Impeachment: Trump Team Nails Bidens, Burisma, And Obama’s Hot-Mic Moment With Russia

President Trump’s defense team cut straight to the heart of the impeachment on Monday, insisting that Democrats have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bidens didn’t engage in textbook corruption in Ukraine – and that President Trump’s request to investigate it was out of line.

Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, a recent addition to the White House communications team, walked the Senate through the entire malarkey for 30 minutes, including Hunter Biden’s ‘nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst’ board seat at Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.

“All we are saying is that there was a basis to talk about this, to raise this issue, and that is enough,” said Bondi, who noted that Hunter Biden was paid over $83,000 per month to sit on Burisma’s board even though he had zero experience in natural gas or Ukrainian relations while his father was Vice President and in charge of Ukraine policy for the United States.


Even CNN had to give it to the Trump team…


Trump attorney Eric Herschmann said that Democrats have been “circling the wagons” to protect the Bidens – and are refusing to investigate the Bidens, claiming without conducting an investigation that all allegations against them are ‘debunked.’


Herschmann then laid into former President Obama, who was caught on a hot mic asking Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for “space” until after his election.


Attorney Jay Sekulow argued that Democrats have been trying to “interfere with the President’s capability to govern” since he was elected.


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  1. The demorats that are fighting so Hard for impeachment are the ones whom need to be investigated. All A lot of Corrupt dealings….. From what I understand is Nancy’s son has dealings with Ukraine also. Another question is where did the $$$$$$$ from the uranium one deal go? Laundered though the Clinton’s foundation? Did obo and killary and Mueller split it?

    1. Sherry, the Libs are already being Investigated!!139,915 Sealed Indictments have already come down, with 2,315 arrests already made!! THAT is why they are in a PANIC to get rid of Trump!! Because HE is ACTUALLY going to make it HAPPEN!!!WDT

      1. Still not enough action!! look where past investigations have gone in favor of GOP= NONE!

        Indictments? Same thing. Nobody is in jail and time, time and more time marches on and nothing will be done. The Democrats want to use BOMBSHELLS to get Trump out of office and we have Senators who haven’t paid attention in the hearings and are willing to help the Liberal Socialist! No need to name the Senators, we all know who they are.

      2. Sorry Neverly; I have watched this re-run for years with nothing in favor of the GOP.

        All you list means NOTHING! Until people are arrested and Jailed and the rate that is moving we may never see results.

    2. That’s why they are doing impeachment…to divert from the Barr investigations and prosecutions. When ever their backs are against the wall the attack, that’s why they wanted it done before Christmas.

    3. Where is the law? There is ample information to nail many Democrats for many crimes and still Nothing!!

      They drag investigations out long enough so people forget.

      Same old Dem tricks and we take the hit. I am damned tired and ready to fight them

  2. Dems are completely useless scumbags that should be prosecuted for obstruction . That’s the stupid ifiots know how to do .

    1. AMEN TO THAT, and many other things. biggest hoax of a president ever perpetrated on ‘we the people’. worked hard for EIGHT YEARS to bring us down. how did HE get away with TREASON and corruption all that time as tho he was the messiah? promises and money ~ thus hollyweird bunch, and deep state corruption, far and wide. and YES, THIS is why the corrupt liberals hate him. he’s EXPOSING THEM for once. all this time we’ve been ignorant and trusting. no more. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AMERICA.

      1. Obama can still be tried for his acts. He needs to be placed on a no fly zone to keep him from spilling what he knows to his patriarchs the Russians.
        Him and his degenerate goon squad called house democrats.
        Also the all so loyal Vendman (sp) brothers. Loyal comunist? ?

    1. Start by removing security clearances!
      But my expectations are it is bigger than what we know at this point.
      It being what the inept house managers are doing. Think selling the country down the drain.
      Trump may very well have information which could put us in a state of emergency!

  3. Democrats in their out of control hatred for the President are indicating they’re okay with the possible corruption by the Bidens. The dims think the President should have ignored the crimes of the Bidens just because of a chance Crazy Joe would be the Presidents opponent in the election. That sounds like obstruction of justice by the democrats.
    There is no crime by the President, the aid was released to Ukraine and no quid pro quo was provided by Ukraine to start an investigation of the Bidens by Ukraine.
    Besides using leverage with foreign aid has been practiced by Presidents for decades to get countries to acquiesce to what they want the countries to do. Again no crime or impeachable offense.



    1. Nan, i do not doubt the possibility.
      But I still would like to see documentation.
      I want truth. Also with the way the democrats have lied, i want to be sure you are not a plant.

  5. The VERY corrupt democrats ARE indeed frightened by the very real probability of jail time..I do hope the voters return the house to republican control (without rinos).Then ,it will be a “Katie bar the door moment”..Wonder how many slimeball democrats will leave for a nation that does NOT have an extradition treaty with the U.S.A. ?

  6. Bondi was Brilliant. She Turned the Democrats Lethal Weapon (MSM) loose on their Bosses in a Feeding Frenzy.
    Too bad the MSM refused to televise any thing but whimpering Schiff

  7. How can anyone with a functioning brain believe that with NO evidence against Trump he should be impeached and ALL of the evidence regarding the Biden’s should be ignored? Whether or not Trump is guilty of anything has nothing to do with the crimes the Biden’s should be called to account for.

  8. We hear a lot about media bias –
    “As nouns the difference between bias and racism is that bias is (countable|uncountable) inclination towards something; predisposition, partiality, prejudice, preference, predilection while racism is the belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes.” Wiki
    “My reflection has led me to see that discrimination and these awful events are how bias (conscious or unconscious) looks in the context of race – and that “racism” is the extreme version of racial bias.” – HuffPost
    Remember when Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – was first running for president. Everyone who DID NOT vote for him ONLY because he is black were called “racist” – Yet those who DID vote for him ONLY because he is black were called “enlightened” that was MSM BIAS and what we commonly call Bulls**t. IF you voted either way ONLY because of skin color YOU are a RACIST. Make no mistake about it.

  9. Time to ISSUE ARREST WARRANTS for Biden, Hunter, Pelosi, Waters. Swallwell, Shiftless, Nadler, the rest of their IMPEACMENT TEAM and Chuck Shummer and Romney for TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE US GOVERNMENT and GREED!

  10. Those of you who keeps saying nothing will happen! WRONG! In the past these GOP were COWARD to act! Because the past President that were republican were COWARD to stay up for the country! Maybe they were involved with what the DEMOCRAT was doing! And taking bribery as well! BUT THEY ARE NOT TRUMP! WHO WAS THE ONE WHO SAID THAT IT TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP? Even Mitt Romney is a coward! I will bet he took bribery too! Remember SARAH PALIN? SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WHEN AFTER OBAMA DURING MCCAIN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! BUT McCain told her to SHUT UP! Then he refuse to DEBATE OBAMA! JUST AS MITT ROMNEY WOULD NOT DO!

  11. I don’t think President Trump should threaten Schiff. I think he should actually have him , Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and the Clintons shot for high treason against the United States. Pelosi and Schiff keep using the term “The People want”, well they didn’t ask me. None of the people I’ve talked to want anything they have claimed we do. All of them have indicated they want them to receive their just do, as I described above. We’re willing to donate $500 apiece to The RNC if President Trump will beat Schiffs ass gangster style, and dare him to make another attempt at defaming his character.

  12. This whole thing started during Trump campaign run. He was the one that said TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP! Guess he knew more than what we the people knew! Because he USE TO BE A DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER! Obama getting caught with Liv mic still on telling putin to give him time!! Sound like a plan to DESTORY AMERICA WITHIN! Joe Biden big mouth brought his son to the front page! And those who were associated with him! PELOSI son, John Kerry son, Mitt Romney son. DID I JUST SAY THAT! ROMNEY will turn on Trump because he is NOT A TRUE PATROIT AMERICANS OR A REPUBLICAN.

    1. Romney threw the 2012 Presidential election because it dawned on him no one could destroy our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic as efficiently as the foreign enemy Kenyan.

  13. “I told them to fire him, son of a bitch they fired him,” in regards to what Biden demanded of the Ukranian president at the time in terminating the federal prosecutor investigating the criminal acts on the part of the Burisma corporation, fire him or lose a little over $1,000,000,000 in aid from the United States government.

  14. Been reading that Mitt Romney is behind the “fast-track” leaking of Bolton’s (the hostile-ex-employee) unpublished book “excerpts” suggesting a POTUS Quid-Pro-Quo. This is not as YET been confirmed (by me), but articles hooking Romney to thIs “leaking” seem to be all over the Net today. My Comment: #%#$%$&*%^ !!!!!!!

    Hmmmm…. You know, I’d really like to see Mit t Romney be invited to another dinner with the President to interview for another very important White House position. Of course, Romney will be expected to kiss Trump’s RING for the third time, and THEN…..wait for it…..wait for it……ROMNEY WOULD NEVER GET THE JOB!!!
    I’d sure pay good money to see THAT. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!

    If Romney ever WAS invited back for another job dinner interview, it wouldn’t surprise me to see that rotten, no good, RINO JUDAS actually GO. THAT certainly would be one of those real “Popcorn, Folding Chair Fun Evenings” for a whole lot of us! KAGA !!!!!

  15. I have been watching ABC’s coverage of the live impeachment and it is really telling how biased the talking heads really are. When the Dims took their breaks the news crew absolutely fawned over how exceptional the house managers presented their case to the point of looking as if they were in love with the house managers and praise every statement they make even when they lied. But now with the defense team at every break those talking heads are doing everything possible to belittle everything the defense team presented which is just another Dim trick to sway the voters minds into thinking the lawyers were making it all up and are lying about the constitutional laws the Dims have ignored. This is a perfect example of the extreme bias the Dims and the lapdog MSM have been pushing onto not only the American people but to the world for all to see. George Stinkynoplis is such a tool for the Dim party it is absolutely disgusting along with the other worthless scum ABC pimps out to the Dim party.

  16. I think that hot mic with Obama maybe he was goading them on to interfere and get him back into the office for a second term through there meddling and that’s probably why Obama addressed Romney so aggravated about the interference and claimed vigorously Russian wouldn’t be doing that. Also quite possible bet Obama didn’t want Biden to run the fear we would dig up the dirt and would be a never-ending tunnel straight to Obama. The Dems are afraid of something maybe Schiff, medlar and Pelosi are involved in some underhanded scheme

  17. demo-donkeys = CORRUPTION , they are just common thieves in expensive suits and eat expensive power lunches, in the TAX PAYERS DOLLARS, that is what they are fighting, to maintain their way of living HIGH and LARGE on the back of the WE THE PEOPLE TAX PAYERS.

  18. Why hasn’t the main stream media asked Hillary Clinton why she went to Epstein’s den with see the picture of her husband posed laying back in a dress? What part of the game does she play????!

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