Cringe: Pete Buttigieg Revives Jeb Bush’s “Please Clap” Moment

2020 Democrat contender Pete Buttigieg suffered a devastating “please clap” moment on stage Tuesday, on par with the famous campaign stumble that doomed Jeb Bush’s 2016 prospects.

Footage shows “Mayor Pete” failing to energize an Iowa crowd, and humiliatingly begging them to “Come on” before they realize he’s done speaking and they should probably respond with applause.

Many compared the embarrassing faux-pas with former Florida Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s infamous “please clap” event, which signaled the end of his campaign and prompted President Trump’s “Low Energy” nickname. 

A devastating video comparison puts the Buttigieg debacle back to back with the Bush incident – and the similarities are remarkable.


Owen Shroyer confronts uninformed yet well organized “Remove Trump” protesters as they arrive in Washington D.C. like a herd of zombies.

via infowars

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