Graham Tells Trump To ‘Crush Iranian Economy’ By Targeting Oil Refineries After Assassination

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he was briefed on the plan to target Iran’s No. 2 Qassem Soleimani earlier this week, and that he advised President Trump to cripple Iran’s economy by taking out the country’s oil refineries.

I was briefed about the potential operation when I was down in Florida,” said Graham during a Friday interview on Fox & Friends, adding “If I were the president, I would put on the table targets in Iran, not Iraq and Syria. Economic targets that would crush the economy.”

Notably, Graham appears to be the only member of Congress briefed on the military action while he was with Trump at Mar-a-Lago for a round of golf.

Graham was asked “You say, the next stop is their oil fields, right?”

To which he responded: “Well, what I’m trying to do is create deterrents,” adding “What are they thinking about in Tehran right now? Revenge. What are they thinking about inside Iraq? All of these Shiite militias are going to have three days of mourning. What kind of command and control do they have regarding Tehran? Who makes the decisions to strike, and what kind of strikes are they contemplating? How would you stop retaliation to deterrents? What’s the one thing that the regime can’t afford to lose? The ability to refine oil. So what President Trump has done is up the ante as high as you can up it. He’s killed the most consequential military leader in Iran.”


via zerohedge


    1. I drive as an owner-operator and am STILL all in for whatever it takes, even if it costs me more to do my work. It often requires sacrifice in order to stand up to EVIL!

  1. The burning oil refineries would be an ecological nightmare and a political disaster. The alternative would be to continously bomb out the roads to uselessness to and from the refineries. Taking out the pipes from there as well would help but leave a cutoff valve zone so the flow can be stopped. Afterwards, not likely down the road of time, the derricks will still be available for use.

  2. TRUMP IS USING an old saying, speak softly and carry a big stick. We must understand that Iran may have called Soleimani a general, but remember,a general of terrorist activities sponsored by Iran.

  3. Trump does not dither like the bamster. The president is decisive and does not flinch.message to iran and all, if you play you will pay. Elect him for four more years as he delivers results.

  4. Finally, we have a strong president that can stand up and not scared of threats. Ala Ted Roosevelt. That is what I like Trump. Let Putin know of that. Do not try the USA’s resolve.

  5. I am glad we have a business minded president who does not allowed to be cheated. We Americans finally have a leader who knows the art of the deal and cannot be fooled around.

  6. I tend to agree with Bob Ware about taking out the infracture/roads/pipelines around the oil tanks and refineries to avoid an ecological disaster. We don’t need more oil smoke from oil tanks and refineries poluting air that will make its way around the globe. But the objective must always be stopping the source of Islamic money, and included in that shutdown of oil production is to let Saudi Arabia know in no uncertain terms they better STOP sending money to these Islamic farring terrorist factions. I still don’t know why Obama hasn’t been prosecuted and shot for TREASON for sending Iran 1.5 billion and another $400 million in cash that went to anti-America factions who used those funds to upgrade weaponry and fund the terrorists. America has huge reserves of oil, and Iran and Iraq is NOT the only place we can do business with. But, there is another source of terrorist funding, and it is coming from the Islamic cartels in the Triple-Frontier (Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil) where money laundering, drug-smuggling, human trafficking (sex and human organs), arms smuggling, all that is done there with billion dollar profits. IRS knows about it for sure, I’ve seen their reports about the Barakat cartel, but it is not the only one. Shutting down all sources of terrorism funding is the key, and then committing to shutting off military weapons trafficking dries up their ammunition dump and leaves them with camels and swords to fight with. (And I say that with humor.)

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