Mary McCord Is The Key – How The Entire Impeachment Operation Got Started

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House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss two very important issues.

The first is the origination of the “whistle-blower” complaint and new issues surrounding Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

The second important subject is the background of newly installed FISA Court monitor, David Kris, to oversee the FBI reform promises.

CTH has some explosive new information which has been shared with Mr. Nunes on both issues; but we start with the interview and ICIG Michael Atkinson.

Since our original research into Atkinson, there have been some rather interesting additional discoveries.

The key to understanding the corrupt endeavor behind the fraudulent “whistle-blower” complaint, doesn’t actually originate with ICIG Atkinson. The key person is the former head of the DOJ National Security Division, Mary McCord.

Prior to becoming IC Inspector General, Michael Atkinson was the Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division, Mary McCord.

It is very safe to say Mary McCord and Michael Atkinson have a working relationship from their time together in 2016 and 2017 at the DOJ-NSD. Atkinson was Mary McCord’s senior legal counsel; essentially her lawyer.

McCord was the senior intelligence officer who accompanied Sally Yates to the White House in 2017 to confront then White House Counsel Don McGahn about the issues with Michael Flynn and the drummed up controversy over the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak phone call.

Additionally, Mary McCord, Sally Yates and Michael Atkinson worked together to promote the narrative around the incoming Trump administration “Logan Act” violations. This silly claim (undermining Obama policy during the transition) was the heavily promoted, albeit manufactured, reason why Yates and McCord were presumably concerned about Flynn’s contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It was nonsense.

However, McCord didn’t just disappear in 2017 when she retired from the DOJ-NSD. She resurfaced as part of the Lawfare group assembly after the mid-term election in 2018.


Mary McCord joined the House effort to impeach President Trump; as noted in this article from Politico:

“I think people do see that this is a critical time in our history,” said Mary McCord, a former DOJ official who helped oversee the FBI’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and now is listed as a top outside counsel for the House in key legal fights tied to impeachment. “We see the breakdown of the whole rule of law. We see the breakdown in adherence to the Constitution and also constitutional values.”

“That’s why you’re seeing lawyers come out and being very willing to put in extraordinary amounts of time and effort to litigate these cases,” she added. (link)

Former DOJ-NSD Head Mary McCord is currently working for the House Committee (Adam Schiff) who created the impeachment scheme.

Now it becomes critical to overlay that detail with how the “whistle-blower” complaint was organized.  Mary McCord’s former NSD attorney, Michael Atkinson, is the intelligence community inspector general who brings forth the complaint.

The “whistle-blower” had prior contact with the staff of the committee.  This is admitted.  So essentially the “whistle-blower” almost certainly had contact with Mary McCord; and then ICIG Michael Atkinson modified the whistle-blower rules to facilitate the outcome.

There is the origination.   That’s where the fraud starts.

The coordination between Mary McCord, the Whistle-blower and Michael Atkinson is why HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff will not release the transcript from Atkinson’s testimony.

It now looks like the Lawfare network constructed the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint aka a Schiff Dossier, and handed it to allied CIA operative Eric Ciaramella to file as a formal IC complaint.  This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Russia conspiracy.

Atkinson’s conflict-of-self-interest, and/or possible blackmail upon him by deep state actors who most certainly know his compromise, likely influenced his approach to this whistleblower complaint.   That would explain why the Dept. of Justice Office of Legal Counsel so strongly rebuked Atkinson’s interpretation of his responsibility with the complaint.

In the Justice Department’s OLC opinion, they point out that Atkinson’s internal justification for accepting the whistleblower complaint was poor legal judgement.  [See Here]  I would say Atkinson’s decision is directly related to his own risk exposure:

Michael Atkinson was moved from DOJ-NSD to become the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) in 2018. What we end up with is a brutally obvious, convoluted, network of corrupt officials; each carrying an independent reason to cover their institutional asses… each individual interest forms a collective fraudulent scheme inside the machinery of government.

Michael Atkinson and Mary McCord worked together in 2016/2017 on the stop-Trump surveillance operation (FISA application via DOJ-NSD).  Then, following the 2018 mid-term election, in 2019 Mary McCord and Michael Atkinson team up again on another stop-Trump operation, each in a different position, and -working with others- coordinate the House impeachment plan via the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint.

While Devin Nunes is focused on the false statements of ICIG Michael Atkinson, the key is the contact between the ‘whistle-blower’ (Eric Ciaramella) and the House Intelligence Committee via Mary McCord.

There’s a very strong likelihood this entire impeachment construct was manufactured out of nothing.

National Security Council resistance member Alexander Vindman starts a rumor about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call, which he shares with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate).  Ciaramella then makes contact with resistance ally Mary McCord in her role within the House.  McCord then helps Ciaramella create a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint via her former colleague, now ICIG, Michael Atkinson…

…And that’s how this entire Impeachment operation gets started.

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  1. Just another corrupt democrat (there aren’t any non-corrupt democrats) who worked under the two systems of justice. One for them and one for us. I doubt anything will happen to her since nothing has happened to anyone guilty of attempted coups, money laundering, tax evasion, etc., by the democrats. Of course republicans are in the mix too. They certainly aren’t “lilly clean”. If we, don’t vote out the democrats and take back the House and retain the Senate with Trump remaining in power (in spite of on-going fake impeachments for the rest of his time in office) I doubt that we will ever see justice or due process or a true following of the Constitution, ever again.

    1. You are correct Avatar666 !
      The republicans are not Lilly clean.
      But compared to the democrats. WOW 🦨. It appears the swamp slime is just about everywhere in the democrat party.
      If not voted out the next election they will still get their pay & pensions and continue to destroy our country, instead of rotting in prison like the criminals they are!!

  2. These rabid Democrats, or Progressives as they like being called, are tearing everything down. They are trying to make it so there will never be another Republican in office again, especially the Presidency. They want us to be totally dependent on the government for everything. I hope people understand that if we give all of our freedoms of choice to the government, we will basically just be like robots. They will give us crumbs and keep cutting the crumbs because they will claim they cannot afford more. Then only the fatcats at the top will have the freedoms that we now have. It will all be so far gone and we will not be able to ever come back to what we have now! Don’t fall for the government wanting to help us because they only want to enrich themselves. They are already talking depopulation so what does that say?

    1. Actually the demonrats are a disgrace to justice and truth! So many lies and deception at every level. The “Deep State” does exist!

  3. More PROOF that the DEMONRATS have been buying lies and false statements for this WITCH HUNT. VOTE all DEMONRATS out of office asap or they will destroy our Constitution and way of life.

  4. Hear Ye Hear Ye the DUMPACRAPANYWHERE party and their followers are once again worshipping their JUNKETS, JUNTAS and MAMMON’S it’s time to remove these DUMPACRAPANYWHERE worshipers and their followers

  5. How can the corrupt democrats deceive and lie to Americans and steal the votes of 60 million Americans by this false impeachment . Our votes do not mean what they once did because of these political gangsters and their puppets in the media. If Trump is removed why should anyone from this point on waist their time and effort running for president against a democrat because even if you win you will be removed from office by the democrats. It also sends a signal to American voters to say that if you are going to vote against a democrat you just might as well stay home and save the gas money from going to the polls to vote because your vote and your will are going to be overturned no matter how long it takes if a non democrat wins. If you talk about the Russians stealing the election with a few votes here and there how can the democrats hold a straight face while they are trying to steal 60 million votes away from Trump and the people that voted for him.

    1. If we let the Democrats win, then welcome to Socialism. Where all of us hard working Americans will not only be supporting ourselves (and starving in the process), but every damn body else. They will tax us to death, take away all of our rights and freedoms and totally destroy this country. All while they sit in their mansions, enjoy lifetime free (to them) healthcare, continue to draw an exorbitant paycheck, live in the lap of luxury, have round the clock armed security and feed off of us. They will turn us “real Americans” into the real world Hunger Games. I’m a single mother, with two medical degrees, who is working her ass off to support herself, her son and her elderly mother. I can’t afford this! VOTE THEM OUT NOW! Before they destroy us!

  6. I’ve often asked “how much money does a person need?”, but even this life question has changed to “how much evidence does the Legal Profession need to file charges against a corrupt Politician?”. For several years we’ve seen evidence “in print” against numerous Governmental Officials and nothing ever happens. Why is this? I can honestly say that if things don’t change and our Laws are applied to the Governmental wrongdoings, our “Rule of Law” is going to die a very slow and painful death. I personally no longer find much honesty, truth, honor, or professionalism within our Government personnel. When you see an Official, that has taken an Oath of Office, speak and listen them lie to Congress and the People, why are only non- governmental people penalized for the crime, but not these? It’s becoming far to easy to walk away from our corrupt Government, when, it’s our responsibilty to oppose a corrupt Government.

  7. I think most democrat voters do not have the mind power to think on their own because even though the country is doing so much better under Trump for every classification of our citizens the democrat voters would still rather listen to their favorite wealthy movie people from Hollywood and old crony do nothing politicians just because they adore them . Voters no matter what party should be voting with their own wallet and personal situations instead of bobbing your heads for the Hollywood elite that do not care about the normal guy or girl on the street. Wake up democrat voters and stop following your democrat puppet masters because once you get your way and get trump out of there reality will soon set in when your 401k’s are tanking and you are scrambling to find a decent job while you watch our politicians kiss the dirty butts of every evil dictator all over the world.

  8. The dems want a trial. Give them a trial! Call all of these corrupt criminals (aka current/former “public servants”), put them under oath, and then grill them mercilessly. Yates, McCord, Schiff, Nadler, both Bidens, McCabe, the “whistleblower” – everyone up to Obama if need be. Treat them like they treated General Flynn. It’s time to expose the corruption and hold everyone accountable for their crimes. That should take care of almost everyone on the left just in time for an election year…

  9. Stated before it was the little treasonous Lt.Col.Alex Vindman who started the conspiracy, his little buddies Alexandra Chalupa and handling Eric Ciaramella the backbone of the operation. McCord would be Susan Rice’s side kick, it all makes sense now… Line them up at Ft.Leavenworth for the firing squad, has George Washington stated, no due process, death on site…Nasty Pelosi standing in front of a picture of George Washington, what a disgrace to our country…

  10. It’s all a Reality Show, & the Jealousy runs deep; because, N.P. can’t stand it! She doesn’t want to look like a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, she’s still getting money to pay for her mansion (sitting empty); put on your Show: >The Greatest Show (barf) of Characters, we’ve ever seen! All because of the people dominating; Social Media, & they Told & Told Him & Told Him; the Pres. Don, to Stop using their Forum to Inform Everyone how He Feels, Because that is where everybody Else goes to Vent (the Civilians, Reg. Joe, Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Etc..) Not the World Leader’s, but The Pres. Before he was Pres., became Informative & Became Tech., Savvy; Why can’t people learn to share things, & Read the Print Reasonably, & be & Act Civilized? I see people making comments about “Everybody needing Understanding” then, I see where they’ve Criticized Harshly, on that very issue, like they forgot all about their caring & supportive Figures of Speech. I dare comment on what that’s called! & you’re right; Why take the time to go to vote for a Pres., When “We The People” have to Endure these Embarassing Episodes of : Who Is The Commander in Chief? If the Commander in Chief was Not given, the Time Of Day, for the Vetting of His Staff! When the previous had How Many Szar’s? (On payroll!) I can’t figure it, If we are here to serve our Creator, & the Internet has more Fans, I can’t say Everything is Peaches & Roses. But It’s a Scary World Out There; I’d just like to see & hear less Static on the Remainder of: The Pres. Who saved the U.S. from flowing Completely down the Proverbial “Toilet”. No thanks to being sold off at Auction Price! (Obviously Pretty Cheap!) I AM NOT FOR SALE !!!

  11. The Democratic Republic of The United States is being destroyed by The Democrats. The obamanation administration committed Seditious and Treason acts in weaponizing government agencies against citizens, giving over 100 billion dollars to Iran while they were shouting ” Death To America “, conducting illegal spying on people, and attempting Coups to overturn the results of the 2016 election.
    The Democrats have shown they are the biggest enemy and threat to the citizens of The United States. Past time to vote all of these Anti-American Democrats out of office.

  12. Wasn’t it John Brennan who voted for (Gus Hall), the communist party USA candidate for president in 1976? Was that Russian collusion, I mean Russia (USSR) was certainly a communist country then and that was at the height of the cold war. John Brennan was Barack Obama’s CIA chief and a key player in the impeachment scheme. Ironic that the party (Democrat) that appears to be heavily influenced by communists had their president (John Kennedy) assassinated in 1963 by a self-avowed communist, Lee Harvey Oswald. The Democrats have a lot of explaining to do and a lot of Jail time to serve.

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