“Their Day Is Coming, I Promise You”: Durham Probe To Contain “Very Problematic Findings”, Meadows Warns

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) sat down with Steve Bannon on Thursday’s War Room: Impeachment, where he suggested that US Attorney John Durham will uncover “very problematic findings” with the FBI’s counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign – both before and after the 2016 US election.

“When we look at the investigation that is going on now with Mr. Durham, he is finding things that will be very problematic,” said Meadows – who will not be seeking reelection in 2020.

“And where they’re problematic is not just in the initial investigation, it is after January of 2017 before the president is actually sworn into office, they’re still operating on trying to take him down when they know they had no case,” Meadows added.

Durham, appointed by Attorney General Bill Bar to examine the origins of the Russia investigation, has reportedly been focusing on former CIA Director John Brennan’s communications in regards to the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment which concluded that Vladimir Putin meddled in the last election to help President Trump.

Barr, who has been directly involved in the investigation, reportedly traveled to London over the summer to discuss matters with UK intelligence officials – telling NBC that he was there “to introduce Durham to the appropriate people and set up a channel through which he could work with these countries.”

Meadows told Bannon that impeachment is about power dynamics between the establishment’s approach to foreign policy vs. President Trump’s agenda:

“It’s a policy and power debate. I want to emphasize the power. This is all about are we going to let the American people along with their representatives and the President of the United States establish foreign policy or are we going to let the intel and national security apparatus continue to do whatever they’ve done for years which is not effective. That’s the reason why there was such a big pushback with Brennan and Clapper.

He notes: “Their day is coming. I promise you. Their day is coming.” -War Room: Impeachment


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    1. I hear all of you and understand we are use to the thieves getting away with everything. I am so surprised Barr has not made any statements, maybe he is in the cabal. I spend much time praying to GOD that these underhand dealers get what is due, we are tired of paying for them to get rich and get our soldiers killed. I am holding out hope that you have missguided thoughts and if so will still have respect for you all. IN GOD WE STAND!!

  1. You know that nothing is going to happen to any Obama Clinton cabal member until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General and then justice will be served to these traitors.
    Trump needs the mandate of 4 more years and a loyal Attorney General to prosecute everyone involved in this coup, and Bush Boy Barr is one of the Obama Clinton cabal members.
    He’s done nothing at all to stop this coup, and he’s already let Comey and McCabe off the hook.

    1. HUH? Who do you think hired Durham, Santa Claus? Durham has the power to JAIL CROOKED law enforcement personnel within the NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other agency and all to the credits of Barr. Better think twice and use your head before you offer opinions such as this.

      1. Bullnadler.
        Bush Boy Barr and his Cadre of Cowards will not prosecute any member of the Obama Clinton Cabal. Their mission is to preserve the status quo in Washington DC and hope that Trump doesn’t get a second term.
        Bush Boy Barr has done nothing, except to let Comey and McCabe off the hook.
        I’ll admit I am wrong when I see something, but so far, after 4 years, I’ve seen nothing but attacks on Trump.

        1. It going to happen or it won’t! But then the truth patroit AMERICANS CITIZEN will go to war! A civil War is brewing! These people are the ones who can keep it from happened. But either way there hell coming to America. Left-wing don’t like to see the economy grow. They want socialism! But don’t know anything about it! Just what these DEMONcrat tell them! My point is why are they living in AMERICA if SOCIALISM IS GOOD FOR the country?

  2. We the people hope to hear something very soon we are tired of this coup and we need justice. If it were reverse everyone would have been in jail by now. Save AMERICA get this done already and protect our beloved President this is unconscionable what has happen and for so many years it must be stop for it never to happen again, this is scary that it’s happening in the USA .

    1. Amen. But the only way this will happen is if the President prosecutes these treacherous leeches and puts them in jail after he’s exonerated. I pray he does.

  3. I just heard that killary got a job in another country! So she will be getting away with her crimes again. I bet she takes sick Billy with her so he will get away with his too.

  4. If you play, you should, indeed, pay.
    To scheme against an elected President is truly a crime.
    Persecution and jail time should follow.
    They thought things were OK and all illegal matters would be overlooked with no penalties.
    Reason was that Hillary’s election was a done deal.
    Jail these bums and vote the liberal Democrats all out of office.
    What a bunch of losers, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, MAX Waters, Schumer, Blumenthal, etc.

  5. The true has not been INVESTIGATE! But the House refuse to INVESTIGATE Obama and Clinton! Even every DEMONCRAT MEMBER ARE GUILTY! Who even would help IRAN? These DEMONcrat did! By given Obama and Kerry the money!

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