New York To Allow Criminals To Inspect Own Crime Scenes, Given Access To Witness Names

Criminals are beginning to run the state of New York and it is the progressive liberal government that is helping them do it.

As part of the law that is allowing so called “nonviolent” criminals to be let out of jail with no bail, there are other dangerous perks given to New York’s criminals, Breitbart reported.

New York’s bail reforms, set to go into effect January 2020, will ensure that suspects accused of crimes deemed “non-violent” are not jailed before their trial dates and do not have to post bail. Instead, these suspects are released directly back into the public and expected to show up for their court dates. Roughly 125,000 accused criminals are expected to be released from prison every year in the state.

Those so-called non-violent crimes include second-degree manslaughter, aggravated vehicular assault, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child, possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child, criminally negligent homicide, and aggravated vehicular homicide.

In the past week two people accused of committing antisemitic attacks, and a vagrant who punched a police officer on camera, were let out of jail with no bail.

If that is not bad enough, it gets worse. These criminals are going to be allowed to inspect their own crime scenes as part of the measure.

And they will be given a list of the witnesses against them in their cases. That is mind numbing to the extreme.

Imagine a gangbanger being given a list of witnesses against them. Would you give your name to the police as witness knowing the perpetrator is going to get it?

“It really boggles the mind that this is a reality for us now,” Warren County Sheriff’s Lt. Steven Stockdale said. “Talk about re-victimization.”

“And if you go to court, you’ll hear that the judges are very anguished about this,” Bridget Brennan, a Special Narcotics Prosecutor, said.

“They’re very concerned the defendants not only will not return to court—but that the defendants pose a public safety risk.”

As an example, say a criminal breaks into your home and robs it. They are allowed to come back with their attorneys and inspect the scene.

Seth Barron and Ralf Mangual of the Manhattan Institute said that these provisions will make it impossible to protect witnesses, Breitbart reported.

Prosecutors will no longer be able to assure witnesses that their identity will be protected, even in the case of grand jury testimony, which the new law will now require be disclosed. (While there’s a provision to ask a judge for a protective order to shield a name, that would come after cops and prosecutors talk to witnesses to make an arrest and build a case.) [Emphasis added]

Manhattan DA Cy Vance put it this way: “Having to hand defendants a roster of who has spoken out against them just 15 days after their first appearance, absent a protective order, is a seismic change that undoubtedly will dissuade witnesses who live in all neighborhoods from reporting crime.” [Emphasis added]

New York is heading back to the city it was in the 1970s and 1980s. A waste land riddled with crime that the state does not do anything about.

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