Exposed: Bernie Sanders Dirty Little Secret About Iran

2020 hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a dirty little secret about Iran he wishes he could keep hiding, but it just got blown wide open.

Back in 1979 when Iran took the staff of America’s embassy in Iran hostage virtually every American was appalled.

Well, almost everyone. Guess who thought Iran was justified in taking our hostages?

Yep, none other than wanna-be America hater in chief Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as the Daily Beast reports:

Virtually all Americans—Democrats, Republicans and independents—united in support of the hostages and the international call for their freedom.

One prominent political figure on the 2020 stage, then almost completely unknown, stood apart by joining a Marxist-Leninist party that not only pledged support for the Iranian theocracy, but also justified the hostage taking by insisting the hostages were all likely CIA agents.

Who was that person? It was Bernie Sanders.

Sanders would like the public to believe, as an AP story put it, that “democratic socialism [is] the economic philosophy that has guided his political career.” But that has not always been the case.

In 1977, he left the tiny left-wing Liberty Union Party of Vermont that he’d co-founded, and in 1980 instead aligned himself with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the self-proclaimed Trotskyist revolutionary party, became its presidential elector in Vermont, and campaigned for its candidates and platform that defended the Iranian hostage seizure.

In fact, the SWP’s position on Iran is part of what distinguishes it from democratic socialist groups.

When its presidential candidate, Andrew Pulley, came to speak at the University of Vermont in October 1980, Sanders chaired the meeting.

Pulley attracted only 40 students to his rally, where he concentrated, according to the SWP’s newspaper The Militant, “on the Iran-Iraq war,” and condemned “anti-Iranian hysteria around the U.S. hostages.”

Military action against Iran was not at that point theoretical—Pulley’s speech came six months after the attempt to free the hostages in Operation Eagle Claw had failed.

Sadly, not much about Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has changed much over the years.

Once an America-hater, always an America-hater. At least it appears that way for Bernie Sanders.

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  1. This man is disgusting, if he likes Russia so much he should move there and drop all pretenses of being an American, grrr

      1. Stupid jerks should have listened to him then instead of the whiney —– communists and we wouldn’t be having these problems with them today.

        1. How on esrth do peopke like this anti-American get elected and re-elected and re-elected and allowed to stay in our Govrrnment? We really need to get him out.

    1. Do all y’all know the whole story, because this isn’t it. Bernie has fought more for We The People than anyone since JFK. And his democratic socialism is exactly like Sweden, Norway, and Fn Canada. All of the civilized countries are using that system! The reason we’re not is because there’s too much money being made by the greedy bastards running the sweat shop. They don’t want things getting better for us, the corporations are Paying them millions to keep shit Exactly the same. Imagine no college debt hounding people to their graves or the huge number of bankruptcies that happen every year from medical costs, from mostly Accidents or a disease of some sort attacks your kid, people have Nothing to do with those things happening, why should it financially ruin their lives?? It shouldn’t, y’all know it, and Bernie is the one that’s wanted us to have those things longer than anyone else. Plus he’ll return agencies back to their previous state, like the EPA, the ones now allowing corporations to ruin our water sources, and air, more than already! C’mon guys, support some radical changes, that’ll be for Us, not as much so for greedy businesses, pharmaceuticals and fossil fuel co’s.

      1. Perhaps this fool could accompany Sanders and both of them move to a great life in Russia so they would not have to worry about freedom they can just be there and do as they are told and take what the gov’t allows their peons to have.

  2. Yes, Bernie is a Trotskyite and always has been. As an avowed enemy of The United States of America he is certainly unqualified to be our President. Frankly, in a correctly run democratic republic, he should already have been provided a “fair trial”, convicted and shot.

    1. Not shot, as bullets cost money, and are needed by our Military Forces who are in combat situations. Use a Rope, instead (the rope can be used over and over again).

      Chief Grey Eagle

  3. For some reason every time I hear this guy speak, all I hear is nonsense. His policies are not what America wants. Hope the young will wake up and pay attention to what he is saying. I have three youngsters, or millennials. All three have a job, and they always tell me about old people like Bernie, old people are getting disrespectful and annoying. Hope Bernies followers think that way of him too.

    1. it’s the young voters that Sanders goes after because he knows how easily their conned to believe his lies,he wakes up every day hating our country and if elected he’ll destroy it with Socialism

  4. The American people need to know the double standards of Bernie Sanders, he hate the USA and want a Communist system like Rusia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and others countries to destroy this great Nation Really I don’t want this for my family, neither for any one this will brings poverty, hambruna, miseria and lack of freedom

  5. This old goat has never held a real job. Hitler, Stalin, Maudro, were socialist. Sanders is just a loudmouth political parasite that be removed permanently from any political office in the United States.

  6. You all are forgetting one think all those inbred commie socialist lovers in Vermont keep voting him into office what does that say never go to verminmont you’ll all wind up like those inbredders. Wake up America sanders is a loser he hates everything American. And all you millineial get a job my hard earned money isn’t going to support your lazy worthless asses.

  7. I have to laugh when I hear him talk about socialism and how it would be paid for. Meanwhile, he started with nothing in politics and is now a multi millionaire. Gee, I wonder how that happened. Anyone who follows Bernie is an idiot whose brain is washed. I think If he ever won, we would see a civil war that would make the last one look like child’s play.

  8. Of course you are correct, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch Pres. Trump take Bernie apart on the debate stage?! That would be worth the price of admission.

    1. I think that it just shows what a JERK-off he is! It has been said, that too much of that kind of “self abuse”, will make you blind. Where ever did dear BERNIE come from to begin with? Is it that wagon/cabbage patch story, that my Mother used to talk about. Or was that the one where BERNIE is standing behind a door, because he heard that there was a train coming? Any who, it is scary, that anyone in their right mind, would listen to him and the idea that the government will take care of everyone. All you have to do, is turn over all of your money, land and anything else of worth, to the government, for which they will give a job, take your pay and make sure that you are taken care of. Ya, that’s what I want. NOT!

  9. I would like to know how this idiot keeps getting elected all these years. There must me stupid people in Vermont, or they just don’t care. They are as bad as California and Pelosi!

  10. All his decades in “service” as a communist politician, he named a post office! That is just another criminal demoncRAT!

  11. Go move to another country, and settle down to something worthless and ridiculous. That is what the platform is, truly worthless. Get a real life, and don’t bother to shove this crap on this country. Gruess Gott

  12. Teh best thing that could happen is they take him halfway across the Atlantic and let him swim the rest. Such a useless parasite.

  13. Brad please do some research. Bernie is telling you what you want to hear. He is a true socialist. And about Corp America top making more than the bottom, think, that means he wants to take from them to give to others. Might sound great until you really think about it. That means he wi apply that to you. When you succeed in your career he will have plans to take from you to give to others. And those others? Doesn’t matter if they don’t want to work, illegal or just lazy, he will ditate your income be relinquished. Please look at Bernie’s past. He is a communist thru & thru.

  14. Well we can see why the four squad are supporting him. Because he is A ANTI-AMERICA DEMONCRAT! HE support IRAN AND OTHER COUNTRY. BUT NOT AMERICA! His hate for AMERICA is strong! He was the one who lead the discussion at Vermont University, when he brought in a SWP speaker! Even since he has fought for SOCIALISM CONTROL IN AMERICA. AND AOC KNOW HE OLD AND HEALTH NOT GOOD! BERNIE WILL PICK HER AS HIS VP ..

  15. I’m just not convinced by your remarks, Ms. Dusty. There are answers, and robbing MY pocket to put it into someone else’s isn’t the answer.
    Catastrophic health insurance is available and extremely affordable, so no one MUST suffer that loss. The Government is not responsible for people being ignorant to the options available to them.
    Democratic malfeasance has allowed colleges to charge exorbitant fees. Cut off the Gov’t tit and see just How Fast they realign their cost structure. Students Didn’t have the debt structure until the Obama Admin changed how Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae played a part in the securing of school loans.
    Your comments about “all the civilized countries” use a particular brand of socialism – I’ve seen first-hand that Norway, Denmark and Sweden have a VERY modified version of socialism, and – what doesn’t make the news, but Should – it is underwritten in its funding by the discovery, development and profiting of one of the oil fields in the world: The North Sea. THAT industry is what allows the people to have the lifestyle they do. They are very aware that once the oil is gone, so is the socialism.

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