Rep. Ralph Norman to Newsmax TV: Bolton’s a ‘Disgruntled’ Ex-Official

The leak of portions of a book transcript written by former national security adviser John Bolton was a setup because he’s a “disgruntled” former White House official looking to sell some books, Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., told Newsmax TV.

During an appearance on Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Norman discussed a New York Times story in which Bolton is alleged to have written that President Donald Trump said the hold on U.S. military aid to Ukraine last summer was tied to a request for Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The report brought new life to the issue of whether there will be witnesses at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, which began more than a week ago.

“The public’s not buying what the Democrats are trying to sell,” Norman said. “It’s falling apart for them, I think they know it.

“This last-minute [issue] with Bolton, he’s trying to sell a book, Greg. Think about the timing: the night before the Senate comes back in session. It doesn’t make sense. This is a reel that has been run many times but it’s not gonna work.”

Kelly then asked how damaging Bolton’s testimony could be for Trump and his defense team if he is called to the Senate chamber for the trial.

“I think on the surface [it will be damaging]. But if he comes, if he testifies, I think it will be borne out for what it is: a man disgruntled with President Trump, trying to sell a book,” Norman said.

“Why didn’t they call him back in the House when they had the opportunity to do it? This is all a charade and the public’s not buying it. I don’t care what Bolton says. It’s one man, it’s based on hearsay up to date, and I don’t think it’s gonna fly. And I think actually, at the end of the day, it will work in the president’s advantage.”

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  1. It doesn’t take much to figure out Bolton. All this time he was trying to Start a WAR WITH IRAN AND NORTH KOREA. For some reason he was against Trump plan of PEACE! Sounds like he was under the table with the DEMONcrat to get more of our military troops killed! a9ne

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