Ernst: Debate Shows How Far Dems Are From Iowa, Mainstream

Tuesday night’s debate showed how far the Democratic presidential candidates are from the mainstream and from what people in Iowa want to see, Sen. Joni Ernst said about the event held in her home state.

“They are promoting socialized medicine which could cost the American people $32 trillion,” the Iowa Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “They are promoting the Green New Deal and all that goes with it, which would kill our farm economy there in Iowa. Take away the very cars we drive.”

That kind of thing is not what Americans want to see, said Ernst, and it “just shows how far to the left these Democrats have gone, and the ugly reality that this is today’s Democratic Party.”

She added that the candidates’ claims that the economy is only good for billionaires is not correct.

“This economy is booming under President Trump and the Republicans in Congress, as well as our Republican leadership in the great state of Iowa under Gov. Kim Reynolds,” said Ernst. “We do have low unemployment, full employment in the state of Iowa. Great, strong economy. And as I join the president at the White House today, we will see the signing of the phase 1 China trade deal.”

Meanwhile, the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement should have already been completed, said Ernst.

She also commented on the upcoming Senate impeachment trial for Trump, calling the process “political since day one.”

“The day after the president was elected, we heard calls of impeachment and, you know what? I kicked off my 99 county tour in Iowa this past weekend in my hometown,” she said. “We did an agricultural round table. And you know the questions I got about impeachment? The questions were, will this delay us getting USMCA done? They didn’t care about impeachment.”

She added that House Democrats should have called witnesses in their own proceedings, and complaints should be directed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“For heaven’s sake, she couldn’t get her job done over there,” said Ernst. “Why on earth do we need to do her job in the U.S. Senate?”

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