Daughter of Convicted Terrorist Running for U.S. Congress in Illinois

An Islamic activist from Chicago, Ameena Matthews, is running for a congressional seat in Illinois. Although she is considered a peaceful Muslim activist her problem is that her father is a convicted Muslim terrorist who is serving a 168-year prison sentence.

Matthews’ father is Jeff Fort, a.k.a. Abdul Malik Ka’bah, who is one of the founders of a dangerous and violent Chicago street gang known as “The Black P. Stones” which boasts about having over 100,000 members and associates in the Windy City.

As the street gang grew in size and power, Fort took on the lead role and under his leadership, the gang became a militant faction of Islam identifying themselves as “El Rukn Tribe of the Moorish Science Templar of America.” The El Rukn faction of the Black P. Stones started to describe themselves as Orthodox Sunni Muslims.

The El Rukns own or control inner-city real estate in Chicago in addition to a mosque on  South Drexel Boulevard. The buildings display El Rukn symbols and the El Rukn colors: black, red, and green. Detective Daniel Brannigan has participated in court sanctioned raids on these properties between 1978 and 1985. The properties are fortified and the police have been required to use force to gain entry. Searches have resulted in the seizure of firearms, ammunition, and controlled substances.

The El Rukns, in Brannigan’s opinion, are an ongoing criminal enterprise with about 250 to 300 adult, male members. About 90 percent *642 of the members have been convicted of felonies. Brannigan estimates that the organization has been responsible for over 100 felonies including murder, narcotics trafficking, and weapons violations.

At this time, Fort changed the name of the militant faction to El Rukn Sunni Masjid al-Malik.

In addition to murder charges and drug trafficking charges, this upstanding citizen was also radicalized. Eventually, Fort agreed to conduct a domestic terrorist operation in exchange for a payment of $2.5 million and weapons.

For his crimes of terrorism, Fort received a sentence of 80 years, which was to be served consecutively with his drug trafficking sentence. After being convicted of ordering the murder of a rival gang member in the drug trafficking trade, he was also sentenced to an additional 75 years, for a total of 168 years to be served for all three crimes.

He has been imprisoned since 1986 and will never see the light of day again.



Running for Congress

We are a country of second chances, yes, but to put someone in office that is the daughter of a convicted terrorist… is this really how far political correctness has gone in this country? Matthews is also connected to the leaders of the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, which is also a Muslim-based organization that openly endorses the killing of white Americans.

This is all we need in Congress: another radical Muslim to join the Democrats known by their cheerleading news media as The Squad.





This is UNBELIEVABLE! Ameena Matthews is a Democrat running for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Her father is serving life in prison! He agreed to commit DOMESTIC TERRORISM in exchange for 2.5 million from Libya.



8:08 AM – Jan 10, 2020

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    1. One has to wonder exactly what the Dems and leftist liberal judges have in mind when they grant injunctions against travel band from terrorist countries. And the Muslims have a plan to eventually impose Sharia law on US citizens. They concentrate in certain districts until they have enough people in the district to win a Congressional election for a Muslim candidate. That’s how Britain wound up with 11 Muslim mayors. That’s why they voted for Brexit to get away from open borders. We need many more conservative judges to stop open borders and other liberal nonsense. Trump 2020!!!!

    2. A “Peaceful Muslis”is one that has already been sent to meet his/her so called god.
      That is the definition of a peaceful Muslim.

    3. a peaceful Muslim is one that hasn’t had a chance to harm someone yet.
      Our country will fall from the inside by using the laws to protect Americans are twisted and used against us. How many people does it take for congress to start changing laws?

  1. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Take back America before it’s too late.

    Stop terrorists invading our country. THEIR GOAL IS TO BURY US ALL.

    1. Look at Britain, France, Sweden, etc. Frequent rapes, including raping children, stabbings, acid attacks, killing with bombs, guns, knives, trucks, kidnapping children to sell to Muslim pedophiles (which is normal among Muslims), etc.

      Look at Detroit & Minneapolis which Muslims are taking over, even have 2 Muslim Democrats in our US Congress.

      Thank Democrats & BO for this invasion. If you don’t want this here you better register now and vote out ALL Democrats.

      This is bad.

      1. My God Heather look no further than that crap hole California where I live soon to be moving.
        I live in a very secure upscale neighborhood. So much for secure and upscale. Anyway. My neighbor found one of these illegals behind his house humping our other neighbors pony! Dear God save us from these rabid animals! When he was caught he continued his deed until the police arrested him. After a week long court trial know what the judge said? “Well, he’s here illegally, his wife is illegal their two children were born here and if I punish him it will be a hardship on the family and afterall we are a sanctuary state! WTF! What the heck would have happened if that had been a child? DEAR GOD SAVE US FROM LIBERAL EVIL!!

      2. As an ex-pat Brit I can only say that in my experience the Muslims I know/met were in Britain were peaceful and fun loving. I taught with several of them and their most severe act was the observance of “Ramadan”. No doubt there is a criminal element within their community but so there is in our Christian community both here in the States and Europe.
        Let us not condemn a whole religion because of the acts of a few undesirables. After all Islam is the second largest religion in the world and is derived from Abrahams sons, as is Judaism/Christianity.

  2. Oh yes…She will “fit right in” to, that communist State. Bad enough our own “government” is being filled with rabid communists, but more MORE RADICAL MOOSLIMES? People in this country need to open their eyes and see how we are being “taken over” by these ANIMALS.

    1. I agree. Attn to americans…do NOT VOTE THIS WOMAN IN OFFICE. Her father is a terrorist. Theres only one reason this woman wants inti the US Govt….to become another one just like Omar. Omar needs removed from office. We don’t need another one to take her place.

    1. We need to make sure that Bobby Rush gets reelected! He may be a liberal, but that district is Dark Blue and the Republicans don’t have a chance there, thus we must keep the one who is the lesser of two evils in office!

  3. Right on Cliff! Let’s see….8 children to a “litter” of Muslim’s…..procreating unlimited……..in just a few short decades, they will be in the majority, evict our Constitution, & invoke Sharia law…..”PRESTO”….we are a Muslim nation! { Where will gay rights….& women’s rights be then}? ? ? ? …..”GONE WITH THE WIND!”


    1. The problem is that there are Wayyyy too many stupid people who vote! STOP VOTING THESE FUCKING TERRORIST SHIT IN OFFICE!!!!!!

  4. Look at where this woman lives, is it packed to the gills with imported muslims? Obama did his best to bring in as many as he could. This person should not be out in Congress.

      1. He was not the president of any “REAL” American. Just Muslims and socialist democrats hell bent on destroying the constitution and the country.

  5. All these terrorist coming from Obama’s home town – imagine that. Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – has also said how proud he is of Ilhan Omar – daughter of a war criminal wanted in Somalia.

  6. Death to Islam. No muslims in GOVERNMENT. No muslims in law enforcement. No muslims period! Remove Islam from U.S soil now !
    Remember 911

      1. The Democraps do not follow the laws/rules. Obummer was not born in our country, he moved here when he was six years old.

  7. Just what we need another AOC in government, they have many ways to destroy us infidels, time to put a stop to them in government at ANY level.

  8. Muslims in our country should never ever hold a government job………….EVER. Their Ideology is opposed to America and other civilized countries. They can do whatever they want in their country……..Their own people are protesting this horrible regim NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE. Omar Ilhan is a perfect example of a corrupted democrat HOLDING A GOVERNMENT JOB… SHE IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE… SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY.

  9. No Muslim should be allowed to run for any office, whether city, county, state or government, as long as they follow Islam. We as a country need to stop them, because once they infiltrate, they will try their best to initiate Sharia Law, or do like Omar and her ilk, disrupt Congress!

  10. Congress should re-visit the ban on Muslims serving in Congress. This ban was killed by gthe Republicans several years ago.
    Shame on them!!

  11. No such thing as a peaceful MUSLIM! Don’t try to fool us again! We see there four Muslim that hate AMERICA in our Congress. Time to change the laws. Ban them from holding public office.

  12. Once a socialist along with the Muslims have numbers on their side, they will seek extermination of all Christians and white Americans; as some have admitted who were told when they came here that they were the planting of a seed which was to push out the old white, Christian, and Jewish settlers.

    When the time is right, the match talked about guillotines will be brought into practice for efficiently killing the infidels and reserving I want to call your insurance company and their organs for harvesting.

    Obama will lead this demonic shitpile.

  13. Once socialists along with the Muslims have numbers on their side, they will seek extermination of all Christians and white Americans; as some have admitted who were told when they came here, they were the planting of a seed which was to push out the old white, Christian, and Jewish settlers.

    When the time is right, the much talked about guillotines will be brought into practice for efficiently killing the “infidels” and peserving their organs for harvesting.

    Obama will lead this demonic shitpile along with his fellow globalists. Agenda 21 is alive and well and very far advanced, search HB-1111 which has been dormant and in waiting for passage since before Trump even entered office; if this bill ever becomes law, there will be death and destruction and America as you have known it will no longer exist.

  14. I’m sorry. There should be no way in hell she should be able to run for a congressional seat. They should consider families background before they can run. She will be another anti American terrorist in congress

  15. How is it even possible for such individuals as this muslim Anti American Evil Quran Believer run for a Government Office within Our America ?!?! Such people as this only want what the Radicalized Far Left Socialists Demoncrats want and that is the Destruction of America !!! Much to our misfortune we already have such individuals in Congress, which is of Very Great Concern to me to say the least !!! Such individuals as this MUST Be Banded From Running For An Such Local, State or Federal Government Office within Our America !!!!!! With their Total Inhumane Beliefs toward human life and lack of respect for any kind of normal behavior they should all be sent back to where they came from The Middle East !!!!

    1. Don’t forget California and screw York city where our dumb ass governor just gave illegals drivers licenses!!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!

  16. So the daughter of another terrorist is running for Congress. We already have one and she is a beaut. Ilhan Omar, I have read, had to change her name when she and her father were allowed into the country as refugees. The name change was because her father was not so much attempting to escape terrorism in his home country as he was trying to escape punishment for the terrorism which he led. The liberal nitwits in Illinois will, no doubt elect this “peaceful” Muslim to the Congress and she will immediately show herself to be an antisemitic witch who will immediately attempt to push for Shariah law for the country. When enough of them get to Congress, we WILL be subject to Shariah law (those of us who accept Allah as God and thus weren’t murdered).

  17. Just read the Koran there is nothing peaceful about that book that said someone in that state needs too step up to the plate and place adds local to disrupt her and they need to put a very good candidate say someone from the military to run against her have a couple of debates to show what she is all about!!!

  18. Banned from public office????? They should NEVER have been allowed within these borders in the first place!!! Thanks, Obama, you IDIOT, TERRORIST supporter!!!! These “people” have been causing problems here since at least 1979 (thanks to Carter), and are still causing problems….you’d think this government would have learned its lesson back in 2001! I learned everything I needed to know about Islam and Muslims on 9/11!!!!

    1. “Thanks, Obama” indeed! Now we find out he was a buddy to the recently-expired Soleimani. He invited the terrorist to the White House, and entertained him at a dinner party in the White House. Soleimani was Obama’s point-man in Iran, who disbursed much of the billions he sent over there. He wrote letters to Soleimani, instructing him on how to keep him informed. Obama knew the plane-loads of money would be used for terrorism; and weapons that might one day hurt America. Obama is part of the muslim brotherhood, and supported the crazy farrakhan.


  20. There is no ‘peaceful muslim’, just like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Muslims hate Christians because we believe Christ died for our sins, and became the ultimate sacrifice. We no longer sacrifice animals and humans to please God. Muslims do not believe in Christ, and do not want o give up their excuses for killing for no reason.
    When someone who is born in America worships another country’s culture, you have to wonder why they stay? Well, it’s only because they worship the other culture in theory. They also enjoy the “sins” of our country too. They just don’t want to admit that.
    Every thing we enjoy in America would get you a death penalty in mullah-run radical islamic states.

    1. It’s hard to understand why the demonrats support women like this. Aren’t we a “progressive” country, where women enjoy the freedom to be like men? Women are property in Islamic states. It must be a packed-to-the-gills muslim district.

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