Talk Show Superstar Says Schiff, Nadler & ‘Mobsters’ Are the Hacks ‘Interfering’ in 2020  Election

One of America’s top talk show hosts, Mark Levin, told Fox News Channel’s highly rated “Hannity” show on Thursday night that Adam Schiff, D-Calif. – the House Intelligence Committee Chairman and impeachment manager —  is the government figure who is interfering the 2020 presidential election, not President Donald Trump.

Levin told Sean Hannity and his audience that Schiff, along with Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and the other selected ‘impeachment managers have wrongfully projected their own illegal and unethical acts onto Trump and his administration. Levin, who served in the Reagan Administration’s Department of Justice as Attorney General Edward Meese chief of staff, referred to the Democratic Party’s impeachment managers as being “mobsters.”

Levin asked rhetorically on-the-air: “What did Schiff, what did Schiff and the other mobsters say on the floor of the Senate? What did they say?”

“‘We don’t want Trump to get elected president again. We must stop him.’ In other words, they want to interfere in the 2020 election and prevent the Republican Party from nominating their president for a second term as president of the United States,” the host of FNC’s Life, Liberty and Levin said.

He also questioned Jerry Nadler’s true intention when from the Senate floor lectern Nadler accused the assembled senators of “treachery” early Wednesday was to intimidate them. A member of President Trump’s legal team, Pat Cipollone, tore into Nadler for his vicious comments. The presiding judge, the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts, also criticized Nadler’s remarks.
Levin on more than one occasion has accused Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., of actively “collaborating” with the House Democrats into allegedly undermining the 2020 election in which Trump will face-off against one of the Democrats’ nominees such as Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or other lightweight politician.

“Jerry Nadler of New York City is a known shark who has created his own fiefdom. He is a lifetime Democratic Party hack who was part of what’s been called ‘Tammany Hall’ where the Democrats hold their power over the city’s agencies,” said former NYPD police detective Iris Aquino. “Under these scumbags, the city has been in steady decline and one could say they’re destroying the Big Apple,” she said.

Besides their destruction of America’s big cities, Levin accuses the Democrats of destroying the U.S. Constitution, effectively invalidated the impeachment clause and rendered moot the separation of powers. Levin noted that presidents such as Thomas Jefferson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Barack Hussein Obama and others have all allegedly “abused power” in the same manner the Democrats accuse Trump of doing, but they were never impeached for their abuses.

Levin, who is also the Chairman of the Landmark Legal Foundation, a group that is a watchdog and think-tank, told Hannity and his audience, “[The Democrats] are trying to choose the Republican [presidential] nominee for 2020. They are trying to take over the Senate. That’s what’s going on,” he noted.

“The Senate has a responsibility to protect the American people from the House — from the Democrats!” he maintains.

Levin recalled how former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said that when prosecuting “pornography,” he couldn’t state a definition — but “I’ll know it when I see it.” Schiff’s claims of “abuse of power” by Trump don’t appear to be able to fall back on a precise definition, but the House managers have told the Senate they “know it when [they] see it.”

Instead of removing Trump from office as Schiff and Nadler appear to want, it is the Democrats engineering the impeachment who should be “expelled,” the syndicated radio host added. “[Trump] has complied with every federal court order — everyone,” Levin said. “He has not committed treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors.”

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  1. These DEMONcrat want to DESTORY AMERICA! Turn it into a SOCIALIST COUNTRY! Where they are the ONES WHO MAKE THE LAWS! And we are their SLAVE! Even those dumb college kids will be their SLAVE! Who else wants to send JOBS TO CHINA FROM AMERICA? Could see on PELOSI face the ANGRY she had when JOBS STARTED COMING BACK TO AMERICA FROM CHINA! All due to her and other HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE investment in China economy! But NOT IN AMERICA ECONOMY! SO PEOPLE YOU GOT A CHOICE! YOU EITHER WANT A JOBS OR YOU WANT SOCIALISM!

  2. Mark Levin is not a superstar. He’s a hack, like Sean Hannity. They both put on a show that’s 60 minutes of LIES! But, sadly, there’s an audience for lies!

  3. Give me a break if you dont like the truth dont like America go to Iran or some other country. Dems try to remove a President voted by the people that is a traitor. Pelosi. And Scomhiff, and Schumer. NADDLER

  4. Mark Levin is a very intelligent man, and is not easily swayed by congressman who want to overthrow the president of the United States. I don’t understand why people like Comey, Schiff, and Nadler haven’t already been arrested for treason. That is what really happened; a failed coup. Thank GOD for honest men like Mark Levin!

  5. I was going to ask where you get your facts & info from. I realize it is a waste of time with a person who makes accusations about others without any facts to back it up. You are lower than a hack.

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