Hunter Biden Settles Paternity Case; Avoids Courtroom Confrontation Over Financial Info

Hunter Biden reached a temporary settlement agreement in his child support case just 48 hours before a deadline for a mandatory court appearance to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for failing to submit overdue financial information.

Biden’s baby-mama, an Arkansas stripper, filed the paternity suit last May. On Monday afternoon, Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer approved the tentative agreement – postponing Biden’s in-court appearance originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Child support payments will begin on Feb 1, according to a copy of the order filed in the Independence County Circuit Court, which redacted the monthly amount. The final figure, however, will be determined after Biden turns over relevant financial records. He also agreed to pay support dating back to November, 2018.


“He’s doing the right thing by finally stepping up and paying what he should’ve been paying,” said Roberts’ lawyer, Clint Lancaster, in a Monday statement to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Monday, adding “He’s going to begin paying monthly child support. He’s going to pay retroactive child support back to November of 2018. And he’s going to pay attorney’s fees and costs.”

If Biden turns over financial documents by March 1st, the contempt motions will be withdrawn.

The agreement delayed a hearing on motions to hold Biden in contempt that were filed by Roberts’s attorneys last week. Her attorneys claim Biden has failed to provide information ordered by the court, including the names of any of his businesses, tax documents, and all sources of income for the past five years. The contempt motions will be considered during the next scheduled pretrial hearing on Mar. 13 and will be withdrawn if Biden turns over the relevant documents by Mar. 1, according to the deal.

Biden also agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to Roberts for her “attorneys fees and costs.” –Washington Examiner

Biden – who has been living in a $12k/month rental home in the Hollywood Hills, has denied that he’s the child’s father despite a court-ordered DNA test determining he was. His attorney, Brent Langdon, told the Gazette that the agreement would “avoid the necessity of a hearing on Wednesday.”

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