Trump ‘Broke The Chinese Communist Party’ With Phase One Trade Deal: Bannon

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon says that President Trump’s hard-line tactics in the US trade war with China has paid off, telling CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday that Trump “stood up for the tariffs and he broke the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Today you’re what President Trump is going to do. It’s the beginning of the end of the managed decline of the United States. It was [Trump’s] tariffs. He went against all economic orthodox, and was lambasted by the financial press. He stood up for the tariffs, and he broke the Chinese Communist Party.” -Steve Bannon


Bannon also warned Apple that Trump may “drop the hammer” if they don’t work with authorities to unlock iPhones belonging to the Pensacola Naval Air Station shooter.

“If I were the guys at Apple I would pay attention to President Trump’s tweets,” he said, adding “I would treat his tweets like a papal bull.”


As an aside, one can’t help but speculate that Bannon and Trump are headed towards a reunion at some point…


via zerohedge


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  2. recognizing that China is not a friend and is actually an economic enemy when no prior administration had to guts to do it is a big plus for Trump

    I do not like him, personally, much, but he has done considerable good for the USA under very trying circumstances. I really dislike what he did to the Kurds, but give credit where it is due.

    keep in mind what would have happened if Clinton had won, or if any of the socialist Dems win the next election, then US is finished and corruption will take over the country

  3. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

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