San Francisco Activates Emergency Operations Center To Prepare For Coronavirus

Increasing fears of coronavirus spreading across the U.S. have resulted in San Francisco Mayor London Breed to activate the city’s emergency operations center, reported the San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s, so we have a centralized location and process to prepare for what we need to do, to share public information, and to take any action if necessary,” said Jeff Cretan, a spokesman for Breed.

So far, there have been no confirmed cases in the Bay Area, but there are new reports that at least ten people have been tested for the deadly virus in Alameda County. 

On Monday, the CDC said 110 people are under observation and being tested for the virus across the U.S. While 5 cases have already been confirmed, another 32 have tested negative.

The emergency center is also coming online one day before a Boeing 767, filled with 230 Americans, is expected to depart from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport on Tuesday for California. 

There are more than 1,000 Americans trapped in the epidemic-stricken Chinese city of Wuhan, in which the U.S. State Department launched an emergency evacuation operation over the weekend. 

The plane is expected to land in Ontario, California, which is about 400-miles south of the Bay Area.

The CDC has stepped up screening for air travelers for the deadly virus arriving from Asia at West Coast airports. 

San Francisco activating its emergency center comes at a time when the University of Hong Kong’s med school revealed during a Monday presser that the deadly virus has likely infected more than 44,000 people in China. Meanwhile, Professor Neil Ferguson, at least the second UK academic to publicly share his projections, said over the weekend that 100,000 people could already be infected with the virus around the world, according to the Guardian.

If the coronavirus continues to spread across the world at its current rate, then it could become a global epidemic in the weeks or months ahead. It seems Bay Area officials are taking no chances with immediate preparations for the worst possible outcome. 

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  1. It would seem to me that the City of San Fransisco will not be able to handle this impending contagion because of the mere fact that they can’t even get a hold on all of the problems that now exist in that city as well as the whole state. If this virus does hit that city, then there are going to be many deaths and many people panicking because of all of the corruption there. There are going to be riots within the entire state because of this and the that states government will do absolutely nothing to help the residents of that state. The Rooster Has Crowed!!! They will, however, and this includes Nancy, Adam, Maxine, and Diane all leave their constituents to die because they will have tucked tail and ran away to save their own sorry communists hides.

  2. This is what happens when you let people in from all over the world, especially the Third World, where Sanitation, and their diets are extremely questionable, into our Country. I saw a Chinese woman in a photo, with a pair of chop sticks, holding a dead, presumably cooked bat in those chop sticks, while she ate it. It was one of the most disgusting sights that I have seen in my years. These people will truly put anything that walks, crawls, swims, or flies, in their mouths, and eat it. And we wonder why so many plagues originate from there.

  3. Look like something coming to America! A disease heading to California! Who going to get the BLAME? I am sure these LIBERAL going to blame Trump! But it THEM AND EVERY LEGISLATIVE IN THE CALIFORNIA HOUSE! INCLUDING THE GOVERNOR! Look like SATAN sending evil to his follower!

  4. I understand that flight will stop first in Alaska where all passengers will be screened/tested before continuing on to Ontario.

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