Watch: Apache Gunships Attempt To Disperse Iraqi Mob As Kataib Hezbollah Flags Erected Over Embassy Walls

updateThe Marines have now landed, according to open-source analysis which appears to show the first deployment of the some 100 Marines flown in from Kuwait. Pentagon officials have also confirmed they are now on the ground.

Contradicting prior reports, US personnel at the embassy have not evacuated, but are “safe” inside the sprawling compound:

US personnel at the American embassy in Baghdad, which has come under attack by pro-Iran protesters, are safe and there are no plans to evacuate, the State Department said Tuesday.

“Our first priority is the safety and security of US personnel,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement.

“US personnel are secure and there has been no breach,” the spokesperson said. “There are no plans to evacuate Embassy Baghdad.”

US Apache gunships are also said to be still encircling the area, attempting to intimidate the rioters on the ground, still encircling the embassy and attempting to set it on fire.

Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham has praised Trump for “acting decisively” and has defended the president, saying “there will be no Benghazis on his watch.”

Regardless, none of this looks good for America’s prospects in the Middle East moving into 2020.

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Dramatic footage over the US embassy in Baghdad as enraged protesters continue to encircle the compound with US Marines still inside, and reportedly with more Marines on the way from nearby Kuwait: 

The Pentagon announced that a pair of AH-64s Apache helicopters would be used to attempt to disrupt and disperse protests.  The US coalition in Iraq spokesman released video of low flying Apaches making aggressive maneuvers and releasing flares on the crowds below. 

“We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens… and to ensure our right of self-defense. We are sending additional forces to support our personnel at the Embassy,” Col. Myles B. Caggins said in an official statement.

This was hours after the Pentagon announced the US will send additional troops to Baghdad specifically to protect the US Embassy in Iraq. According to the statements this is to include about 100 Marines sent from nearby Kuwait. According to one defense official cited by Bloomberg, the Marines will likely fly to the embassy area in V-22 Ospreys.

But the tactics don’t appear to be working given the mob has set the embassy compound walls on fire, including the main gate and security pass through reception area. 

Crucially, in a stunning image sure to send shockwaves through the US administration, multiple Kataib Hezbollah flags have now been erected along the walls of the US embassy. 

Likely the Apaches will continue encircling the area through the night as things look to get worse before they get better. 

A view from among the protests on the ground as Apaches swoop overhead:

All of this portends that the potential for even greater escalation and confrontation is in the air as Trump continues to call on Iranian proxies to leave Iraq. 

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  1. obama enabled this with his Treasonous Nuke Deal and sending them planeloads of cash on pallets.
    Talib and Omar both support Hezbollah and need to be removed from The United States Government for Sedition.
    Glad all inside Embassy are safe. Being inside an Embassy on lockdown is no fun. Been There, done that. Praying all of our personnel remain safe.

    1. Send Nancy no no over to check it out. She won’t need a security detail as she’s 0blamo’s left testicle and she’ll be with his kind.

  2. At least Pres.Trump isn’t sitting back in a big chair like Obama,and Clinton did,watching our people die on live video!!! Then saying,”wish we could have done more”.

    1. The US is in a position to defend our embassy using whatever force is required against a foreign enemy. The attackers are not local Iraqis, but a foreign terrorist organization supported by Iran, a foreign terrorist power.

    1. The democrats did it and it went the way they planned it. Up to the point when Trump got elected.If another demorat bastard gets elected POTUS this country is doomed to social ism and tyranny. it would be worse then obummer.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong( and I may be) but isn’t the US Embassy considered Americans territory? And if so would this not constitute an attack on American soil which would authorize any means to defend same? Here in America embassies are considered the territory of whichever foreign country they are assigned and I believe the same standard applies abroad. If so then the elimination of those involved is authorized and should be the action taken to remedy this act of aggression. Diplomacy and pussyfooting are no longer on the table. Those inept tactics have been attempted for decades and all they have served to do is empower and embolden those who would do harm to our country and her citizens. Swift, overpowering justice is what is called for here. If Iran and Iraq want to play these games then let them play them between each other, but if they wish to continue to put American lives in danger than we need to shut them down.

  4. Eight years o-dam-a gave the moos-lims power. Son-of-abBee-otch needs to be stripped of citizenship, his pension, and given a one way ticket to get Out of Our Country for the remainder of his life. Who is he anyway… Michelle is transgender. The girls aren’t theirs biologically. The demon-c-Rat party pulled it off. Vote Republican-!!! Get them All Out of Congress-!!! Seems like Soros would be behind a ploy as this since his goal is a One World Socialist controlled Government-!!! Deep State is alive. They, with VP Johnson who was a member, arranged the assasination of President JFK. It’s been around quite awhile …

  5. Sorry Obama, but America is no longer an Islamic Country now that we have survived your Presidency. Democrats called Republicans obstructionists because we opposed UN-Constitutional Obamacare. Obamacare was ruled Constitutional because it was a “tax”, but the taxes were eliminated and the “requirements” that We purchase Obamacare was ruled Unconstitutional.
    The true obstructing has come from Democratic (Socialists), to such an extent it has been determined that Trump is entitled to a “do over” of his first term, and his next re-election will be served consecutively.

  6. Rich said it best. Iran attacked the US and all we did was to threaten them. What a lame response. Every time Iran misbehaves all we do is send them to bed without dinner. It’s no wonder they’re laughing at us. It sounds like a skit for Saturday Night Live. This country looks silly.

  7. This ugly incident is the ungrateful consequence of our destroying Sunni ISIS which was a few miles of overrunning Shia Baghdad at one time. Opportune more than ever now to disengage from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan & leave them to the UN’s function to resolve. The US has expended much treasure, time & precious personnel lives & casualties for years to decades in those regions. There eventually has to be an finite game for our help that the regional players must address themselves.

  8. GET THIS: Islam and Muslim HATE “ISRAEL” and the U.S.A. (because we support Israel) and they hate anyone else that is NOT a Muslim! Muslims believe that there will be peace on earth only after the world is constrained to be Muslim! They believe, in ERROR, that they will rule the world! This is NOT so, Jews will, IN FACT” run and rule the world w/a JEWISH KING sitting on a Jewish throne! Zechariah 12 and 14 KJV Anyway, OUT of a Muslims own mouth, he is a LIAR and a Bloody Killer! NOT my words, words from a Muslims laws, Sharia Law. No#1and no#2 say that a Muslim is OBLIGATED to LIE to further Allah’s commandments and that is his DUTY to Kill, thru JIHAD all NON-Muslims. See also Sura 2:192-193, 8:12-13, 9:5, 5:33-36 etc These are NOT my words, I am telling u what Muslims read and believe and what a Muslim wrote! These are ENEMIES!!

  9. Roger, great question! I thought the host country was responsible for keeping embassy property and personnel safe in the host country! This reinforces my basic belief that the Middle Eastern countries thrive on conflict and war and will make decisions based on prolonging those conditions simply because their history has taught them how to survive in those conditions. I suspect the teachings of Islam also support this chaos. We are in their country and are perceived as the enemy no matter how much blood we spill or money we give them. I say leave and deal with terrorists on a more strategic basis.

  10. Mr. President,
    Get our people out, and, Leave them be. We will live to fight another day, only, on OUR TERMS, not theirs !

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