“Don’t Touch Kids You Pervert!”: Biden Middle School Gymnasium Rally Melts Down Into Chaos

A Joe Biden event on Sunday at a New Hampshire Middle School gymnasium was interrupted by two protesters, who assailed ‘quid pro Joe’ with accusations of being a ‘pervert’ and making money in Ukraine.

You’ve touched kids on video, and women,” shouted one man, adding “We don’t need another old white man running for president – time to have a minority candidate,” to which Biden – who likely didn’t hear the guy, said “I agree with ya man. I agree. Nice talkin’ with you.

“You don’t touch kids ever again, the man continued. “Don’t touch kids, you pervert!” he continued, to which Biden shook his head.

Look it up,” the man told the gasping crowd. “Don’t lie to them, ‘creepy uncle biden,’ look it up!

The man was led out to a smattering of half-hearted applause from the less than energized crowd.

At another point, another man in the back shouts at Biden, “Excuse me mister Biden. How much money did you make in Ukraine?” to which (after an angry New Hampshire Democrat shouted to the protester “Is that all you got pal?”) Biden shot back “Wait, wait, wait, wait wait. I released 21 years of my tax returns. Your guy hasn’t released one, what’s he hiding?”


Another angle:


On the bright side, Joe was able to avoid calling either of them fat or ‘damn liars.’

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  1. He did call them an idiot. And if you are honest how many people want to release their tax returns? If there was something wrong on Trump’s return our IRS would have found it. But creepy, handsy crabby Joe Biden obviously was not honest because did he claim the money he received from Ukraine? ????


      1. LOL…. an ‘honest’ man does not pay $25 million for a fraudulent University; an ‘honest’ man does not steal from veterans and children cancer victims and pay $2 million in compensation…and is not forced by court order never to create another charity! The sitting president, his businesses, his family and many in his administration are crooked as a dog’s hind leg…. and the indictments, guilty pleas, convictions and jail time prove it. VOTE BLUE!

      1. You can bet the IRS went over Trump’s tax returns with a finer tooth comb than ever seen in the past, or by any other person that’s filed taxes since taxing citizens became federal law. They’re probably still going through every tax return that he’s ever filed, starting with his 1st one as a teenager. It’s time for them to give it up. If there was something there it would’ve been discovered by now, and we’re tired of them wasting OUR money on what amounts to nothing more than their stupidity and childish tantrum’s.

        1. Trump has suffered some financial losses. I am guessing that he does not pay much if anything in taxes. He would be able to deduct the losses as well as the property depreciations. I am sure the IRS has their own office inside Trumps headquarters. A billion dollar business will be under audit 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Trump will have a team of tax attorneys and accountants working right along side of the IRS.

        2. I agree 100%. Nobody cheats the IRS–they will screw you so BAD –you’ll regret you were born on this earth. So, all these allegations from the Demon-Dems are just PURE BALONEY!!

    2. Exactly what I thought, his taxes didn’t include Ukraine or China or probably any other country abroad!!! So what if he just turned over US related taxes for 21 years?
      I also suspect he wrote Obama Care and got a huge check from all those rich Healthcare Companies that bilked us out of Billions!!!
      He was a Former Insurance Commissioner before being VP…

    3. The only reason the democrats want Trumps tax returns made public is because they will comb over every entry in order to find something, anything that they could use to try to make him look bad as usual. This next year is going to be spent by the democrats finding every little slip they can find in an attempt to bring Trump down! The republicans need to be doing the same to the democrats and play their game. It should be easy since they are so dishonest and corrupt!

      1. democrat politicians arrested in DECEMBER: These are the less powerful democrats: Sudhan Thomas, Jason O’Donnell, Mary Dougherty. AND THESE are the heavy hitters: State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, charged with $500k theft, hands in resignation….Texas Democrat Poncho Nevárez caught dropping envelope of cocaine …Jasiel Correia, the Democrat mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, has been arrested by federal agents on charges of Extortion and Bribery. AND i am sure there are many more. But if you want to know which democrats are getting busted, you have to search it on BING. Google is censoring the arrests.

  2. Here a President who is a business man which is what AMERICA needed not a politician, who was and is a billionaire when he enter office not like the democrats who become millionaire after entering office, and then you look at their worth trump lost , he entered with 4 billion and now has 3 billion, and all the others became millionaires on a six figured salary also is not being paid to do the work our President is doing, but according to democrats he’s the problem WE DONT THINK SO !!!the democrats have always lied but that’s coming to an end.

  3. I agree with all these comments..but what I have a issue with , when the guy that spouting about OLD WHITE MEN , & they need a MINORITY CANDIDATE ? WHY I like to know that is so IMPORTANT… had “o”bomba-nation for eight long RACIST YEARS & the Jack asses they are now in CONGRESS.. they have a Black Circus..OOPS ( FREUDIAN SLIP ) I meant Caucus ., & I see NO IMPROVEMENT with the whole lot of them.

  4. I would like to see the government send a four person team to africa and get four samples of the birth certificates, two before and two after the certificate that obama’s brother has. take them to a neutral country like switzerland for chemical and photo analysis ..the same thing for the birth certificate from the authority in hawaii AT THE TIME OF OBAMA’S BIRTH. two before and two after the one that he presented to congress as his legal certificate.. THIS WOULD END ANY CONTROVERSY ABOUT AUTHENTICATION…..

    1. Remember the Maricopa County investigations into that FAKE ASS Birth Certificate from HAWAII
      You know sheriff Joe Arpaio.They proved it was fake & sent it to the Federal Court,& what???
      Nothing…..Why??? Probably cause a race war…

      1. Nothing came of the fake birth certificate because the swamp was running the United States. Obama placed 358 FEDERAL judges in 8 years. Obama changed and added many laws.

  5. There have only been 4 presidents that did not take a salary!! George Washington, one after him, JFK, and now Trump!!! Reason being, they were all very rich before they entered office!! I totally respect all four of these men!! All 4 put Americans before themselves!!!! Bush was very wealthy but took a salary!! So did all the others!!!!

  6. Corn Chowder Biden has a very bad habit of invading people’s person space without any consideration or good manners. It is part of his tendencies to do his stupid gaffs. NO child or women should be touched or fondled by him as an upright bass in jazz for his personal pleasure.

  7. Why did they have to bring the freaking race card to an event again? This is obviously a democratic stupid narrative!!! Guess how I know? Because Conservatives don’t care about your melanin content!!!

  8. Obviously Biden would not claim money that the ukraine gave him on his tax returns. I would even bet the IRS would not audit him even they suspected he was cheating on his taxes. AND i am sure that Biden has plenty of countries that would allow him to set up bank accounts and keep them private. You know what? Biden thinks the public is too stupid to see what has been happening. Somebody needs to let these democrats know the public is WOKE. 3

  9. creepy, gropey, dementia joe should be kept away from little girls and women. because he can’t keep his hands off of them. as far as tax returns i say let all the democraps , libturds, socialist and commies show their returns for the last 10 years and see what they’ve been hiding.

  10. Biden is a moron he was put as Obamas running mate as a token to start, beceause he wasn’t smart enough to make waves .And proof of his stupidity is his bragging of his treasonous quid pro quo.

  11. Will Biden ever learn not to make creepy statements to children, or to sniff a woman’s hair, or put his hands on anyone without permission? The camera is always on; he should realize how totally creepy he looks.

  12. There is nothing in the Constitution saying the President has to release his tax returns or his health report. Clinton never showed his health report for obvious reasons??? The Dems are just adding to the harassment of Trump because they are trying to affect the coming election.

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