NYT Floated Soleimani Assassination Scenario In Baghdad Hours Before Strike

Hours before a US strike at Baghdad’s International Airport killed Iran’s top military leader, Qasem Soleimani, former Obama National Security Council (NSC) official Steven Simon posited in a New York Times Op-Ed that Soleimani could be assassinated using a hypersonic missile while visiting Baghdad.

[H]ypersonics are a weaponized moral hazard for states with a taste for intervention, because they erase barriers to picking fights. Is an adversary building something that might be a weapons factory? Is there an individual in an unfriendly country who cannot be apprehended? What if the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, visits Baghdad for a meeting and you know the address? The temptations to use hypersonic missiles will be many.

Oddly, he describes Soleimani as the “former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards,” when he was in fact in charge of the Guards’ Quds Force until his death.

The Times tweeted the article at 1:38 p.m. EST, several hours before the strike.


While US officials told Reuters that a drone – not a hypersonic weapon – took out Soleimani, it’s incredibly curious that Simon, Obama’s former senior director for the Middle East and North Africa on the National Security Council, wrote of his assassination literally hours before it happened, where he suggested it might happen.

According to his bio, Simon is an adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), as well as an adjunct professor of security studies at Georgetown University.

He was also a Goldman Sachs visiting professor of policy at Princeton University, as well as the deputy director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and a senior analyst at the RAND corporation.

Interestingly, in 2017 RAND tweeted “Study: Hypersonic missiles are a game changer,” the exact same headline as Simon’s NYT Op-Ed.

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  1. Take heart folks, the NSC has been down sized from over 450 Obama appointees to under 150 vetted through this administration. No more BS leaking and disinformation from bad actors in our government.

    This is what Obama meant with “fundamentally change”, I have a problem with it:

    Quran 9:5 https://www.clearquran.com/009.html

    5. When the Sacred Months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them. And capture them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayers, and pay the alms, then let them go their way. God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    6. And if anyone of the polytheists asks you for protection, give him protection so that he may hear the Word of God; then escort him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.

    I will not have my Christian country “fundamentally” changed to Islam.

    1. Tony, I’m with you. Islam is a Satanic religion. Satan is our arch enemy and he comes to kill, steal and destroy everything he can. We will fight to the death for our freedom and for the freedoms of our children and grandchildren.

    2. The intelligent RIGHT know about the muslims and their islam beliefs……..They are brought up to kill, rape small children, and live high on drugs…….They are not fit to live in a world with other human beings.

      Even the ones here in the USA are without a doubt the most unfriendly and egotistical AH’s……

      The only good muslim is a deceased one………..

  2. Had the “attack” not succeeded, then I, if I were President , would have this “leaker” on a plane to Gitmo in 30 minutes of arresting him for treason.
    In fact, I would think it prudent to have him arrested anyway , for sedition and spying, and being a leaker of secrets.
    “Hypersonic weapons have been used for years” ??? Really? FOR YEARS?

    1. And the Dims are fuming because Pres. Trump didn’t “ask permission?” The leak in the White House is bad enough, we don’t need the Dims calling everyone and telling them what the American military is going to do.

    2. yes ARREST this former obama aid, STEVEN SIMON, asap, and for being a LEAKER, and find out how he knew in advance. Sounds like there is more than one leaker. Maybe soros has a few dollars in this LEAK, after all it does,nt take much to see soros is pro-iranian. And soros is a traitor and needs to be in custody with obama and this steven simon.

    3. Actually I would STILL find out who this leaker was and EXECUTE whoever this person/persons are for TREASON. I would start the “investigation with the “squat squad”…

  3. Sounds like a Deep State TRAITOR gave a tip off as to the action.

    They need exposure and traditional punishment:

    Swing by the neck
    Drawing and Quartering
    Firing Squad

    1. A good thing they can’t read in the Revolutionary Guard. Oops, Steven Simon, the Obama appointed traitor, sadly, his New York Times piece went for naught. 🙂 I’m guessing Qasem Soleimani is cursing Herr Simon from the comfortable Fires of Hell.

  4. President Trump gets zero credit for anything that he does.
    Plus his Democratic detractors eternally gang up on him.
    The only answer is to vote the Democrats and their congressional majority out of office ASAP.
    Under Pelosi they are, indeed, a do nothing Congress and her San Francisco district is also a total mess.
    American’s should all unite after he is elected by American citizens.
    This would enhance America’s strength and convey a positive perception to the world.

  5. what is wrong with the DUM O CRATS and there wish for the iranians to assinate and killed americans as a sign from allah . WTF this guy should be on his way to Gitmo

  6. Just more proof the NYT is anti-American. Well deserving of a drone strike or more.

    Keep it up NYT. Your day will come, totally invited by you.

  7. By the Way,A former Obama advisor???

    That tells it all folks, The losers are still losing.

    Drag this guys butt and question him. Charge him.

    Can we say inside spy leaking to a loser??

  8. This guy was at some point in traitorous Obama’s NSC and had inside sources to make such a leak. I don’t care how you try to spell it that is a huge form of treason on Steven Simon’s part. Elimination should be a part of his reward for such a crime.

  9. Understand that more than 90% of all our news media belongs to (or is controlled by) a few globalist and they are against the constitution of America.
    So we can expect that our most classified and sensitive secrets are well known by associates withing the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and as such leaked to damage the effort of the president who is trying to dismantle that largest octopus of the DC swamp.

  10. The next drone or hypersonic target should be Simon’s desk! If that can’t be done; prison, and NOT Gitmo. A real prison where he can mingle with the real animals he loves so much. An investigation must be done to find where his information originated. Another Obama-era CIA leaker?!?! Problem is, the FBI would have to investigate, and you KNOW how their investigations proceed: first they call the DNC for permission and directions on what course the investigation should follow, then they ask permission from the Speaker of the House of Degenerates, then they ask what the results are going to be. Then and only then do they begin.

  11. That’s right, Rex. We need to get ALL of Obama’s people out of the Whitehouse. Obama sure set our country up for destruction. He would have liked our country to become HIS muslim country. He and his henchmen need to be in prison, or better yet, on death row waiting for the needle.

  12. Sit back and watch how the PC LEFT helps Muslim communities get their own elected to office.
    Is that perhaps why the PC LEFT wants us disarmed?

  13. Actually I would STILL find out who this leaker was and EXECUTE whoever this person/persons are for TREASON. I would start the “investigation with the “squat squad”…

  14. I pray everyday that it’s not to late for this country. Obama brought millions of his Muslim brotherhood into our front door and supplied them with all the weapons the taxpayers had. We have no secrets the democrats give it out like candy. Obama had them on speed dial and Hillary opened up the computers for all our enemies to have. They all should be shot for treason not wasting money on them in jail. Everyone who apologize for the best call made need to pack their shit and move to the country they are loyal to because it’s not America. I watched them leave and everyone of them felt the same way, their country is in danger and they are going to make a difference. Tears fell and prayers were said and their biggest concern was not the challenge they would have but what we had to do to be safe in a country full of traitors. Most saw this coming because we can only be pushed so far and they formed our own team for protecting our families while they are gone. I hope you who knows what is coming are getting ready. Teach your children were to go to meet you when the shit hits the fan, stock up on supplies and know who you can trust. God Bless America and our President for making the right call that should have been done long ago. Stay safe my fellow Americans and please protect your family from the evil that has been brought to this country by traitors.

  15. Once again we are faced with Obama minions leaking and for all practical purposes committing treason! If the NYT was a part of it they should be shut down too. There is no lower position to take than to sell out your nation!

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