Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies By Suicide, Day After Actor Tweets “Kill Them With Kindness”

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,

A prominent Kevin Spacey accuser died by suicide on Christmas Day, according to news reports.

Ari Behn, 47, was married to Norwegian Princess Martha Louise from 2002 and 2017.

He accused Spacey of sexual misconduct at a Nobel Peace Prize event in 2007.

“It is with great sadness in our hearts that I on behalf of the very closest relatives of Ari Behn must announce that he took his own life today,” Behn’s manager Geir Hakonsund told Norway Today.

The Royal House of Norway also offered a statement:

“It is with great sadness the Queen and I have received the news of Ari Behn’s passing,” the King said in a statement, E! Online reported.

“Ari has been an important part of our family for many years, and we carry warm, fond memories of him. We are grateful that we got to know him. We grieve that our grandchildren have now lost their beloved father and have deep compassion for his parents and siblings, who have now lost their beloved son and brother.”

His death comes a day after Spacey released a video on YouTube, titled “KTWK (Kill Them With Kindness).” Spacey is seen stoking a fire near a fireplace and appears to have the same accent as his character Frank Underwood in Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

“I know what you’re thinking. Can he be serious? I’m dead serious,” Spacey says in the video as he looks straight at the camera—similar to how his character would break the “fourth wall” and speak to the viewers in “House of Cards.”

“The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack, but you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected,” said the Oscar winner. “You can kill them with kindness.”

As reported by Fox, Spacey never responded to Behn’s allegation of misconduct.

Behn, who worked as an author and playwright, told the BBC in 2017 that Spacey made an untoward advance at the Nobel Peace Prize event.

Martha Louise, 48, is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja. She is fourth in line to the throne.

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Behn’s suicide has sparked a wave of social media reaction noting some very odd coincidences…


Not “debunked” yet.

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  1. I am getting rid of so many DVD’s of actors/actresses that prove they are no better than the socialist politicians that pretty soon I will just wind up keeping John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, and some others that are not related to the socialist hollyweirds.

    1. Ditto. Netflix is also on my cancellation list and they’re losing us immediately as well. I’m perfectly happy with the Walton’s and all other shows concerned with Jesus and morality. No more funds for them coming from our pocket. We don’t need anything that badly.

    2. Wow…Your comment was perfect. Even the Actors you would keep around…Sam Elliott? Can we keep him too?
      lol Hollywood is dead. The NFL is damn near dead too.

      Spacey was great friends with the Clinton’s…How many have died who HAD “Dirt” on them????

  2. Will bet Spacey had somethingto do with his death,or knows who killed him. Never liked Kevin Spacey,he us a lousy actor,a waste of human flesh,and in my opinion a TRAITOR TO OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY. Hope one day he gets just what he deserves……… a TALL TREE AND A SHIRT ROPE

    1. I actually agree with you. Lots of “unexplained” deaths follow The Clinton’s around…now Spacey? Not a coincidence.

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