Iran-Backed Militia Fires Three Rockets At US Embassy In Baghdad


  • 3 Katyusha rockets land in Baghdad’s Green Zone which houses government buildings, foreign missions and the US embassy.
  • The target was US embassy
  • Sirens go off at embassy
  • One rocket fell between embassy and a Govt building (Mayadeen)

It was supposed to be a day of de-escalation, so when Reuters, Sky News Arabia, Fox News and other sources reported that “several” Katuysha rockets were fired by the IRGC-backed Kataib Hezbollah and hit the Green Zone in Baghdad and explosions have been heard…

Oil and gold jumped.

A clip posted by Fox News reporter Trey Yingst, presumably located near the embassy, confirms that sirens are blaring in Baghdad with the warning “incoming” heard in the background:

Meanwhile, another clip suggests a fire has broken out in the Green Zone after the rocket attack:

A Sky News correspondent said “there is no question that the rockets are from Iran”:

The good news is that at least for now, no casualties have been reported:

Why are markets sliding on the news? Because contrary to the carefully built narrative that the US and Iran have become nothing short of BBFs, the risk for re-escalation remains huge. As Stratfor noted this morning, Iraq, in particular, could present a theater for action, as Iranian-allied Iraqi militias have also been galvanized by the recent U.S. strikes and likely will be keen to seek retribution.

If an attack by those militias kills a U.S. soldier or contractor in Iraq or Syria, the risks of escalation to a direct military exchange between the United States and Iran would again climb. After all, the United States will hold Iran responsible for the actions of some of its allied militias, especially the mostly Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.

Then there are the old standby reasons: beyond strictly escalatory military exchanges, Iran’s continued development of its nuclear program and its  removal of limitations on enrichment and stockpiling significantly elevates the potential for longer-term military confrontation. And although Iran insists that the periodic acceleration it has undertaken with its nuclear program is reversible, the United States and Israel will be more likely to seriously consider military strikes against Iran’s nuclear program to ensure Iran does not approach a nuclear weapons breakout stage too closely.

As such, contrary to the desires of bullish daytraders, the existence of these triggers for potential escalation and the atmosphere of tension that will linger between the two adversaries keeps the long-term risk of a military confrontation alive, even if their current face-off goes no further. It also explains why the market’s selloff was so swift in the last minutes of trading.

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    1. Being a congenial U.S.A. with muslim, islamic enemies trying to kill the U.S.A. requires retaliation to totally destroy islamic ability to wage war or totally eliminate them as a world dictatorial enemy … !8Ly

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      1. the deep state will loose if there is ww3, we will have no use for politicians at that point so we could just take them out

      2. This will never be World War III . Don’t people realize Iran is a pimple on-a pigs ass! Their economy is in the can and if Trump hits the targets he plans on hitting it will resemble Hiroshima. We have more perfectly accurate bombs like the world has ever seen. Iran is the size of Alaska. A lot of empty area making targeting the main sites is easy from the air or ocean. No men on the ground. Those days are over! Wake up. If your scared of Iran, run home to mom.5T

    2. The Iranian missiles landed accurately to cause minimal damage with no deaths. IF you feel response is needed then do the same but remember no matter where out missiles land the Iranian government will make sure that there are many “innocent” Iranian deaths even in the deepest deserts.

  1. We really have the RIGHT TO DEFEND for our country and our Troops.
    please SUPPORT our Troops and our President TRUMP!

  2. Get out of the Middle East, period! And then return Middle Easterners who are not interested in assimilating into our society back to the Middle East where they can happily shoot, behead, rape and burn one another. Who needs them?

  3. Okay, Trump, time to up the anty. We need to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapon making facilities. Then toss a few missiles into Tehran for good measure. Kill the Mullahs.

  4. Omar and tlaib are laughing about this! I see the video earlier wtf Demand their Removel Now. I think it’s high time to blow up their nuke sites! End of nuke talks with them.

  5. From the start Iran refused giving the black box…those repugnant beings are the scam of the earth..since beginning of times.. theyre born already a rotten seed God is watching. ..

  6. We will send you Talib and Omar as an offer to suspend rocket fire on the embassy. If you do not take that offer then we will be giving what we get, in plain English, “You fire rockets at us we will fire bigger rockets back!”, comprende! Just keep it up and you will get rewarded 10 fold!

  7. I do wish we could send back both pieces of human excrement Omar and talon. Unfortunately neither of them was born in Iran, so I would have you an even bet they would want to leave them both here to slime our shores more than they already are.

  8. Time to move The Ayatollah to the top of the 52 targets list. Iran had the chance to stop while they could. It seems like they do not want to stand down so it is time to send them messages they can’t ignore and take out the ones calling for these missile attacks.

  9. Blame this attack on the fucking brain dead Democrats with there treasonous actions they invite this because the terrorist see that they support them and not America

  10. For all of you that think President Trump needs to fire missiles back he can’t anymore after the House of Congress took that power away from him the beginning of this week. You need to throw your hared towards Nancy Pelosi and her Jr squad of rebels that are ruining our country. It seems the House of Congress has more feelings for FBI and people in the State Dept. Then that is home grown terrorism at it’s most towards a standing President. If the House goes back to the GOP in 2020 and the Senate stays under the control of the GOP and president Trump gets re-elected to the Position of President then everything Congress control by the Democrats will change in the first 2 years. And no more threat of Impeachment wouldn’t that be nice. But the nice things will be Iran terrorist will be depleted, our southern wall will be built, The FBI and any other officials controlled by Soros will be out of a job if found who they are. and all the other things President Trump has tried to accomplish while in office the first time around. Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling. If the other side gets elected our freedoms our jobs forget about driving your cars and the amendments will be destroyed, our guns will be taken away. Socialism at it’s best or worst as I see it. The people of this country are the only ones that can change that by the way they vote come 2020. You want to continue being prosperous vote for the Republicans. You want to see out country go to SHIT vote for the Democrats and lose your freedoms. Simple as that

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