Watch and comment: Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s State Of The Union Speech After Handshake Snub

Update: And here is Pelosi’s response. Stay classy San Francisco.

When asked afterwards “Why did you tear up the speech?”

Pelosi responded:

“Because it was the courteous thing to do… It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

One can only wonder what the alternative was.

* * *

One year after Nancy Pelosi’s famous SOTU 2019 handclap…

… and one failed impeachment later, Trump returned the favor and snubbed Pelosi’s handshake as he took the stage at today’s SOTU address.

Pelosi, as expected, snubbed Trump right back, introducing him only as “The President of the United States”, whereas traditionally the speaker has used the language: “I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States.”

Still, Trump will have the final laugh: in less than 24 hours the Senate will vote to acquit Trump of the impeachment farce passed by Pelosi’s House a few weeks ago, a process Pelosi herself did not want to pursue afraid that it would backfire and cripple the chances of the establishment’s favorite candidate, Joe Biden, but was ultimately was forced to concede by the radical left-wing in the Democratic party.

In retrospect, she should have gone with her gut feeling.


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    1. What a class act. Once again, Pelosi shows the world what an ignorant, self-serving bitch she is. And could somebody please tell her to stop with the white outfits? She looks like a walking corpse. There is nothing virtuous or virginal about her! She shouldn’t EVER wear white.

      1. Absolutely classless act of treasonous asinine defying example by pelosi proving she is a stupid anti – U.S.A. #1 enemy too eliminate from U.S. Government & the U.S.A. ! pelosi is the prime example of a democrats logo of an ass that defies U.S.A.’s Patriotic Citizens .. ! The whole damned dem party of deceitful leaders at SOTU were an absolute disgrace to all dedicated Patriotic U.S. Citizens ! Their stench of spite displaying treason to internally divide & destroy U.S. National Security proves dems are satan’s disciples from hell !

        1. Staged act! Camera pans away from Nancy and podium. Nancy stops and waits. When camera pans back to Nancy grabs middle of papers AGAIN and THEN rips. The cameraman messed up the timing by briefly panning away. LOL Look again at the video!!!!

          1. It has been obvious for several years, (OR TERMS) that this woman is becoming unhinged, and she would do us ALL good if she just RETIRED!!! She is no longer the young attractive woman that could sway votes with a smile! She should go home and try to solve the problem of people sleeping and sh—ting in the streets, and ruining a beautyful state!
            There are at least 0 more dumbocraps that also should quit and go home.

        2. Our fabulous President knew upfront that draining the swamp would not be easy, especially getting rid of the main sea hag, Nasty Piglosi. she’s pretty much destroyed herself by her infantile, absurd antics so perhaps she;ll melt into oblivion without much force!! Then, it’s on to Shifty and the rest of the swamp creatures!!!

      2. Her outfit (and those of the others) are incomplete. They need to also wear the hood that goes with it. After all, it was Democrats who founded the KKK.

          1. I can’t decide if they’re the New Klan robes, or unfastened straitjackets.
            Either is appropriate for them.

      3. EVERY single one of those ‘pretend’ white warriors, should automatically be EXPELLED/REMOVED/BANNED from our government sector. Especially since they disrespect our constitution and LABELED TRAITORS and TREASONOUS psychopaths. It just made my blood boil watching these insurgents. The American people should take notice and VOTE them ALL out. How they cannot see their belligerent and divisive behavior is beyond me.
        A very very very angry patriotic American citizen and a VETERAN.

          1. To Angelika: Are you saying they should actually be wearing all black? If not, allow me. With matching hoods for all of them. When is justice going to carve this cancerous plague out of our government and normal, sane society and put it where it belongs: in a medieval dungeon somewhere, deep and as far away as possible. I’m sure they have quite a few of them already available. It’s painfully apparent to me, that they’re suffering from a collective disease and it’s their own hatred and evil that’s consuming them. They’ve gone too far to return. Get them away from civilized people before they infect anymore of us. With monsters like this running the show, it’s no wonder our country’s in such dire straits.

          2. Sorry, the next comment was in response to your earlier one. As to this comment, I’d have to say the only logical explanation has to be they’re either not paying attention and are just assuming the democratic party is the same one they’ve always voted for, or they’ve become infected (brainwashed) and they don’t realize what they’re doing. Hopefully, both are curable.

          1. That is so right on! She should be ashamed of her behaviour, time to retire, She needs some serious help.
            I was totally saddened with her childish attitude and rudeness.
            Her hate for our president is her problem but she certainly did not do her job.

        1. Sue Breslin, you described how I felt exactly. Disgusted and she should be the one Removed, not our President, along with Shift, Nadler and several more!

      4. You nailed it. Millions of us agree with you.
        I feel sickened by the look of her, after knowing the criminal af crap the Liberal Feminist have put Trump through… Love my President.
        #Trump2020 ;D

    2. How old is Pelosi? She acts like a spoiled three year old brat.


      Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and Nadler are , by themselves ,making the 2020 election a landslide win for the Republicans.

    3. Give Crazy Nancy a be break. That was probably the last SOTU that she will attending as the Speaker of the House. One way or another she is done!

    4. she has proven what the democratic party has become, a party of hate. she has allowed these new socialist take over and she is scared of losing power. Not knowing she has already lost power. McCarthy WILL BE sitting in that seat next year and she can watch from the stands with the rest of her loser pals.

      1. I hope the voter’s of these Democrat’ distract’s watched the State Of The Union and see how kid’s act when they don’t get there way.I believe they where sent to Washington to do the will of the people

    5. She should be arrested! She can’t stand to see Trump continue with his success. While she’s being a bitch, she’s letting her state,California suffer. I’m surprised she hasn’t been taken out. She should be deported. If she’s think about running for president, she’s not going to make with that kind of behavior. I’m not for, but am surely and totally against. I say stone her.

      1. After this and the Iowa caucus, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve only now come to realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that these people cheated and rigged their way into office! All of them! Who, in their right mind would vote them in, year after year, given how miserably they’ve run their districts? Like governor Northam in Virginia, which, I believe has long been a red state…how the hell?? Rigged, that’s how. Same with the House, in 2018! I was a democrat all my life, until I witnessed the Kavanaugh hearings. Now, I say they need to taken out, every last corrupt one of them!

    6. I thought she had lost a few marbles, but after last night, It was so disgusting to our president’s speech, I feel she has lost her mind completely!

    7. This women is potentially 3rd in command ,scaredy thought.she could not sit still the entire time ;simular to a detoxing drug addict.her weird facial grimaced looked like somebody in severe pain or having a stroke.this woman has no business in politics any longer;she’s done.the childish outburst tearing up the speech is the proof.thats not the first temper tantrum she’s had either.her childish antics should be grounds for her own impeachment.consider the filth in bay area California voters should vote her lame gin soaked ass out of office

    1. The pelosi stench flushed into the bo & hilary treasonous libturd cesspool by pulling her own handle of fate by displaying her own asinine stupidity & destroying dem asses defying U.S.A. ! Every humane person in the world has seen the real democrat wannabe dictators stench that pelosi with her asininie piers displayed at the SOTU 2/4/2020 as absolute world history asses !

  1. Pelosi just became little aoc , omar , tleib , her party is America haters ! Pelosi , her mummified remains should be rewrapped and reburied . She lies so much her teeth want to jump out of her mouth ! That’s why Americans back Donald Trump 100% it’s America First thanks be to God .

    1. That whole party is an embarrassment to this country! We will make America great Again when they get voted out of office!!

    1. I look at it like a director, Nancy Pelosi and her choir in white. It reminds me of “suzy high school’.
      As a woman, this behavior is insulting to me. The American people need to vote for adults and these people follow the director and do not use their own brains. Who needs them. Pretty sad!

      1. I agree, Pelosi and her white attired clan acted just like high school kids! If Pelosi sat, they sat, if Pelosi clapped, they clapped, if she stood, they stood!?!? WTF??? A bunch of children playing “simon says”… how pathetic!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  2. My grandkids are more mature than the democrap there’s not one adult in Congress on the democrap side of the isle they are spoil rotten brats that needs to be taken out to the wood shed

  3. It really doesn’t matter what this disgusting old harridan does any more. Her political career is in the garbage, her health is failing, her mind is disintegrating, her dentures continually threaten to fall out of her head, and now she’s made a perfect ass of herself on national TV. I don’t know what more she could do to insure an overwhelming Republican victory in 2020.

  4. The speaker of the house copy of the President’s SOTU address should be something for the Smithsonian. Having her tear it up on camera show’s the hatred that this democrat party has for the man that has brought this country back to the American people. I hope she pays for this action.

    1. Hopefully her copy will go to the Smithsonian. For the reasons that you stated.
      In my opinion, either one of them could have been a better person.
      – The Speaker of The House of Representatives should have introduced The President of The United States of America with the pomp and respect that has been afforded POTUS before him.
      – Trump should have shaken her hand and could have made an off hand remark about the lack of introduction.
      – Pelosi should not have been a petty person and torn up the speech. She has ample opportunity to call POTUS out on any of her networks.

      1. I’ve watched the video over and over again, and even though I’m well aware that the president is perfectly capable of being a jerk, I think he honestly wasn’t expecting her to put out her hand and turned away before he saw it. If he did, it was too late and he certainly couldn’t have been expected to turn back around! No dignity there and she didn’t deserve any show of respect, given how she and her entire party have treated him for the past three + years. Either way, it’s all good.

    2. My opinion exactly. She showed so much disrespect and continues to do so, it is disgusting. No CLASS !!!. She was forcing a half way smile (probably for the white clothed Dems sitting there just waiting for Trump to fall on his face. Didn’t happen. He has dignity, manners and conducted himself as a President of the USA should. Her career is over! the Democrats are over! They are holding out their greedy hands so Billionaire Mikey Boy can pay all of them. Not fair to many candidates. Hope he gets -10 votes in any primary. She was showing the Democrats sitting that she was defying Trump…he didn’t see, and probably cared about as much as my cat would !!!

  5. Dems are GOING DOWN!! IF they try to use FRAUD this Election, they will BE IN PRISON!! We the PEOPLE, WILL NOT STAND FOR IT AGAIN!!!

  6. Don’t we have men with jackets standing by. She could have hurt herself and obviously needed to be restrained in a padded room

  7. I for one am proud of our President. Whether he snubbed her by not shaking her hand is something only he knows. Pelosi tried to put on a show the whole time HER PRESIDENT was speaking. She acted like a spoiled brat I for one do not appreciate having to try to concentrate on someone giving a speech and have a BABY or RUDE PERSON: behind them trying to put on a show. The PRESIDENT gave a wonderful and heartfelt speech. I was so proud that he did not come down to their level by even mentioning what the democrats are trying to do to him. I think he was doing his job by trying to find out what Biden and Hunter are doing. Biden should be the one impeached! GOD BLESS AMERICA and the American People.

  8. That was the last straw for me. Being a democrat for over forty years. Seeing how in the house during the impeachment how one sided it was. Then the made up stories Adam Schiff told, I’m sorry from what I saw they didn’t do or even try to do what they should have. Then all the last minute bombshells that come out. Really? Reminded me of the Kavanaugh hearings one last minute thing after another. Yea I’m convinced they the democrats are lying. And watching them just sitting there stone faced. Guess what dems you lost me, I’m going to our court house to switch my party. I can’t in my heart agree with what they stand for anymore. My father was a democrat my grandmother and grandfather were all democrats and even though their not here anymore I don’t think they would stand for what they are doing. Pelosi is a spoiled rick woman that all she has is contempt for anyone who doesn’t go along with her. She says she was brought up a good catholic yet she’s for abortions, she doesn’t cate if illegals kill innocent people ect. To the Democratic Party you make me sick to hear you call yourselves Americans. No you are the scum of the earth. God help us if you ever get back in power. Our country will be doomed.

    1. I believe Nancy Pelosi sealed her fate when she tore up the speech. She showed the world what a disrespectful person she is. Nancy will either retire or die in office as the most disgusting person to ever hold office beside Harry Reid who was pure poison in the Senate.

    2. Hi Purpledog,
      It takes a strong, honest person to admit that they are wrong. With this in mind, I tip my virtual hat to you. And I wholeheartedly agree with your final thoughts, including , “God help us if you ever get back in power. Our country will be doomed.”
      God has given our country a second chance, so let’s not blow it. And a large part of doing it right will mean to put God back front and center in our nation’s life. We need to stop worshiping at the alter of secularism, humbly and prayerfully ask him to guide us, not only in our daily lives, but especially when are words and actions will have an impact on our communities, our states and government entities. And when God does send us the leadership that this country so desperately needs, we need to be supportive of those individuals, both with our prayers and our words and deeds.
      Once again, I admire your willingness to seek God’s path, even if it means swallowing personal pride and officially changing political affiliation.
      God Bless and keep you.

  9. She is a rude, arrogant, vindictive, disrespectful witch. What she did was totally disgusting and childish. She just made a total A$$ if herself.

    1. She is a disgusting,and disgraceful, tiny human being.Her daughter brags,” she could cut your head off and you won’t even know you are bleeding”.Well. Last night in front of the whole world,
      she cut off her own head .

  10. Her Dementia and alcohol has taken over her Mafia Daughter body. Please run her bat sh-t crazy ass out of DC. What a national embarassment she is for many nations to see. OMG what trash she is. Money can’t buy class, she and Communist Socialist Democrap Party totally lack class or respect. They are all, including the crap from Hollywood, FREE TO MOVE TO VENEZUELA. TODAY, BYE

    1. gene maxon ; that is a Gov. Document and Gov. property that she destroyed . The penalty for her action is 3 years in prison . Puke Cadaver Drunk pelosi is a Fool Full of Hate .
      She`s insane and she got to go .

  11. Notice how no one is paying attention to her hateful state of being. She represents a wasted 3 years in that disposition while her district suffers. A leader of malice and hate. She stands in opposition to patriotism. What a wast

  12. From what Charlie Kirk said tearing up the speech is a crime punishable with up to 3 years in prison. I hope he’s correct and I hope the Repubicans push this charge. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  13. I’ve always been middle of the road when it came to politics. In the past I have voted for a Democrat…..not any more! Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic party have lost their minds. All they care about is giving our country away to illegal immigrants at our expense. The Democrats ARE the deplorables!

  14. Was Pelosi ripping up the dreams of woman of the little girl trying to get into a better school? Was Pelosi trying to rip up all of America’s dreams. Too bad the countless millions spent on impeaching the best president we have had in a long time weren’t spent on reducing poverty and improving schools and other issues that we are all concerned about. Best way to solve the problems is to vote out do nothing demonRats.

    1. I saw that big,huge giant of a man, whose brother was killed by an illegal alien, on Fox news this morning and he said when he saw pelosi do that, it ripped his heart open. Such disrespect. It was such a beautiful evening for him and she had to sully it with her selfish, petty, it’s all about me, antics. (My words, not his, but you get the gist) I felt bad for him.

  15. Well proved one thing she is a hateful old bitch! Could you imagine if someone would have torn up obama’s state of the Union address, they’d be in jail, which by the way that classless old hag should be sharing with all her anti-American hating ilk! The President didn’t shake her hand, because he didn’t want to catch anything, not a snub, just good hygiene.

  16. Her actions at last night’s Presidential address to the Nation was worse than a total disgrace! If the Dumborat don’t wake up and remove her and others like Shiff, Nadler and a number of othere from being a part of that fragmented party, then the Dumborats will never become the party of honor or leadership in our country. I pray that Americans will remove the Dumborats from control of the U S House of Representatives as long as these people are around as well as all those who were dressed in white at the State of the Union speech last evening! America doesn’t need people like them. They, also, were a disgrace. President Trump’s speech was one of the best ever which included all those remarkable people he introduced. I believe the 2020 election will be a landslide for President Trump and a second term in office.

  17. Rich She just proved how much HATRED she has for the President she and the rest of the demo-rats all belong in jail for all the lies and false charges and 3 years of doing nothing for the people but trying to take down a standing President never seen so much BS in my life

  18. I heard one Democrat senator asking for unity. Did the Democrats show any iota of unity with their incomprehensible behavior during the SOTU address?

    Four more years for our President!


  20. She is what she is…Hateful …..she is not for America or the people. She needs to go and the other 2 also. Nothing but hate from them. I’m a voter and she has destroyed what the American people want. Not her… They have no common seance. And don’t see beyond their self ego, greed.

  21. Yes Nancy you stepped in it this time again.
    No one will ever read this or care.
    But I hope some undecided voters saw that and light bulbs went on.
    This is the current Democratic party.
    You can always tell alot about people from their body language.

    1. I read it and I 100% agree! Our country cannot afford to let the democratic party inflict anymore damage than they already have. I think it’s so much worse than most of us are even aware of. We’ve been too slow to act, because we, as honest, law-abiding citizens, simply couldn’t believe they were capable of such despicable, corrupt behavior. The masks are off for all to see, now, and I hope it serves as an ironic weapon that opens the peoples’ eyes.

  22. WHEN THESE LIBTARD DEM ASSES WALKED OUT OF SOTU PROVED THE TRUTH OF FACTS THAT OUR POTUS RELEASED IS THEIR OWN CREATED DEMISE THEY CANNOT ESCAPE .. ! When pelosi tore up Trumps speech @ the same time our POTUS said, “GOD Bless America” also put the dems into a libturd cesspool stench being treasonous examples of satan’s disciples wannabe dictators ! The SOTU proved dems are the U.S.A.’s # 1 enemy trying to destroy U.S. Constitutional Freedom !

  23. Ever since the first time I saw her give a speech in 2007 after becoming speaker I have thought she has serious mental problems. This bitch should be committed to a nut house with thick walls and no doors. Trump is the best president in my lifetime and I am 78 years young. God bless and protect him.

  24. It is alarming to have to view on National TV a so called national leader not being able to control her infantile and puerile impulses. Hard to believe that she would humiliate herself and the American citizens so much in her petty effort to humiliate Trump. We really have to transcend party affiliations and agendas and do what is best for our country – there are quite a few lawmakers who need to be voted out of office, beginning with Madame Speaker of the House.

  25. I didn’t see any snub. I saw her put out her hand and the President gave her the speech folder; he did the same with the VP (no handshake for him, either). Even if Pres Trump did snub her, so what? Why should he shake the hand of the person who’s trying to remove him from office? It’s war and it’s just beginning.

  26. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and the rest of these Demoncrat assholes, belong behind bars for all the crimes they have committed against the Constitution and the people of the United States of America!

  27. If the President shook the Vice-President’s hand and not Pelosi then it could be called a snub. If truly a snub, then what’s wrong with that ? Pelosi has been openly calling the President every bad name she can dream up and has tried to undermine him since he was elected. I bet most people would snub a person who has tried to slander them. Correct ?

  28. Typical pelosi! I don’t know how she gained the power she thinks she has but she has met her superior match with My President! She needs to take her childish flat butt and go back to California!

  29. You don’t shake hands with the Devil. When you look at her eyes, it’s like looking into the eyes of an Great White shark, dark and hollow…

  30. Since the Democrats want to act like petulant children, I urge ALL Americans to take them to the ” woodshed” in November 2020.

  31. Good for Nancy, I would have done the same thing! He’s a lying, corrupt excuse for a man. He belongs in jail. People, open your eyes, he a con man, in all capitals!

    1. To Lorraine: Well, well. The one, lone dissenting voice. You’re entitled to your opinion, however wrong it may be, but it’s you who needs to open your eyes. Try to think this through, if you can: The entire democratic party, along with members of the CIA and FBI, the mainstream media, (with the exception of Fox news), social media, as well as a lot of Hollywood, have been aggressively doing their damnedest to smear and discredit him since he started his term in office. They waged a non-stop war against him on late night t.v. All bought and paid for by the democratic party. Then they really got serious. They called him a Russian agent, in cahoots with Vladimir Putin! They actually spied on him, illegally and planted their own people in his administration and launched a special counsel investigation on him, dozens of attorneys, hundreds of depositions,that lasted for TWO YEARS. What did they dig up on him, after desperately trying so hard? Absolutely nothing! Well, a democrat court in NY found some weak, financial mishandling of his charity organization, but nothing that, they themselves weren’t guilty of. And don’t you know they tried really, really hard to find something, ANYTHING to charge him with? They spent 30 million dollars of OUR money trying to do it, too! Then they tried to impeach him and just this morning he was found NOT GUILTY. If you were capable of any kind of logic, you would clearly see he’s an innocent man. The democrats are pulling one of their old tricks out their often-used bag o’ tricks, it’s called projection: accusing others of what they’re guilty of! They have their own agenda for this country and President Trump is fighting them every step of the way, Thank God! You need to do some research on your party. I used to be a democrat until I started paying attention to their actions, not their words. After I researched, I saw them clearly for the first time. I will never vote for them again. Open your eyes, Lorraine.

    2. Lady I feel so sorry for you, Pull off the blinders , Watch the actions of the people you support, Hi Paid wanna be Senators, With one vision, Bury Trump, Their Hatred has separated Americans from Americans, Now they are destroying Families, Brothers hate Sisters, Sister’s Hate Brothers if they share political beliefs, Ass-H–es like Obama started this Hatred, Pelosi just put the nail in the coffin, If you cannot recognize what is going on. make an Appointment with a shrink, Because your future is doomed, Lady Please think, He is not someone that I would want for a friend to have coffee with, But he sure as Hell takes action and Helps our country grow and prosper, Hope and Pray Lorraine you get the help you need ?? SAD for you ! A concerned American 81 year old veteran .

  32. I usually just read the comments, but this time I feel the need to comment. I was appalled at the childish, disrespectful, hateful behavior from Nancy Pelosi. For someone that says she has no hate and is a Catholic, I think her actions show her to be a liar. I have always been a person to vote for the person, not the party, but I will NEVER vote for a democrat again. I cannot say I agree with everything President Trump says or does(tweets), I have never agreed with everything any president has said or done, but no matter how you feel try to get beyond the petty politics. The democrats have taken petty, partisan politics to a whole new level. I’m so disappointed in what I saw from the democrats last night and in the 3+ years since the election I am not surprised how the party has veered so far from the normal Democratic Party of the past.

  33. What a classless old broad. Funny how she told San Fran(poopville, USA)to stay classy! She would do more good if she would stay home and help scrape poop off of her district’s streets. I would pay good money to see her clean up sh*t in her kkk outfit ! 🤛🤣

  34. Ms. Pelosi needs to retire to a home where she can do some basket weaving & arts and crafts, along with other democrats. Oh, and by the way, does Liz Warren have any other clothes to wear ? She’s always wears black under her blazer.

  35. When Nancy announced the president she didn’t do it correctly besides the Democratic party has been after President Trump since the day he was elected and now they want to impeach him she’s just tticked off they’re going acquit him.

  36. The american people have to drain the sewage or turd piles from the swamp! nancy pelosi and a dam turd shit have to be pumped out ! useless to this country ,contaminating our young with socialist ideas!
    sending the idea that if you lie you cant be prosicuted and what they feel about the american people! we are not stupid or blind to the insults! YES MR TRUMP DRAIN THE SEPTICTANK NOW !!!!! support our
    president !

  37. pelosi still would have torn it up !because it was trumps , I hope people remember this action IT was repulsive degrading to the american people! She has to be stopped now! Shes like a mad dog with a bone
    wont stop till ist all gone OR destroyed


  38. Here we go again haveing her Little fits. Like the last time in the Oval Office. Standing up & pointing her finger in President face.. She is so angry that she’s not president. Wish that crying tantrum baby go home & stay there. This job is not for children.

  39. The POLITICAL MACHINE OF GREED AND CORRUPTION HATE the OUTSIDER, NON-POLITICAN who is trying to HELP AND CHANGE the way these so-called administrative officials are doing “BUSINESS” by lining their own pockets , Regardless of the effect it has on The AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! She is just “1” of MANY that insult the integrity of the UNITED STATES!!! She needs to pass go and go DIRECTLY TO PRISON along with the rest of the OLD POLITICAL MACHINE!!! Let our President do his job and all of our lawmakers do their job for the AMERICAN PEOPLE as they were elected to do so!!! She will pay for her dealings when she faces GOD ALMIGHTY’S JUDGMENT!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETERANS!!!

  40. All of them should go to jail for treasonous and terrorist inclusion acts towards the President of thee United States and it’s people. This includes all the elites paying ppl off too make the United States a socialist country.

  41. I hope people aren’t shocked by this? Pelosi is an over the hill tale from the crypt. Her CA implants are worn out and her botox level no longer holds the old wrinkled skin on her skeleton. Her and her House Maids all dressed in white like who knows what. But watching them not even applaud for all the good things and worse yet for the people that were honored tells me one thing. These Freaks are un-American and Anti-American because they can’t win because they have no platform except all the Communist agenda their candidates have offered the country. Like Trump stated. The US will never be a socialist/communist country. Everyone of these sitters should be voted out of office, unless of course their supporters are just like them. WARNING TO THESE PEOPLE: Prepare to lose in 2020!!

  42. I saw Democrats really hate President Trump, but they forget he is President of the United States. Nancy Pelosi need to go back school to learn how to act like professional, because she not tear of paper in the front of Congress even she hate President, and only low class of people do that.

  43. Courtesy dictates that a man shakes a woman’s hand only after she offers her hand, always allowing the woman the first move. Trump stood and waited for her to offer until it would have been awkward to wait any longer. Pelosi then stuck out her hand to Trump’s back and tries to claim that he snubbed her. Pelosi may have a lot of class, but ALL of it is low. She demonstrates again and again just how low class and ignorant she is

  44. I am beginning to wonder, with ALL they have done so far to HURT the President or TRYING their very best, if they DON’T want him to lose the next election……Because all of these people BEHAVIORS is certainly NOT normal, and I would NOT, NEVER vote for “NOT normal”……!!!!

  45. Pelosi just showed the world how immature she is. President Trump gave his best SOTU and the American people loved everything he had to say. It was a very nice respectfull SOTU especially honoring the families who had personal invites. Pelosi needs to be removed from her job. Don’t impeach her just fire the bitch and send her to her district that is full of shit and piss. She’ll fit right in there. Since she acted like a fool put the dunce cap on her and sit her in a corner. She will foever be known as the worst HS that ever had the honor to hold that position. A blemish that will live with her forever. Just as she has branded our President with this tax paying fake ass impeachment. A good Catholic, BS. There’s not enogh hail Mary’s she could say to make amends with God, our President and the American people.

  46. That sure was not lady like. She must have been brought up by rich parents. Everything handed to her on a golden plate. She should have to live in the style of us average people who just get by.

  47. For someone who SHOULD care about what others think of her because her “profession” should be determined by the way OTHERS see her & how she looks & acts, I would think she would act like a lady and not be so careless & ruthless about her activities. All te demonrats we MOST obnoxious with their sitting like logs while the President spoke. All the time throught their worthless “impeachment”, they, Nancy included, have done nothing but waste time & MONEY. I think their pay should be taken back from them since THEY DID NOT EARN A PENNY OF IT! All 3 years so far & probably the 4th will be wasted as the others spending time on trying to get rid of Trump who IS working, despite them. In short, Nancy is evidentally a old, careless, classless, B****.

  48. Destroying a government document is punishable by fine and or 3 yrs in jail. As well as being stripped from political office and never being able to hold another. Prosecute her to the fullest extant of the law!

  49. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t believe president Trump saw her extend her hand. He handed her the copy said thank you and turned. Pelosi extended her hand only after or while he was turning. That is really beside the point. Pelosi’s introduction was minimal only uttering what she absolutely had to and not following what is customary. But what I find most disgraceful is not only that Pelosi tore up the speech but the lack of respect for the contents of the speech. Pelosi can disagree with the president all she wants but he spoke of people making the ultimate sacrifice for our country, people who have served through 3 wars for our country, people who have dedicated their careers and been very charitable who are now suffering with a very serious disease. All of that and much much more deserves respect. Instead of being respectful Pelosi chose to disrespect it and tore it up for the world to see. Pelosi is a liar and has been since day 1. This is not a bipartisan impeachment as Pelosi claimed it would have to be. The signing of the impeachment was not a somber moment for Pelosi as she smiled while passing out pens. The impeachment was so urgent but then Pelosi withheld the documents 3 weeks trying to bully the Senate. The democrats proved their iron clad case but needed more witnesses…but only witnesses they deemed necessary. It’s clear to the world that Pelosi and her democratic female cronies all decked out in white, in an attempt to appear virtuous, are now exposed as angry, vindictive bottom feeders incapable of applauding even during the most humane points including when the president factually spoke of illegals being released in sanctuary cities only to kill afterwards. How backwards are these people to not be capable of showing empathy for the victims and their families. Finally when Pelosi was asked why she tore up the speech she uttered nonsense about it being the courteous thing to do considering the alternative…what alternative would that be? Would hitting the president over the head with the gavel be an acceptable alternative? I’d like to know exactly what alternative Pelosi had in mind. Pelosi is a disgrace. Pelosi’s actions are treasonous. The Democrats are repulsive. Let’s see…to set things straight we need to remove Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and oh yes Romney. Get them all out immediately. President Trump stood tall and did not even mention impeachment. Way to go president Trump. 4 more years!!!

    1. I don’t think he saw her hand out either…… even so….she is such a bully…..
      The look on her face when she stared down the dem sheople????? Daring them to disobey????? My husband always says any votes should be secret ballot..this way some of the dems might never vote her way………..

  50. Blame that on Bill Clinton! It was him who sign the paper work to CLOSE UP MENTAL ILLNESS CENTER! Just about all Democrat belong in ones!

  51. Vile , Disgusting , hateful , Ignorant behavior by the Speaker of the House ! Nancy Pelosi embarrassed The United States On the National & World Stage as only a Democrap can do. Thank You Nancy Pelosi for showing your true colors of Hate for not only the POTUS but for the U.S. & the American people. You truly are a classless useless disgraceful embarrassment on every level & that goes for all your fellow Democraps ! Go to Hell Democraps !!!

  52. The “Democrats” never cease to amaze me at how low they can go. Classless, arrogant, lying hypocrites that keep accusing everyone else of their crimes. Praying the truth comes out, their crimes are revealed, and they are held accountable. For any of the ones that are just sheep, may they all be voted out of office in November.

  53. I thought all the white dresses looked like they (the demoncrats) were waving the white flag of surrender. But I suppose they don’t have the intelligence to know when they have lost !!!!!!!

  54. Wow , the party that keeps telling us how they are so smart and only they know how to rule shows the world what hateful brats they are.They wanted the Senate to fix their awful, untrue ” impeachment ” and the Senate shoved it where the sun don’t shine. Vote these cretins out of office.

  55. It was a real pleasure to watch that San Francisco Marxist suffer during Trump’s speech. I for one promise her more such painful moments during the next 6 years!

  56. Nancy Peloser is not only a vindictive little skank but a liar as well!! Remember a few weeks ago when a reporter acused her of hating Trump and Peloser LIED out of her ARSE and claimed she did not!! Her actions against the President proof otherwise!!!

  57. I would not have shaken her hand either. She is a totally unhinged Kalifornia Moon Bat who actually thinks she is running something. Ocasio-Psychotika and her squat team are usurping Moon Bat Pelosi’s authority in the House. She looked like a petulant 5 year being made to appear there, making immature faces, yammering to Himself only knows who and shuffle and hammer down papers behind Trump’s back. Ut all culminated in that petty,totally classless act of tearing up President Trump’s speech. She has nothing to be proud of during this tenure as Speaker. The Dems have not dome a single thing constructive or productive to earn the extravagant wages and benefits we tax payers provide them through a punitive tax system. The have also used our tax dollars since election night 2016 to wage a criminal palace coup against the Trump Administration. Everyone sees it and this is why in November the Republicans will take back the seats they lost in the House in 2018, but will gain additional seats there and in the Senate. I hope they completely marginalize the Democrats.

  58. Where did the ripped up speech go???
    Start the bidding should be worth millions?
    Or Maybe into a museum down at DC !
    Trump brought the economy back so I’m happy ?
    Out of work for 20 months living in attic cutting Obama tenure!
    Doing well now Thank you President Trump !

  59. Pelosi and all of her co-conspirators, including puppet master Soros and puppet slave Obama need to be charged with treason and hanged as in accordance to the law regarding treason and high crimes

  60. I have grand children who act more respectful than pluccy. I would also like to add I live in ALA. and if Doug Jones runs for any office agian as bad as I hate them my brothers snake will get at least one vote…..

  61. Pelosi and the other democrats who were at or the ones that skipped out of President Trump’s speech of the State of The Union, I would classify them as…rude, crude, uncouth, ill-bred, and ill-mannered to say the least. Every one of those democrats need to take out their copies of the Constitution over the coming weekend instead of vacating the Capital and actually study the Constitution word by word and page by page until the actually know it word by word and line by line then page by page to let the American people know that they are getting their monies worth for being there.

  62. Before the constituents in Piglousi’s district go to the polls in the California primary in June, they need to sit down and think about what she has done for them during her tenure in Congress. If they cannot come up with anything constructive, they should vote her out. If she survives the primary, vote her out in the general election in November. If she survives the general election and the Republicans take back the House, she should be censured and removed from Congress. What she did after the President’s State of the Union address was immature and unprofessional!

  63. This article, as with most, has it wrong. The first snub came from Pelosi with her introduction followed by President Trump not shaking her hand. Not the other way around as reported here. As far as her ripping up the speech, it truly shows how deranged she and her party have become. Claiming that “it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative” and that it was full of lies is psychotic. Her actions throughout the entire SOTU were disgraceful and beneath the position that she holds. You don’t need to like or respect the person but that does not give you the right to disrespect the office. She has once again proven herself to be incapable of maintaining basic human decorum or civility. From her sarcastic seal clap last year to her improper introduction and then ripping up the speech the only thing she is accomplishing is showing the world how classless and divisive her party have become. They have been on a nonstop impeachment tour and have already said they are going to continue to try to impeach President Trump. They have admitted it is the only way to beat him in the upcoming election. At some point in time this lunacy needs to stop and our so called representatives need to put aside this B.S. and start working for their constituents. Remember, it was we the people that elected you, and we the people that can and will vote you out.

  64. I’m extremely disappointed with President Trump’s action regarding Rep. Pelosi as he entered the Podium prior to giving his State of the Union Address: It would have been most fitting, under recent events, THAT HE SPIT IN HER FACE! With all the grease on her puss it would have just drizzled off.

  65. Ladies and Gentleman, The moronic leader of the dumbocratic party!

    With all that WE AMERICANS have had to endure in the past few months, not to mention the eight years of obummer, I have to question how the minds of the democratic party have stooped to the level of incompetence we all have witnessed??!! Why would you insist on allowing this mentally unstable Pelosi continue to be among your ranks??!! You have to know, as most Americans have known all along, that this individual has single handedly brought your party to the lowest depths in the history of politics.
    The final straw to break the camels back is what we, and the world, had to witness from the podium as the spectical of the house made a complete ASS out of all of you. And you followed her every direction!!! What she did and the disrespect she showed, not only to every American, but most importantly, The duly elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is at least disgraceful and at most reason to bring legal charges against her. It’s time, PLEASE, to get honest with yourselves and all your fellow Americans and be HONEST for once and just admit you have become a party of mere sheep that have now succumbed to the will of a mentally ill criminal hell bent on destroying this wonderful country and that you need to do something major to bring you out of the depths of hell where you currently reside. your best bet at this juncture would be to have this person Pelosi removed from power due to the fact that she is mentally incapable of holding any office of government whatsoever. Second, Get rid of the anti-American death to the USA scumbags that dwell among you. do you not listen at all that America insists you drain the swamp and throw these scumbags to the sharks??!! At this point I can only hope, and do believe, You will lose every endeavor you take on as a party. and that’s fine. I pray this gets to all democrats in this country. until there is substantial change, I and more and more Americans will support the Republican party and our President as he and they are making a huge positive difference for OUR COUNTRY. Finally, if any demo politician reads this, Please force Pelosi to read ALL the comments here and above, because she would never read the truth herself, so she finally knows how many many AMERICANS truly feel about this warped human!!! a GOD following patriotic REPUBLICAN AMERICAN. Thankyou PRESIDENT TRUMP

  66. Piglosi just proved how much of a pile of excrement she really is ! Apparently she is still caught up in a kindergarten level of mentality .
    She intentionaly destroyed a piece of government property when she tore up that historic document ! She should be arrested and jailed or sent to a mental institution for her actions .

  67. Trump did not shake Pence’s hand either… Didn’t see him throw a tantrum… Besides Lil Nancy’s side show of holding up the copies. Moving them over and over. Glaring. Muttering. Creating a tantrum in front of millions of Americans that would put a 2 year old to shame….

  68. The Speaker of the House can become president under certain circumstances. It is nice to know that the Speaker of the House can act like a two year old.

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