Senate Won’t Call More Witnesses; Only Collins, Romney Break With GOP Ranks

The Senate voted against seeking new evidence in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, sending the process into the final stages that’s all but certain to end with the eventual acquittal of the president.

The 51-49 vote, one of the most consequential of the trial, fell mostly along party lines. Two Republicans– Maine Sen.Susan Collins and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney– joined all 47 Senate Democrats and independents in voting for additional testimony and documents. Two Republicans who had considered voting for witnesses — Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski — voted against the motion.

With that crucial vote over, the Senate recessed for the two parties to plan their strategy for the trial’s final phases. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said lawmakers will “now confer among ourselves, with the House managers, and with the president’s counsel to determine next steps as we prepare to conclude the trial in the coming days.”

And on Fiday night, reports emerged that Republican senators are now aiming for a final vote on the articles of impeachment against Trump on Wednesday.  Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of GOP leadership, said Democrats have agreed to the plan.

That would put the resolution of the case just after Trump’s State of the Union speech, set for Tuesday.

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said that with the decision not to seek more evidence in the trial, the Senate “turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial.“

“America will remember this day, unfortunately, when the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities,” Schumer said. “If the president is acquitted with no witnesses and no documents then the acquittal has no value.”

Democrats want to ensure that all senators get the chance to publicly declare on the Senate floor the rationale for their votes before the final tally on Trump’s guilt or innocence. With 67 votes needed to convict Trump in the GOP-led chamber, the president is expect to be easily acquitted.

“We feel strongly that this needs to be a fair trial and that each member gets an opportunity to say how they feel and say how they came to their decision,” Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a member of Democratic leadership, said.

‘No Fair Trial’

The outcome of the vote on witnesses was sealed when Murkowski announced Friday that she would vote against bringing in new evidence. She was one of the last Republicans who remained publicly uncommitted.

“I have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the Senate,” Murkowski said. “I don’t believe the continuation of this process will change anything. It is sad for me to admit that, as an institution, the Congress has failed.”

The vote on witnesses came on the same day the New York Times reported that former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton wrote in an unpublished manuscript that the president directed his aides in May to help pressure Ukrainian officials to dig up damaging information on a Democratic rival.

That was two months before Trump asked Ukraine’s president in a phone call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, who had served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. And one of the officials present during the May discussion, according to Bolton, was White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who is leading the defense team.

Bolton was one of the main witnesses Democrats wanted to call in the trial, and he had said he’d be willing to testify under subpoena. An earlier revelation from his manuscript — that Trump directly linked the release of military aid for Ukraine to help with digging up dirt on Democrats — had GOP leaders scrambling to head off the chance that Democrats would get four Republican senators to agree with them.

Final Appeal

Rep. Adam Schiff, who is leading the House impeachment managers, cited the Times report in his final appeal to Republicans to call new witnesses in the trial. He said the presence of Cipollone in the meeting made him a fact witnesses to the events at the heart of the impeachment charges.

“There is a new fact which indicates that Mr. Cipollone was among those who were in the loop, yet another reason why we ought to hear from witnesses,” Schiff said Friday.

The vote may have political ramifications for senators up for re-election in 2020. Democrats accused Republicans of attempting to “cover up” Trump’s alleged crimes, and they have vowed to remind voters in November of how their senators voted on the matter.

A Quinnipiac University poll published this week found that 75% of respondents favored witnesses in the Senate trial, including 49% of Republicans.

Four Republican senators facing tough re-election campaigns this year — Cory Gardner of Colorado, Martha McSally of Arizona, Joni Ernst of Iowa, and Thom Tillis of North Carolina — all voted against calling new witnesses.

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  1. The good people of Utah should demand Romney’s resignation. What an arrogant, pompous, hateful losers. Collins is about reliable as the weather in Maine. Run a staunch conservative against her in the primary. A moderate Democrat would also be an even swipe. The good people of Maine deserve better from their Senator.

  2. Romney and Collins should be Democrats that is where they swing most of the time anyhow. That is two seats that are taken away from the GOP party. Maybe that is what the GOP should do run in the Democrat party lie and cheat to get elected and then always vote for the republicans when issues arise that are important. Would take the strength away from the Democrat. Maybe that is what needs to be done in NYC , Michigan, Minnesota, and Mass. At least that way the Squad would disappear.

  3. Mitt Romney proves that rats breed in the Mormon community. The Church of Latter-Day Saints is a cult, not a Christian faith. Established about 140 years ago by a charlatan who was the biggest sex addict in Salt Lake. This is a “church” that does not allow Christians of other dominations to enter their “STAR CHAMBER” and the same moronic attitude that creates private compounds much like the “Muslim No-Go” communities popping up in our country in which the men in these cultures are given the religious right to fu*k every young girl they please, including multiple underage wives.

    Mitt’s moronic behavior under an assumed name email account shows his repugnant values and how much he despises his colleagues who will now be able to read the ugly thoughts in this man’s sick mind…but where did he get these ideas of having a secret email account? You guessed it… HILLARY! He should now be ostracized in the Senate, let the rat eat the poisonous cheese.

    Anyone remember Warren Steed Jeffs? In 2011, Jeffs was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault for which he is currently serving a sentence of Life plus 20 years. In 2006, Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for his flight from the charges that he had arranged illegal marriages between his ADULT MALE FOLLOWERS and UNDER AGE GIRLS in Utah, was Romney a willing participant? In 2007, Arizona charged Jeffs with eight added counts.

  4. Let us also remember that Romney sent his son and his campaign manager to join the ranks of that corrupt gas company in the Ukraine…So, Romney’s son, Pelosi’s son, Kerry’s Son and Biden’s son all go to the Ukraine where each of them stuffed their pockets to accomplish what?…Maybe a money laundering scheme in which their parents could profit with the BILLIONS IN funds being attributed to them indirectly? We now know that Biden’s brother was paid $1.5 BILLION to build houses in Iraq, like his son, who captured $1.5 BILLION for the Communist Bank of China…Biden’s brother has NO EXPERIENCE as a builder and Hunter has no experience in Banking and finance. Biden’s daughter got a sweetheart deal earning $150,000 and Biden’s niece ripped off the credit card company for $100,000…and got a slap on the wrist…The Biden Crime family NEEDS investigation or are we going to allow the looney left to pull the wool over our eyes just because Biden is a presidential candidate who now admits he “may not live for his entire time in office”? REALLY? Are we electing a President, a walking corpse, or his running mate?

    1. They are shit eating criminal cocksuckers that should be prosecuted, convicted and sent to the butt fuck motel for twenty years.

  5. The only really good Republican conservative thing Susan Collins ever did, that I recall, was she had the deciding vote and pulled our behinds out of the fire when she voted to confirm Justice Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS! Other than that she has been a total loser for our side! Her only possible defense is she comes from a very “blue” district!
    The only really good thing Mit Romney has ever done as a good Republican conservative is NOTHING! His state, Utah, is very “red” and yet this no account dude has TDS as bad as any Democrat in D.C. I hope they vote his butt out and tells him Utah wants him to leave the state!
    I am very disappointed in Collins and Romney but, not surprised, is anyone else?

    1. Completely agree. Collin’s statement defending her decision for Kavanaugh was absolutely amazing and “dead on”! Otherwise her record, and Romney’s are totally dismal. Whoda thunk?

  6. Chuck Schumer..” the Senate turned away from truth and went along with a ‘sham’ trial.” Lol!!! Where do I start? Is this his admission that the trial the demoncraps started in the house was “sham trial” and the Senate was following along with it? How could he call it a sham trial when the demoncrap managers coming from the House said they had an airtight case with all the proof/evidence they needed to convict? If it was so airtight and they had all the proof/evidence needed, why are they scrambling so hard to get the republicans to give them more witnesses? If they needed more, then obviously they couldn’t have been that confident in their “airtight” case. Why wouldn’t they have been a little bit more patient in the House to let the courts,(which Trump had every right to use), do their job and possibly give them the witnesses they wanted? They were in charge. They could have taken as much time as they wanted to get their additional witnesses. But no,…they didn’t want to wait. Why not? Because they knew the courts wouldn’t side with their unconstitutional approach and complete lack of due process. Yes, it was a sham. A demoncrap sham,…not a republican sham!

    1. I agree with you. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler and company did not want any witnesses when then were conducting their “Whine Cellar” hearings. They didn’t want to hear the facts where the facts disagreed with their opinions and prejudices. Actually, efforts to get rid of President Trump were activated already before his Inauguration. So what is the House going to do about all the illegal activity that accompanied the “Mueller Circus”? Probably just say “That’s OK!” Don’t hold your breath while you wait for Nancy Pelosi to follow through on her grand announcement that she would resign if Trump was not removed from office.

  7. Mitt romney just proved all mormons are unrrustworthy. Good job mitt and you stupid mormons. Try electing someone honest loyal and trustworthy next time morons

  8. We should have expect this from two republican who are NOT REAL REPUBLICAN! But spy for DEMONCRAT IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! I BELIEVE MAINE could be part of Canada due to fact these people are at the border of Canada. Live more like they want the government controlling their life! Which is a shamed! Collin shall resign from SENATE and move down to low class DEMONcrat who can’t be trusted as an American citizen! ROMNEY just isn’t worth any words here! Was the biggest COWARD NEXT TO JOHN McCAIN AND JOHN KERRY IN THE SENATE!

  9. Romney and Collins are not doing their job. It’s the Houses job to impeach, including providing a complete case which includes all witnesses, charges etc.

    It’s the senates job to hear the case as laid out and then decide if impeachable or not.

    These two idiots don’t get it. A big disgrace to the Republican Party. Suggest the revert to another party. Assholes!

  10. Romney, I have heard rumors, there is a petition to have him recalled in his state … hope the state garners 25% of the required voting population to recalls this manned have his name on the ballot next election cycle. A man who can not tell due process from a baked in case should never serve in the much hallowed legislative body as the Senate. Collins also has a hard time determining truth from fiction. When due process is totally ignored, as was case in the House impeachment process, then one has to wonder what these two who parade as republicans have between their ears. Seems to me they wear the republican moniker on the outside but are democrats on the inside. Hope both these members who have a hard time determining truth from fiction are relieved of their duties their next election cycle or recalled before then.

  11. The reason is obvious, the Trump and GOP ass kissers don’t want the evidence to come forward, that Trump is guilty as sin, and the American people know it. Ridiculous reasons given to not allow the witnesses and documents to be heard and seen. Trump and GOP are completely lacking in any kind of integrity.

    If we ever really investigated his finances we see money laundering with Russian oligarchs. Corrupt as hell.

    God is watching. We are all accountable.

    If we can minimize the rampant voter suppression and dirty tricks by the GOP, who know they can’t win democratically, there could be a massive enough majority who vote them out of office. But we also have to overcome the undemocratic Electoral college that had its origins to uphold slavery.

    1. Larry,

      I know medical marijuana is legal. Absent that: you are misinformed and border line crazy: and it’s concerning that you would even communicate your socialist views.

      Thanks for the input but kiss my ass and go straight to hell.

      1. Thanks for your well considered, intelligent response. Don’t smoke/inbibe. Just speaking the truth as I see it, what to most Americans, and people with integrity, is obvious, or not if you drank the cult leader Trump koolaid.

  12. I grew up in Utah and many Mormons are good people. Some are not, which is true of many if not most tribes.

    However Romney is more in the mode of Paul Singer….someone who takes over companies or threatens to just to shake out money for his own pocket. Oblivious to any social contract with workers.

    His duplicitous sore loser behavior ever since his “upset” loss to Bama does make him a less than stellar example of Mormondom. I think it was Webster Tarpley who said the Mormons are a synthetic religion created by British intelligence to destabilize the U.S.

  13. I knew Romney would vote with the Senate GOP he has a kid that works for Burisma Industries. And Collins has never voted with the GOP so she needs to be gone anyhow. Maine deserves Better and so doesn’t Utah.

  14. You can Really tell who the True Republicans are and that is Truth! I hope these 2 Rhinos are voted out one way or another. The House Never had a case against President Trump and they knew it. They just want to slander him before the election. All these Dems should be voted out if you are Truly for the USA and Right.

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