GOP Senators Say Sekulow ‘Shredded’ Impeachment Case; Schiff Calls A ‘Distortion’

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Update (0130ET)The word of the day is “Shredded” – as in, several Republicans have described the White House counsel’s presentation as having shredded House Democrats’ impeachment arguments. 

“In two hours, the White House counsel entirely shredded the case by the House managers,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) in a statement to reporters. “What we saw today was factually relevant … and (we) saw there were a lot of half-truths from the House managers and, frankly, pushed by the media.”

Rep. Elise Stafanik (R-NY) offered similar comments – saying “It took less than two hours to completely shred and eviscerate Adam Schiff’s failed case for impeachment,” adding “There is no case for impeachable offenses here. And it took less than two hours to do so. I think the American people understand that.”

While Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said “3 days of Democrat arguments were just shredded 2 hours.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, meanwhile, says the White House counsel is trying to “deflect” away from Democrats’ claims that President Trump abused his office, according to The Hill.

“After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations: They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme. They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth. And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses,” Schiff tweeted on Saturday.

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Update (1130ET): Trump’s lawyers began their opening arguments Saturday by slamming Democrats for having “no evidence” to support their argument that Trump’s conduct with Ukraine warrants impeachment and removal.

“They’re asking you not only to overturn the results of the last election but, as I’ve said before, they’re asking you to remove President Trump from the ballot in an election that’s occurring in approximately nine months,” said White House counsel Pat Cipolline, adding “I don’t think they spent one minute of their 24 hours talking to you about the consequences of that for our country.”

Cipollone began on Saturday by reading directly from the transcript of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky – claiming Democrats misrepresented it. In particular, the White House counsel played a clip of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) reading a ‘parody’ of the call.

The use of the clip is likely to satisfy Trump. The president spent the days after Schiff made the comments calling for the congressman’s resignation and suggesting he committed treason. Even months after the September hearing, Trump continues to bring up Schiff’s comments in interviews when railing against the impeachment proceedings.

Trump in his call with Zelensky asked the foreign leader to investigate a debunked theory about 2016 election interference and to probe Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine. The call triggered a rare intelligence community whistleblower complaint claiming that Trump solicited foreign interference in a U.S. election, with the complaint being a key piece of evidence in the Democrats’ impeachment case. –The Hill

Following Saturday arguments, Trump’s lawyers will pick up again on Monday.


After three days of “why”, here comes the “why not”

Beginning at 10am ET, White House lawyers began their defense of the President on Day 5 of the Senate Impeachment Trial.

The Trump lawyers are expected to speak for upwards of three hours after Democrats wrapped up their opening arguments on Friday night.

A member of the legal team, Jay Sekulow, referred to Saturday’s session as “a trailer” of “coming attractions” for next week’s sessions.

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  1. This is the Demo’s impeachment summary—want President Trump removed from office and taken off the ballot in the 2020 election!! They know they cannot beat him and they have absolutely nothing to offer to US Citizens, they want politics as usual which is them lining their pockets at the expense of US citizens and wasting tax payer dollars. They are all running scare because they know that when President Trump gets his 2nd term they are going down because of their corruption!

    1. House Democrats understand this: you can call a dog a cat, it is still a dog. You can squeeze tomatoes and try to call it lemonade. We the people still see it for what it is. You can call what you have done impeachment but we see it as treason and sedition.
      I am calling for a federal prosecutor to do his job and have these people arrested and tried for their crimes. I am calling for people who understand to join with me to call for prosecution of those who attempted to fix the 2020 election and deny the American people of their constitutional right to elect the president of their choice instead of their attempt to destroy a choice because they do not like him. To charge those who have deceived the people and stolen government money and are afraid of the presidents effort to remove corruption from our government.
      It is past time to start correcting the deficit created by money being diverted from projects. That money could be used to put people back to work, improve our social programs, veteran care, and other things instead of increasing the wealth of the people who should serve we the people.
      I take this stand because comments by others have made me realize that we must take this stand to destroy those who are trying to protect their hide instead of protecting what we have!

      1. I am also in total agreement. I also agree that there has be an effort to control and limit witnesses, except it was very transparent in the House of Representatives as they denied the witnesses who supported the President.

    2. I agree. What Schiff is doing here is blaming the Republicans for what he did in the house. Democrats do this all the time. Stating Trump interfered in the election with Russia. What he does not talk about was how the DNC was doing this in Ukraine.

  2. That’s it in quick form. So true!
    Dems can’t defeat Trump legally. If Americans will look only at the truth of the very good economy he has given us all and see the need for this to continue, they will put Dems on the sidelines as they have NOTHING to offer but more corruption lining their pockets with our hard earned tax money and more collusion with foreign governments willing to help them launder money for the crumbs they get… and all of us get more in debt and less freedom until this nation is destroyed. And Trump does all of this good for us without taking a salary!!! Dems constantly increase their salary and devise more ways to cheat the American taxpayers in the process.

  3. The WH lawyers provided a more complete factual replay, with proper context and timelines in just 2 hours than the Dems did in nearly 22 hours. When you have the facts on your side, as the WH does, you argue the facts. When you don’t, you arm wave, bloviate, and imply. This case is over. Schiff’s 3takeaways in his tweet tell us 2 things: the guy is such a compulsive liar he doesn’t even know when he’s doing it; and 2) he is delusional. He got knee-capped yesterday by the facts drawn from his own loaded hearing process. I do hope Sen Graham follows through with a separate investigation of Uncle Joe and his relatives who got fat off his position.

  4. As usual, all the “points” that Schiff makes are direct reflections of the Democrats’ devices. It’s been this way since Mr. Trump came down that escalator!

  5. One main thing is Nancy Pelosi never took a full house vote to do the impeachment. So Nancy and Adam and the others screwed up.

    1. I would like for him to be put under investigation and forced to testify under oath. And prosecuted for all the lies he has been spouting the last three years.

    2. I agree with you , Schiff should be prosecuted and imprisoned for the crimes that he and his liberal sidekicks have committed.

  6. It makes no sense to me that Trump has not fired All of the Obumma left-overs to stop at least inside corruption. Then go after the rest of the crooked thieves in both the house and Senate who have gotten rich on our dollar with all of their dirty deals leaving the average American citizen struggling to make ends meet. The “Squad” would be another great place to start.

  7. I have been following Mr. Schiff’s impeachment effort since he first announced it–before Mr. Trump was sworn into office. Mr. Nadler quickly joined into the charade. I firmly believe that since Schiff, Nadler, and Mrs. Pelosi (and others) have been attempting a coup d’etat at a cost to the taxpayers of well over $50M, these co-conspirators must be held accountable for sedition, imprisoned and fined the entire cost plus additional for the pain and suffering they have caused America. When the smoking guns are verified and point to Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama–their legacies forever tarnished in posterity as traitors to America and imprisoned. Had the Democratic party handed over control peacefully as required by the constitution, congress would have actually achieved something that would benefit America (maybe restore Medicaid and Social Security) and the rest of the world. To take America back, the lawful citizenry must eliminate political careers and political appointments. We must demand all lobbying to end immediately. Our congress has been abusing us for far too long.

  8. Shiffs statements should be enough to have him institutionalized for intense psychological evaluation because he and only he or another mentally disabled person would read that the way he dascribes it.

  9. The gov’t should let all Legal Americans vote on the impeachment. I think it would be over quick with the President coming out on top. Bug-eyed Schiff and Bologna Pelosi should both resign and disappear from the public’s eye.

  10. Schiff is a known and proven liar for at least the last 3 years. Nothing he says should be considered in the slightest bit relevant.

  11. Well two hours! And it took House DEMONcrat three years! From the day’s Trump was sworn in. We first heard it from one of the four squad. Who after winning in Michigan screen out WE ARE GOING TO IMPREACH THE MF. Which is the sign they had NO INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH TRUMP! Now his lawyer destroy them! Due to fact they did their HOMEWORK AND JOBS! WE NEED TO PUT TRUMP BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN 2020! So we can watch him bring ALL THESE DEMOCRAT HOUSE AND RINOREPUBLICAN UP ON CHARGE OF TRYING TO DESTORY AMERICA! Even Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton need to be charge. Main charge is TREASONOUS AGAINST AMERICA! WHEN CLINTON SOLD URANIUM TO RUSSIA. AND OBAMA AND KERRY GOT HOUSE DEMOCRAT TO PASS BILLION OF DOLLARS TO IRAN! Just knowing that IRAN WOULD BUY THE URANIUM FROM RUSSIA!

  12. What in the world were the Dimwitts thinking? They told the same story 4 times over and over and over for 22 hours of non stop drivel and no proven facts of either of the two points they were trying to make. And the Republicans shot it all down in 2 hours on Saturday. If I am Warren, Sanders, or Klobachar to SAVE FACE I would suggest they vote NO on impeachment to at least show the Democrat voters they have “some” common sense. The one who votes to not impeach may just get a few more votes from the Democrats and the Independents on the fence!

    1. The independent organization I’m in has voted to support Trump . On Saturday after hearing from the defense team. Several were undecided until Saturday’s hearing.

  13. JAY SEKULOW, on special counsel Robert Mueller: “We had the invocation of the ghost of the Mueller report. I know something about that report. It came up empty on the issue of collusion with Russia. There was no obstruction, in fact.”

    THE FACTS: He’s WRONG to suggest that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report cleared the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia. Nor did the report exonerate Trump on the question of whether he obstructed justice.

    Instead, the report factually laid out instances in which Trump might have obstructed justice, leaving it open for Congress to take up the matter or for prosecutors to do so once Trump leaves office.


    Mueller’s two-year investigation and other scrutiny revealed a multitude of meetings with Russians. Among them: Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer who had promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.
    He looked into a potential criminal conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign and said the investigation did not collect SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to establish criminal charges on that front….. NOT no evidence, just insufficient evidence at that time.

    1. Which mean in are legal system of being innocent until proven giulty. Is that if you can’t prove guilt you have to presume innocence. The same with obstruction he couldn’t prove that either. And several US prosecutors and two law professors have said the investigators aren’t supposed to determine guilt or exonerate a person under investigation. They are to deliver the facts and any referrals for prosecution to the AG over the case. For Meuller that was Rosenstein. And he made both determinations no collusion and no obtruction. Yes i know facts hurt.

  14. SEKULOW: “During the proceedings that took place before the Judiciary Committee, the president was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses. The president was denied the right to access evidence. And the president was denied the right to have counsel present at hearings.”

    THE FACTS: That’s FALSE. The House Judiciary Committee, which produced the articles of impeachment, invited Trump or his legal team to come. He declined.

    Absent White House representation, the hearings proceeded as things in Congress routinely do: Time was split between Democratic and Republican lawmakers to ask questions and engage in the debate. Lawyers for Democrats and Republicans on the committee presented the case for and against the impeachment articles and members questioned witnesses, among them an academic called forward by Republicans.

    The first round of hearings was by the House Intelligence Committee and resembled the investigative phase of criminal cases, conducted without the participation of the subject of the investigation. Trump cried foul then at the lack of representation, then rejected representation when the next committee offered it.

  15. SEKULOW: “I remember in the Mueller report there were discussions about insurance policies. Insurance policy that didn’t work out so well, so then we moved to other investigations.”

    THE FACTS: Sekulow is attempting to give weight to a 2016 text message between two FBI employees that Trump continually misrepresents. Trump depicts the two as referring to a plot — or insurance policy — to oust him from office if he won the election. It’s apparent from the text that it wasn’t that.

    Agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page, both now gone from the bureau, said the text he sent to her was about how aggressively the FBI should investigate Trump and his campaign when expectations at the time were that he would lose anyway.

    Strzok texted about something Page had said to the FBI’s deputy chief, to the effect that “there’s no way he gets elected.” But Strzok argued that the FBI should not assume Clinton would win: “I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.” He likened the Trump investigation to “an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before.

    “…the Supreme Court has contrasted the broad scope of the inquiry power of the House in impeachment proceedings with its more confined scope in legislative investigations.

    From the beginning of the Federal Government, presidents have stated that in an impeachment inquiry the Executive Branch could be required to produce papers that it might with‐hold in a legislative investigation.”

  16. Crimes in the Impeachment of Donald John Trump:
    1. Campaign Finance Violation – Federal campaign finance law prohibits anyone from soliciting any “thing of value” from a foreign national.
    52 U.S. Code § 30121. Contributions and donations by foreign nationals

    2. The Impoundment Control Act of 1974 – An “impoundment” is any action – or inaction – by an officer or employee of the federal government that precludes federal funds from being obligated or spent, either temporarily or permanently. The White House Office of Management and Budget, or OMB, told Congress, which had passed the budget law appropriating those funds, that they were being withheld to ensure they weren’t spent “in a manner that could conflict with the President’s foreign policy.” But GAO said that the executive branch can’t use that kind of policy reason to withhold funds appropriated by Congress. “OMB violated the [law] when it withheld” the Ukraine assistance “for policy reasons,” the report concludes.

  17. The argument that this is about ‘overturning and election’ or ‘keep the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR off the ballot’ are just WRONG. That may be the consequence of the action but are deflection and bogus arguments.

    This is about whether Abuse of Power and actual examples are impeachable offenses. They are. Going all the way back to English Common law and precedence the Constitution was written with that specifically in mind. There is abundant historical and Federalist writings to support that. The fact that the Founders recognized that and that allowing misdeeds to continue til the next election is evidence of that.

    Our current system, as the republicans and the sitting IMPEACHED president would have you believe is that in an impeachment process that the president can tie up and forestall accountability of any offense in the courts beyond his term is outrageous and NOT supported by the US Constitution.

    Besides the election is NOT overturned as there is a built in succession plan in the Constitution for the next elected official to step up….who was elected by the same electorate.

    Finally, the precedents set by this trial would be historic and untenable under our constitution and our democratic republic.

     NUMBER ONE, that the president can NEVER commit Abuse of power or even if he did it is not an impeachable offense.

     NUMBER TWO, the president is NOT accountable to the Congress as clearly described in the US Constitution. He cannot be indicted, investigated and can dismiss any subpoena or request out of hand. Privilege is absolute and there is NO co-equal branch of government and NO checks and balances on the sitting president.
    This strikes at the heart of our Constitutional Democratic Republic and CANNOT be allowed to stand.

    VOTE BLUE and end the LIES!

  18. Amen to what everyone has said and I’m one that likes what our President Trump has sai d and done because he has kept his word to the American people that he would do if elected to President and he has done most if not all of it1) he supports the Jews,2) he has got the unemployment down, 3) he has cut or has tried to cut the illeagal people out of this country , 4) he has helped the economy, 5) he has helped our military, veterans since he has been in. The Democratics sure hasn’t done nothing but spend the tax payers money to help them selves so they can control this county like Russia and other countries that don’t have the Freedom that Americans has . So let’s get this mess over with and let our President do what God wants him to do for this country now. God bless everyone that voted for Trump. Chaplain Dale

  19. Amazing that in less than 3 hours, the president’s legal team shot so many holes in the house’s sham case, that one wonders why there needs to be anymore time and money wasted on this garbage. The defense proved that the house did not provide all of the information, but only cherrypicked things that made their arguments seem valid, yet when the whole thing was presented, that impeachment ship sunk in a matter of minutes. The Chief Justice should hold the house managers in contempt for lying to the Senate in their attempt to overthrow We The People’s will. When Jay said that the 199 page Mueller report cost the taxpayers over $30 million and the report said there was no Russian collusion, that was just unreal. I think that the democrats need to reimburse, out of their own pockets, the taxpayers. I also think they need to refund the money that was paid them for not doing a job that their constituents voted them in to do and were paid handsomely for not doing it.

  20. Democrat and Republican Americans should be against this whole process. Don’t you see that if they can get rid of the President that the people elected, they are basically showing the people , the voters, the tax payers that it doesn’t matter who you elect, we the powerful can still remove them and get our way. Wake up! This is the first step to removing all of your rights. All Americans should unite and remove everyone that played any part in this attack on right to vote for a President and have him serve in that capacity for 4 years. If we have a problem with him, we’ll vote him out at that point. We don’t need the house or the Senate to try to change our minds or remove the President that we the people elected. After all, that’s basically what happened in Nazi Germany and we all know how that worked out.

    I was a Democrat until I noticed that no matter what the other politicians were doing to stand in his way, he just kept on working toward delivering the things he promised. I also noticed that everytime he saw something that didn’t look right as far as the things that taxpayer money was going for he questioned it and everytime he questioned it the Democrats got mad and tried to tie him up in litigation to throw him off the trail. Just how corrupt are the democrats to have gone to this much trouble to oust a President who is working for free. I want to know what criminal activity Hillary was involved in if the Russians are willing to tell us about it. I think the Ukraine should do a thorough investigation of the Bidens before another dime of taxpayer money is sent to them. Doesn’t everybody agree? I’m not sure what the big problem is. I can promise you this, after seeing the Democrats do nothing but invent ways to hinder the President for the last 3 years, I didn’t vote for him the last time, but I definitely will this time!

  21. Now John, that wasn’t nice. Your grounded by your
    Own stupidity. Please refrain from hurtting those of us that. Have. A good comprehension of the english language. In english that means shut the F*** up.

    1. OH Gerald why don,t you follow your own advise and you SJTFU. You are not a nice person and I know who you voted for in 2016 , and it was not the MAN IN THE W.H. now. John did a fine job of writing his reply. Now say what you will and want, so far WE THE PEOPLE still have that RIGHT, but I will not pay any heed to what counter attack you send back, so you are wasting your time. VOTE OUT ALL demo-donkeys in NOVEMBER 2020

  22. schiff-tt is a sub-human life form in 1000% DISTORTION , I looked up the word “DISTORTION” in the dictionary and it had his picture next to the differentiation of the word. But just his picture, no words, a picture is worth 1000 words. But I have one maybe 2 word , MENTALLY DERANGED

  23. and that is true, except the lying Dems never got a ruling, so not they have no case on one court.

    On the other, Trump’s timing was bad, but not enough to even bring an impreachment, especially one done in such an underhanded way.

    They wanted him our before he even took office. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND TAXPAYER MONEY.

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