Watch Biden Snap At ‘Today’ Show Anchor Over Hunter & Burisma Questions

A year ago the mainstream media treated the Biden-Ukraine scandal as a crank conspiracy theory that belonged only to remote corners of the internet. But now, headed into the Iowa caucuses, the mainstream is finally and much-belatedly peppering Joe Biden with the relevant questions.

On Monday morning the Today show aired a testy interview between the Democratic presidential candidate and co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. In a rare moment, Guthrie pressed the 77-year old candidate on the issue, saying the irony of the Trump impeachment proceedings is that they shine an uncomfortable light on Hunter Biden’s high-paying job on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings.

Despite what appears his best efforts at straining to control his temper, Biden snaps at one point. With an exasperated look on his face he shoots back: “You’re saying things you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“This process of impeachment has ensured that everyone knows about Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine,” the Today show co-anchor introduced.

“Do you think it was wrong for him to take that position knowing it was really because the company wanted access to you?” Guthrie asked.

Well that’s not true! an agitated Biden replied.

“You’re saying things you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Biden followed up with claiming “no one has found anything wrong with [Hunter’s] dealings with Ukraine, except it sets a bad image.”

Noting the “sleazy” optics, Guthrie pressed further. “Was it right?” she asked.

“He says he regretted having done it,” Biden said. “[He] speaks for himself. He’s a grown man.”

The testy exchange clearly sent Joe Biden fuming, in an unusual mainstream moment in which the NBC co-anchor took the Burisma scandal and Biden’s alleged personal meddling in Ukraine’s affairs seriously enough to ask the former Vice President point blank about it.

Judging by how nervous and immediately agitated he got, it’s a question and subject that reporters should have peppering him with long ago.

Commentators on Twitter noted that despite decades in past campaigns and as a seasoned political office holder, Biden is not used to fielding tough or pointed questions from the press.

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  1. To ALL Americans – isn’t it obvious? In Joe Biden’s warped mind – everything made up about President Trump should be considered as facts. And – any facts uncovered regarding Joke Biden and his family are none of your f***ing business.

  2. Dopey Joe Biden is nothing more than a LOW LIFE CRIMINAL who should be made to spend his final years sharing the same cell as his LOW Life SON in Maximum Security cell~

  3. When he asked, “who said that, no one said that!” She should have responded, “Hunter said that in an interview”. Biden is a fake tough guy who tries to intimidate anyone who questions his shady dealings (and there are many), and this time it worked.
    PS he is creepy AF too.

  4. Do you think the media has held back on every outlandish accusations against Trump. The famous Steele Dossier for example. Everyone has known since the ink dried that it was fake and paid for by the Hillary Campaign, well, everyone but the democrats and the media. Those are also the same people who actually believe the Pencilneck and Jerry show.

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