Watch: 20 Times Leftists Went Berserk On Campus In 2019

Via The College Fix,

TRIGGERED: Violence, destruction, rage…

Students who touted conservative, Republican, Constitutional or pro-life opinions on college campuses over the last 12 months were often met with extreme resistance.

Throughout 2019, leftists were wildly triggered by opinions they disagreed with, prompting them to vandalize or destroy displays, disrupt events, shout down speakers, scream at the top of their lungs — and even physically assault their right-of-center peers.

Many of these examples were caught on camera.

Here is a look back at some of the most extreme examples The College Fix has reported on over the last year.

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  1. Show how stupid they are! Parents don’t have any respect for laws and no control over their college kids! Why pay for the school? If my son or daughter were involved in something like this. The money will stop. And they will be removed from my house. You let professor and other dumb kids who really don’t have a future in AMERICA. Influence your child!

  2. This is the tolerant left? They can’t stand that someone have an opinion different than theirs. What the heck are they being taught in our schools? I’m old school and probably would have punched each one of them out, it’s pure B.S.

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