sight of what he sees . If he didn’t have the backing of an untruthful and equally childish trump hating media he would be trying to hide his corrupt acts but with the medias backing and the backing of the democratic party who have lost their concern for law and order and equal justice he can do as he pleases without facing any consequences . How can the democrats give up on everything that america values and turn this country on its back side just because they did not get their way in an election. If these bozos were working in private industry they would be getting walked out the door for their lack of production for the past three years.

  10. God, I cant wait for the day these scumbags get kicked out of office!!!! Probably find it difficult to have sympathy for them too.

  11. Adam Schiff seems to be campaigning for Trump. I am a registered Democrat. Every single Democrat I ask about Impeachment say “Bad Idea! Also they seem to have nothing but hatred for Adam Schiff! And THAT is the Democrats view! All are saying It is Partisan! Let the Voters Decide! Also Schiff is from California. EVERYONE seems to distrust or openly hate California for the ,ast ten years at least! It’s gone from a popular travel destination to a most quoted Destroyed State Forest Fires, Homeless, out of control Politicians…..nothing but horrible NEWS!

  12. Will Bottom is a gay black man from L.A. He claims to have been Schiff’s lover and that Schiff physically – mentally and sexually abused him. Look him up. The story was first broke by an editor from the L.A. Times – but has since been silenced by the leftwing media. We should all demand that Will Bottom get’s his day ion court. Adam Schiff’s very good friend and Democrat (Clinton) Mega-Donor Ed Buck is now finally in jail charged with 5 FELONIES regarding the deaths of 2 gay black men found at his home and Methamphetamine distribution. This too is something the media would rather keep quiet. Buck does not appear to be someone who would fare well in prison – he might well enjoy being raped but the ass-kickings will be another story and he will find that out soon enough. The “Brothers” do not like “White Boys” in prison for killing black guys. I wonder what Buck will be saying to get himself some kind of deal – he will go to prison – but there are prisons and then there are PRISONS.
    Maxine Waters flipped her James Brown wig and went totally ape-shit over the fake beating Jussie Smollett staged to get attention. A hoax that took place all the way across the country from Maxine Waters district. Maxine Waters is still demanding “Justice for Jussie” a year after the hoax was exposed and further demands that Jussie be compensated “for all he has been through” ??? Yet Maxine Waters doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about 3 gay black men from her own district. WHY? Are gay men – especially gay black men to be treated like the Democrats treat women? The old “ALL women should be heard and believed” – ACCEPT when they are accusing and Democrat. Who does Maxine Waters represent Chicago – OR L.A.? I know it can be confusing for her as she does not live in her district where she is known as “The Poverty Pimp”. And of course we all know who Maxine Waters represents – Maxine Waters.

  13. When someone can identify one practicing Bible Believing leader within the Democrat’s party, then I’ll apologize and try to say something nice or kind about them.
    They “Booed” God out of and off their party and DNC in both 2012 and 2016 and since then can not discern nor tell the truth even if it were to their advantage.

  14. Well I am waiting to hear what is in this other report that is coming out, I’m really hoping that they find something on all these crooks. The people in California are stupid for electing this whole asshole over and over again, actually any of them from California, they are all an embarrassment. Hope they all fall into the ocean with the state

  15. I for one can,t wait until his sorry lying A$$ is up on treason charges and he ask for mercy, well don,t ask me you perv. I have mercy for you now, I hope life for you as you know it goes down hill in a hurry and right in the toilet so we the WE THE PEOLE can flush out the SHIFFTT and PISSLOSY and NADLERBUTT WIPE.

  16. I NEVER hear anyone speak of the ENORMOUS cost of all of this charade. WE are paying thru the nose for
    all of Schiff’s fol de rol. I think we are stupid if this whole nonsense doesn’t stop. It’s such a waste of our
    taxpayer money and certainly is N O T what we sent the people to Congress to major in. Let’s call a halt to
    this side track of the country’s business and “GET BACK TO WORK”, House and Senate.

  17. These Dems/Communists/Marxists… do not care who or how they destroy others.. POWER is their game. These Dems are bought and paid for by Geo Soros and a few other haters of this country….Those that think Socialism, etc is great… go find out how long they would last in a country run by a Dictator. Which is what they end up being. When the Germans allowed all the illegals into their country , the German people were moved out of their homes to make a place for these illegals. These Germans had lived worked paid for their homes but the Germans found out that meant nothing. Socialism means you do not own anything.. So out these Germans from their homes of 20-30 +++ years. The German children moved from their schools.. harrassed. And look at Germany now.

  18. Schiff needs to be run out of government and then tried for being a traitor. At the very least he should be run out of the country but hopefully will end up in prison where he will not last long.

  19. Shifty has always been full of BS……DEMS are full of lies/corruption/evil……….Shifty just started at an early age and then SOROS $$$$ helped him regain A LOT MORE CORRUPTION…….HE was on the list that stated he had recived checks from SOROS……

  20. Sadam Schitt is representing my district in California. He is renting an apartment in Burbank while his family and he live in Virginia. Just look at his eyes, he looks like there is something missing in his head. Hopefully we can save Schii the once-a-year trip to Burbank by voting this slimebag out.

  21. At the end of the day, if Patriots choose to “allow” continued political games and destruction by these socialist/communist, loving traitors to America, WE THE PEOPLE will have noone to blame but ourselves. We must love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and consequently follow divine guidance because if we fail to acknowledge and pay heed to our Maker, judgement will come sooner rather than later.

  22. ” . . . things that we knew were true.”

    The ‘truth’ Schiffty speaks of is of his own making. EVERYTHING Schiffty says is a lie! Every decision he makes is based on lies. He carves out snippets and partial sentences to leak to his media pals, and simply ignores everything else. He’s the king of dung heap in the demonrat world (have you SEEN his district?).
    I hope he is included in the Durham report. There’s no way he is not part of Obama’s “inner circle” like; Clapper, Comey and Brennen, Pill-osi and Cryin’ Chuck.

  23. He is the biggest idiot in congress. First I would have said Mad Max Waters, then it was AOC but he has beat them both with his crazy looks and total mental diagnosed mind or stupidity what ever you want to call it the man is nuts he will be able to plead the insanity defense at his hearing for treason. He and everyone who voted for this unbelievable non legal crime against the president should have to pay for the hearings and all the money spent on these witch hunts for these past three and a half years. No tax dollars should be paid out all should come from everyone who was involved. That’s what I call white privileges of stupidity and must be paid back to us.

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