Suspicions Fly After DNC Chair Calls For ‘Immediate Recanvass’ Of Iowa Caucus

DNC Chairman Tom Perez has called for an ‘immediate recanvass’ of the Iowa caucuses on Thursday after an app create by former Clinton and Obama staffers botched the count.

“Enough is enough,” tweeted Perez Thursday afternoon, via Politico. “In light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to immediately begin a recanvass.”

While former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg claimed victory, he was virtually tied with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at 26% with 97% of precincts reporting. According to the Associated Press, the race was too close to call.

The recount means that nobody will know exactly who won Iowa going into Friday night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire, which holds its primary Tuesday.

Perez’s tweet has stoked controversy among many who recall how the DNC stacked the deck against Sanders in the 2016 election amid Hillary Clinton’s de-facto control over the organization.

Needless to say, Donald Trump was the real winner in Iowa.

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  1. dems can’t even count correctly and they want to run our lives with everything from health care to free stuff for everybody, i don’t see them being able to walk and chew gum at the same time

    1. What’s worse is that they spent three years blaming President Trump for rigging the 2016 election and, they, the dems, are STILL doing it in spite of having every bright spotlight pointed at them? What did they expect – that no one would notice? And it’s absolutely no surprise that clintoon and ohbama might be involved. No surprise at all.

      1. When the DNC – Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Keith Ellison, were busted for RIGGING the nomination for Hillary in 2016 – they came right out in court and stated – that as a private entity they had no legal obligation to put forth any candidate other than one of their choosing. Two take-aways from that – The DNC was saying in effect that Democrat voters are too stupid to vote so the DNC will do it for them. Just like the Democrats want to do everything else for them – healthcare – housing – college – NONE of which is affordable. Second when did National elections become the property of a “private entity”?
        Adam Schiff recently was quoted as saying “The voters can’t be trusted to do the right thing.” So for anyone who is still a Democrat voter – WHY?

  2. Typical of the Socialist Democrats, they didn’t like the results so they will “recount” them to
    insure that their “Chosen One” will be declared winner. Sorry Pete da Butt but you not the

  3. Geez almost as bad as their impeachment of president Trump.. almost ..,could all
    This be the result of our progressive
    Education programs… I think Liz warren
    Was a part of that.. arms flying around
    Like an out of control helicopter 🤪

  4. It appears that the national democratic party is actually guilty of election tampering or at the very least influencing the Iowa Caucus. They will do anything to keep Sanders from winning. Me thinks that crooked Hillary is still mucking up the waters. So how can we trust the Democratic party which is now being run by radical leftest (socialist) fringe. Country was founded as a republic not a socialist state. We should celebrate our great accomplishments not whine about our faults.

    1. I no longer trust the socialist party and I was a lifelong democrat. That group is gone and has been replaced with enemies of this country. Now voting independent and a straight Republican ticket. Save America from socialism and communism.

      1. Very smart my friend. welcome!
        NOW tell all your friends to “follow suit” before our country gets turned into a communist-run crap hole.

      2. The Democrats have tried to hijack the Independent party. I have always been Independent – not that I am a registered Independent – just that I have always voted for who I liked – not the party. The refer to these people today as “liberals” I take exception to that. I am what used to be called a ‘Liberal” – we were a much more live and let live bunch. Not at all like the current Nazi’s that have commandeered the name/word.

  5. The Democrats are either too stupid to count to three, or too crooked to be outside of jail cells.
    Bernie is experiencing Hillary -Treatment 2.0.
    With all the Democrat dirt that has already come out, it is fascinating to observe the arrogance necessary to continue on this path.
    Thanks to Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, single brain-celled people like Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, AOC and the rest of the “Squad” of pathetic creatures, President Trump couldn’t ask for more.

    1. Putting Bernie and Hillary in the same sentence gave me a slogan for her campaign if she does decide to lose again. “Hillary Clinton – The Bernie Madoff of Politics”.

  6. Probly the votes converted to Hillary Clinton as she would be up for re-election and she had them rigged to turn votes to her anyway. They don’t want to publish because Hillary Clinton was the winner. They should t be allowed to use apps from candidates or presiding presidents or Soros type people

  7. Don’t care if you are a democrat! But before you go running your mouth. You need to research what they are doing. But let me ask you a personal question. MAYBE a few questions! 1) what your plans for your life? 2) what your plans for your family or children future? 3) Do you know how to manage a check book? 4) Do you need help crossing the street? 5) Do you try to control your spending? 6) do you think you can do a better job with your money than the government? 7) would you want to be told that you are responsible for a stranger? 8) do you want to take care of illegal immigration? 9) take away from your children future and give to someone else? 10) do your believe SOCIALISM IS GOOD FOR AMERICA? 11) I will take your money if you believe socialism is good for AMERICA.

  8. Let see about eight years ago. Obama put in common core in our school.2+2=5! Our kids were taught it was correct! Japan kids were laughing so hard! Liberal were out to DESTORY the future of our children! Only way to grow the program for the government control of the people! Now these Iowan can’t even COUNT!

  9. It is just like the democrats to change the game rules when the results don’t suit the DNC. Bernie may have to sue to get on the ballot, of course it will be on the far-left side!

  10. I expect the Democrats to challenge every election they lose it’s their M.O. But damn they are even challenge the ones they have total control over – well maybe not exactly “total” control. The Iowa primaries are Just another Democrat clusterf**k.

  11. Really you believe that Russia bullshit, DNC is corrupt as the Russia KBG…Donna Brazil and Debbie I’m not quite sure what I am, these two idiots bought the Steel dossier on orders from the queen Bee to try to throw the election of 2016, when that didn’t work, well you see what they did next…

  12. It’s a Bitch when the same things come back to slap you in the face isn’t it ! Perhaps someone accidentaly was testing the new app they plan on using against Trump in the next election and it backfired. Funny as
    they are experiencing exactly the same kind of stuff the said the other side did. Gee it might be interest-ing to see if there is any correlation between the mysterious $15 million that appeared in Epsteins Bank
    and the dates for the caucus’ ( money which disappeared 4 days later ) Now who has access to Jeffery’s
    Private Bank ? One thought immediately comes up – the one who flew on his jet 23 times and yet says he
    hardy knew ole Jeffery !

  13. HA HA HA HA !!!! they can,t even trust each other, they must know they are all corrupt and dishonest . What a bunch of LOSERS , End the losers misery in NOVEMBER VOTE them OUT.

  14. Isn’t it questionable how Buttigieg came out in first place when he was in 4-5 th place? I read today the CEO of the company of the New App is Buttigieg’s husband ? You might check who rigged the votes?? I’m a republican and don’t like any of the Democrats candidates !! We will never be a socialist country we are a country of freedom and values. I love that some Democrats are seeing what is happening in our country and realize that Trump is helping everyone and not by cheating! The bad Dems will never change their spots and will not give up their Soros money to respect our country or the Americans !! MAke America Great Again!

  15. If they are willing to engage in BLATANT voter fraud in the FIRST VOTE of the 2020 election just to screw Bernie out of the nomination, what do you think they are going to do when they face Pres. Trump–whom they have NO PRAYER of defeating in a FAIR election with their PATHETIC slate of candidates, and they KNOW IT? The Republicans had better be prepared for EVERY form of voter/election fraud known to man, and ready to CHALLENGE every count in which conniving DEMS are involved, because otherwise they can and WILL steal this election!

  16. Reminds me of the Mob boss interviewing for an accountant asking them how they’d do his books. To make a long story short, he hired the accountant that said “whatever you want them to say”. With all the experience democrats have stealing elections, they sure let this one guest out of hand.

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